Infiniti LE Electric Car Coming In 2014 With Wireless Charging

Nissan’s grand experiment with electric cars doesn’t seem to be panning out as hoped. Leaf sales are slumping both here in America and abroad, and recent battery life issues have started cropping up in the hotter states.

But Nissan still has an ace up its sleeve; the Infiniti LE electric car, which should hit markets in the year 2014, and almost assuredly with wireless charging.

Premium Features, Premium Price

Having just driven 10 miles out of my way to plug into a solar-powered Level 2 EV charger, I can say with some degree of certainty that wireless charging will be a huge plus for electric cars. If Infiniti can be the first major auto makers to bring wireless charging to the EV market, it could really accelerate adaption among the wealthy masses.

When history looks back on this new generation of electric cars, I am certain that criticism will be level at automakers who put a premium price on a non-premium product. Why sell $35,000 Nissan based on a $15,000 chassis? The Chevy Volt is guilty of the same badging error. Instead, the Nissan Leaf should have been branded an Infiniti from the get go, and priced accordingly. The Volt should have been a Cadillac.

Wireless Charging For The (Well-Off) Masses

Well Infiniti already has a look and a date for their electric car, the LE (not to be confused with the more sporty Infiniti EMERG-E). What’s more, wireless charging seems to be all but confirmed at this point, adding another level of premium technology to this premium EV. Being able to just drive over a charging pad, without having to worry about plugging in, or being unplugged? That’s pretty sci-fi if you ask me.

Tesla has already proven that there is a market for high-end electric cars; can Nissan save its electric car program with a luxury EV and wireless charging?

Source: USA Today


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