2013 Honda CR-Z Revealed, Promises More Powah


The Honda CR-Z coupe is supposed to be the sporty hybrid every green-minded man in America wants. Instead though, Honda delivered a car with so-so gas mileage and so-so power, failing to live up to expectations of a frugal-minded CRX hot hatchback. But the 2013 Honda CR-Z gets a new look, and more importantly, more power.

Just how much more, we don’t know yet, but the new front fascia is a step in the right direction. Honda has released just the one picture you see above, saying that the CR-Z’s interior and exterior has been revised, but failing to detail those revisions (at least at this point).

I can tell you that the tri-bar plastic upper grille is gone, leading to a smoother-looking front end. The headlights also appear to have been upgraded, possibly with LED lamps. Without getting specific, it was also mentioned that the 2013 Honda CR-Z will get a horsepower adjustment for both the gasoline engine and electric motor, without sacrificing fuel economy. To be honest, the fuel eonomy was never that great, especially for a hybrid.

I was hoping Honda found a way to boost both power and fuel eonomy, though it seems the former won out. Which isn’t at all a bad thing. Many reviews needled the CR-Z for its lack of pep, so more power could make the CR-Z more attractive to younger buyers. Then again, the people who need a two-seat hatchback hybrid are few and far between these days.

I am afraid to say it, but the CR-Z looks to have a long road ahead unless Honda makes some serious changes. We’ll find out if those changes are drastic enough at next week’s official reveal of the 2013 Honda CR-Z.

Source:  Carscoop

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  • danwat1234

    It might actually have an engine that’s not just a regular OTTO cycle like the first generation of CRZs. Honda’s “Earth Dreams” engines. Atkinson valve behavior when throttle is low, OTTO when you want power. Direct Injection. The Civics will get this type of engine as well.