Video: Electric Big-Wheel Drifting Now On My List Of "Preferred Ways To Die"

Extreme sports were a product of the 90’s, and since then things have only gotten more extreme. So it is with no small amount of enthusiasm that I present to you the D3 electric drifting trikes, which may soon have their own racing league.  I could die happy on one of these.

Extreme Goes Green

See, some extreme sports just aren’t for me. Sure, an electric skateboard might beat a Corvette in a 75-foot drag race, and drifting down a hill in an unpowered big wheel is fun until you have a 10 minute hike back up hill. But powered electric big-wheels drifting around an indoor go kart track? Damn, that’s a good idea.

Drifting, on a professional level, has taken the motorsports world but storm. The problem, as with any form of car racing, is that most of us probably can’t afford the quarter-million dollars or so it takes to compete for a season at the semi-pro level. So instead of trying to put together a drift car, the D3 Trike Drifters have assembled a couple of electric trikes, which they then race around indoor go-kart tracks.

Affordable, Dangerous Fun

With plastic cylinders at the back replacing tires, these electric trikes can kick the rear end out with ease. A front rubber tire gives the driver a fair amount of control around corners, allowing for some serious power sliding. They’re fast too, with a top speed of about 50 mph thanks to a 3 kW electric motor on the front wheel.

Don’t mistake this for a toy either. Aluminum front forks, a chrome-alloy body, and some serious nuts and bolts make this one hardy drifting machine.

These electric big-wheels could add another layer of depth to the up-and-coming sport of drifting. Quimera is hoping to build an electric drifting league around its AEDC electric race car, but you, me, and most other regular people can’t afford to compete in a league like that.

But most of us can probably afford to buy a trike, an electric motor, and a couple of batteries. That is what makes trike drifting so appealing. The feeling that this is something I could actually do. Right now the Trike Drifters are trying to get enough money and interest to push the sport forward. Bringing drifting to the masses; that’s a noble goal if I’ve ever heard one.

Want to learn more? Check out their Facebook page.

Source: Trike Drifters


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