TTXGP Infineon Raceway 2012 Onboard Video Footage!

Photo courtesy of TTXGP

You may have been wondering why we’ve been so silent about the race we religiously cover every year, in person, since it first ran in 2010, where Lightning also won. Well, “we” being “me, Susanna Schick” meant that I was finally home after a month in the hospital, and wasn’t the least bit ready to travel to the world’s most hyper allergenic racetrack. Not with 6 broken ribs. You can read the full race reports on

So here are the on-board videos we’ve all been waiting for. My personal favorite comes from Lightning‘s Michael Barnes, overall TTXGP race winner. This is his qualifying lap. Notice the speed differential from the Lightning to the other bikes he passes. Clearly, this bike is worlds faster than the production Zero, but it’s great that TTXGP has a production class for racers who can’t afford a bike in the price range of a Lightning. $38,888 doesn’t seem too steep a price for this much fun, now does it? The Brammo question is still the big one. If both Steves hadn’t crashed out before the race, and Shelina Moreda’s contract had begun, perhaps Barnes would’ve had a real race. As it is, he got to go 1 second faster than he did on the Harley XR1200 he raced that weekend.

Here you have Tim Hunt on the Lightning in practice:

And here is onboard race footage of the Zero in action:

I spoke briefly with Lightning’s Richard Hatfield in between his meetings with vendors at EVS26, and he was truly gutted that Brammo couldn’t make the race. I caught him at the Remy motors booth, which was running a video of their two sexiest customers, Lightning and MotoCzysz. It was a lovely video. Hatfield is looking forward to a great race at Isle of Man, and will certainly give 2010 & 2011 winners MotoCzysz a run for their money! For that race, you can bet we’ll have full, live, in-person coverage as I am doing everything I can to prepare for the journey. I even have a better camera and mic for interviews. Stay tuned!


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