SkyCycle Elevated Bikeway Lets Cyclists Ride Over Traffic

In major metropolitan areas like London and Los Angeles, many residents as eschewing automobiles in favor of cheaper and more nimble bicycles. But sharing the road with automobiles can be dangerous, and it is often cyclists who suffer the most.

Some cities have started full separating bike lanes and roadways, but a new concept would take the bike path in a different direction; up.

Conjured up by landscape architect Sam Martin, the Skycycle the enclosed-and-elevated bikeway would wind around London. Skycycle would allow bike traffic to avoid the perils of errant automobile, and the enclosed tubes would create a “dynamic circulation loop” that would allow bikers to pedal 90% more efficiently according to some biking authorities.

As is the general case with public works projects like this, where will be a toll of £1 per journey. That is still way cheaper than taking the bus, metro, or even a car. The plan even has the backing of London’s mayor Boris Johnson.

With trips by bike expected to triple in places like London by 2020, one has to wonder where these bikers will go on the already-congested streets of these mega metropolises. While the Skycycle system is still just a concept, the world needs radical ideas like this to handle increasingly complex challenges like getting cars and bikes to share the same road space. Countries like Denmark have experimented with longer, highway-like bike lanes with excellent results. So the idea is feasible, though it would not be cheap. Head over to our sister site CleanTechnica to see video of the proposed bike platforms in action.

Do you see elevated bike systems becoming a part of the urban landscape? Or is this idea just too far out to ever become reality?

Source: The Daily Mail


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