SsangYong e-XIV Plug-in Hybrid Debuts Ahead Of Paris Auto Show

The rise of South Korea as an economic powerhouse has led to the growth of its domestic auto industry. While most of us are familiar with Hyundai and Kia, there are other innovative automakers on the Korean peninsula.. Korean automaker SsangYong, which means “double dragons,” is bringing a new plug-in hybrid concept called the e-XIV to the Paris Auto Show.

Details are scant, but I like what I see. Do you?

These are merely sketches of the SsangYong e-XIV plug-in hybrid; the actual car will roll out on the Paris Auto Show at the end of the month. This B-segment crossover coupe utilizes a small gasoline range extender that charges the a battery pack. Electric motors provide motivation, while the glass roof utilizes solar cells to provide some amount of “trickle charging.”

The e-XIV moniker stands for Electric Exciting user-Interface Vehicle, and it is the latest design study from the South Korean automaker. SsangYong, which was recently acquired by India’s Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, is no doubt looking to expand its market beyond the peninsula and into Europe. A vehicle like the e-XIV could definitely find a market in Europe, or even America, if they stick close to this design language.

No mention on fuel economy figures yet, but it is still a pretty car to look at. I can dig it. Can you?

Source: AutoCar


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