Surf The Streets With A Standing Electric Trike

What is the future of personal transportation? It’s a question that has inventors the world over looking for an affordable and compact solution to getting around an increasingly crowded world. One of the more, ahem, creative ideas, is Black Sparrow Industries Tribey recumbent electric bike that, in standard configuration, requires the rider to stand while driving. Sounds both foolhardy, and fun.

Because Sitting Is Boring

Utilizing a 48-volt battery pack and a 1 kW electric motor, the Tribey can go up to 18 miles on a charge and a top speed of 25 mph. Doesn’t sound fast, but I’m sure it would lead to a nasty case of road rash/lawsuits, which is why the Tribey can also be set up as your standard recumbent bike.

You know, the kind you sit on.

Oh, and before you can buy it you have to sign a lability waiver that basically absolves Black Sparrow Industries from the inevitable broken face you’ll suffer while surfing through the streets. That’s not exactly reassuring, but probably necessary, in today’s sue-everybody climate. On a more uplifting note, the Tribey is highly upgradable, and can even tow a small trailer, which could see it being used as a light delivery vehicle in certain metro areas.

The Next Fad? Who Knows

And while standing electric trikes aren’t likely to catch on with consumers anytime soon, it should be noted that around the turn of the century all sorts of wacky “horseless carriages” could be seen on America’s streets. At just $2,500, the Tribey is at the very least an affordable alternative to an automobile, and you never know what fad might catch on with Americans these days.

Personally, I am hoping everyone ditches cars with sub-500 pound go-karts/bumper cars. It sure would make the commute into work a lot more fun.

Source: Gizmag


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