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CSR Builds a Carbon-neutral Choo-Choo

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Earlier this week, CSR announced plans to build the world’s first carbon-neutral locomotive. Set to run on biocoal (“coal” fuel created through an energy-efficient processing and compressing of cellulosic biomass), the train will will have the same performance and load-hauling capabilities as traditional coal-burning engines, but without harmful metals or volatile off-gasses.

Check out the full Cleantechnica article (below) for more.

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Higher-Speed Locomotive (via Clean Technica)

  The Coalition for Sustainable Rail (CSR) announced Tuesday plans to create the world’s first carbon-neutral higher-speed locomotive. The plan is simple: “create the world’s cleanest, most powerful passenger locomotive, proving the viability of solid biofuel and modern steam locomotive technology…

Source: the Coalition for Sustainable Rail, via Cleantechnica.

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  • Ron Wagner RN, MA

    Locomotives can be converted to run on natural gas also. Biomass is great too, if the price is right, or natural gas is not available in the area. Septic systems and landfills can also be used for carbon neutral natural gas.

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