Video: Lawless Electric Motorcycle Breaks 200 MPH

One of the most common knocks against electric vehicles is their performance, or lack thereof. But there are a lot of speedfreaks and gearheads out there working to shatter the perception that electric vehicles are slow. Among these advocates for faster EV’s is Shawn Lawless and his superfast all-electric motorcycle. And this past weekend, the Lawless EV Racing Team set a new world record, blasting past the 200 mph mark and entering the record books in the process.

Riding the Lawless Racing Rocket EV was Larry “Spiderman” McBride, set a 1/4-mile world record for electric vehicles of 201.37 MPH, achieving that speed in just 6.94 seconds. The 14.2 kWh battery produces more than 4,000 amps and a megawatt of track-crushing power. helping the Lawless Rocket to become the world’s quickest EV…for now. I should note that Lightning Motorcycles hit over 208 mph during a one-mile land-speed record attempt…but Lawless managed over 201 mph in just a 1/4 mile.

At the rate these records are falling, and the number of big-name electric motorcycles vying for top spot, this record is unlikely to last forever. From Killacycle to Lightning Motorcycles, there is a whole lot of competition for the title of fastest EV on two wheels or four. It’s an exciting time to be involved in alt-fuel drag racing though, that is for sure. I can only hope more big names get involved in this new front of drag racing, which is quickly catching up with traditional petrol-powered racers (though at this level, the fuel is more akin to straight alcohol).

With people converting everything, including Camaros, Beetles, Fieros, and old Datsuns into electric drag racers, the field of electric racers is rapidly expanding. All of these racers share just one goal; to be the fastest race car running on pure electricity.

Old school drag racers, you’ve been warned.

Source: AutoblogGreen


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