Green News Daily: Friday, May 4th, 2012

TGIF readers! I had hoped to be moving into my new house today, but alas, I’ve got four more weeks to wait. In the meantime, let’s get going with the Green News Daily! Today’s highlights include an electric turbocharger for the next Subaru WRX, Prius plug-in sales top the chart, and the White Knight Fisker Karma.

Next Subaru WRX Could Get Electric Turbocharger [Drive.AU]

2012 Atlantic Cup To Go Carbon Neutral [Treehugger]

Toyota Prius Plug-In Outsells Volt, Leaf In April [Plug-In Cars]

Volta Volare An Electric Plane With Gas Backup [Inhabitat]

“White Knight” Fisker Karma Contrasts Colors [Carbuzz]

Fiat 500 Gets Affordable EV Makeover [Autoblug Green]


Christopher DeMorro

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