Buick Trademarks Electra Name, Rampant Speculation Begins

Most of you have probably never heard of the Buick Electra, but I have. You see once upon a time, Buick made some pretty badass, middle class muscle cars. While the Electra was more full-size luxury barge than muscle-bound bruiser, it could be had with engines as massive as 455 cubic inches, which gave it an abundance of power that was only matched by its thirst for petrol. A recent trademark filing by GM has raised more than a few eyebrows though, as the General has trademarked the Electra name, a name it hasn’t used since 1990. Is a Buick Volt really going to happen?

The resurgence of Buick as a real player in the auto world is one of GM’s genuine success stories. In addition to adding turbocharged engines to liven up its lineup, Buick also debuted GM’s e-Assist mild hybrid system. Rumor of a Buick version of the Chevy Volt has been floating out there for awhile, and GM has already confirmed a Cadillac version of the Volt called the ELR. Might the Electra trademark filing allude to this idea passing from fantasy to reality?

Hard to say, and I am trying to stay away from rampant speculation, unlike some websites who seem to think stuffing a 250 horsepower turbo engine into the Volt as a range extender makes sense. But a Buick version of the Volt, called the Electra? That is almost too perfect. If GM could make it a more fun, performance oriented version of the Volt, it might attract more than a few younger buyers to Buick’s showrooms.

Source: Autoblog Green


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