Mazda6 Diesel Wagon Is Everything You Need In A Vehicle. Ever.


Station wagons once ruled the world in America, but they have fallen out of favor as first SUVs, and then crossovers came to dominate the market. But the Mazda6 station wagon is an affordable, practical, and fuel efficient diesel-powered people mover that is every bit as awesome as it looks. Or at least so declares the Internet.

Everything For Everything

See, there is something of a running gag among American auto writers, because almost all of us want a vehicle that, at least in the U.S. market, doesn’t exist. That car is a diesel-powered station wagon that looks good, drives fast, has a reasonable price tag, and comes with a manual transmission.

Mazda literally just built that car, and debuted it at the Paris Auto Show. Naturally, it isn’t for sale in the U.S., at least not yet. Nope, this is a European and Japanese model for now.

The key here is the diesel engine. Diesel engines, especially those built for the European and Japanese market, have a penchant for being both fuel-efficient and fun to drive. Mazda in particular has developed a reputation for “zoom-zoom,” though it is more often associated with rotary engines than clean diesel.

Racing Roots, Diesel Efficiency

Powering this sexy station wagon is a twin turbo 2.2 liter four-cylinder SkyActiv-D clean diesel engine. While this engine’s primary purpose is to power cars, Mazda’s new line of SkyActiv-D engines will also be exercised in the motorsports arena. The Japanese automaker will pit the 2.2 liter 4-cylinder diesel against the alt-fuel competition in the new Grand Am GX class.

Reports indicate that this engine will make its American debut in the Mazda CX-5 sometime in early 2013. Does that mean no station wagon? Let’s hope not.

Because of the practical station wagon body style, this Mazda6 wagon could replace a pickup in many situations, while also hauling grandma, grandpa, and the kids halfway across the state. The diesel engine will ensure awesome gas mileage, and when you’re all alone the twin turbochargers and manual transmission will definitely allow for some fun.

Would Americans, besides auto writers, actually buy such a vehicle? It’s hard to say. But I would. Would you?

Source: Jalopnik

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  • ChrisW01

    Oh gawd yes! In a heartbeat! But we’ve seen how often the promising diesels have disappeared in a puff of smoke. Subaru, Honda, Mini….just so much talk. I hope Mazda is serious, they are making all the right noises but if they want a piece of this ever growing pie (clean diesel pie that is) they better get moving. As soon as the other makers wake up to this growing segment they will all be in on the action. Mazda wants to be first in the door (sorry I don’t count VW – too unreliable and pathetic dealerships). If they get those early sales and provide quality service they will be seen as leaders not followers and everyone loves a winner. VW should be very nervous right now. I see the 6 as too upmarket for the Cruze so Mazda needs to plunk that diesel in the 3 to go head to head with the Cruze. IMHO, of course.

  • no name

    ever heard of the jetta tdi sport wagen?

    • Christopher DeMorro

      @ no name

      I have, and I could hardly be less excited about it. I guess it just isn’t pretty enough…

      • Marc P.

        You most likely haven’t driven one…

        • Annatar

          Well I own one (a Jetta TDI SportWagen), with a manual. And the writer is correct: the Jetta is butt-ugly. The front is ugly, but the real ugliness are the taillights. UGGG-LY!

          I also happen to own a 2004 mazda6 diesel sportwagon, a five-speed manual. And I can tell you right now and until the day I die, the Volkswagen is not even comparable to my mazda6 diesel, not in design, not in top speed, not in performance.

  • Laurie

    Chris, anyone wishing for Mazda to bring their diesel to North America would do well to follow the thread titled Mazda CX5 part 2 at this link –

    I have read all 101 pages of ‘part 2’ and continue to follow the saga of increased oil levels in the Mazda diesel as I too would hope this diesel will make to NA once the problem has been solved.

    • Steve

      diesel engine oil anti-foaming additive is probably the answer here

  • PapaGeno

    I am excited by the news of a Mazda Diesel Wagon and the rumors we had last year that Volvo was working on one that would be rated over 100 mpg. My wife and I have two VW TDI’s, one a Passat and I drive a 2003 Jetta Wagon TDI with a 5-speed manual transmission (50 MPG) that has a Stage III Tune (Malone). It is just fun to drive and economial. And, I surprise a lot of people on the highway when I pull around them or pass them going ‘zoom-zoom’. I think the older ALH engines made from 1999.5 to 2003 are the best as they can also burn Bio-Diesel (not grease) with no problems at all. Like the article states, these cars are perfect for grand parents, and as grandparents we attest to the desirability. Bio-Diesel reduces harmful air pollutants greenhouse gases, and acid rain forming sulfur dioxides. It also reduces carbon dioxide gases. So, when I zoom around someone on the highway, I leave them in a white cloud, not a typical black cloud. 🙂
    Why are the automobile marketing geniuses in the US so convinced Americans will not buy Diesel cars. Two of our daughters (their families) now drive VW TDI Wagons too. Most Americans have no clue that these 50 MPG cars have been around since 1999.5. It’s so last-century news for those of us who drive TDIs. AND THEY ARE SUPER RELIABLE and ENGINES LAST 500,000 MILES! Wake up America!

    • You have 500,000 miles on your TDi?

  • PapaGeno

    No. Have friends who do have that many miles. We have 195,000 on our Jetta TDI Wagon and 165,000 on our Passat TDI Sedan. Jetta Wagon still runs like new and looks new too. I believe the TDI VW’s are better made cars than their gasoline counterparts…just my opinion.

    • Like, the engines are better made – or are you saying the interiors, air conditioners, etc. are better? It’s happened in the past: the Wolfsburg VWs were made in Wolfsburg, Germany, while the “regular” VWs sold in the US at the time were built in Mexico.

  • PapaGeno

    TDI’s of that era = German made.

    • wayne

      I’ve got 123k on a 2009 VW TDI Sport Wagon and it shows no signs of wear. Love the car but will take a serious look at the Mazda 6 Diesel Wagon as the torque and horsepower and mpg’s all look impressive. Sure hope Mazda comes through with this one.

  • Mike

    I’ve already emailed Mazda na about the 6 wagon diesel. They have no plans to bring the 6 wagon with any power train back to North America. My guess is that it will take away too many high profit SUV sales. The sky active diesel will appear in the 3, cx5, & possibly the 5.

  • Dan Almendarez

    Yes! 1000x yes! Here it is 6 months after your article and yes! I guess it’s just the two of us, though. I rented a Skoda Superb diesel wagon in Europe last year and loved it. Equally fun in the cobblestone town roads and on the Autobahn. Get this: it was a manual transmission. A stick-shift, diesel-powered stationwagon. Basically the U.S. version of an automotive unicorn. If it was offered here, I’d buy two and store one just in case they stopped making them.

  • James

    I am with you also. I would buy a diesel wagon 6. I could finally leave the VW world.

  • Cary Kerr

    I’d buy one tomorrow.

  • chris

    Do you want to sell more station wagons in the U.S.? Don’t call them station wagons. Call the Estate cars like the UK. All we need is for Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar to start the trend. Then others will fallow. It’s all in the marketing and perception. The Mazda 6 diesel estate car does sound a little better. Make it happen because I want more station wagons…mmmm estate cars.

    • Christopher DeMorro

      @ chris

      Nobody in America knows what an estate car is.