Congress is Buying USPS Employee Votes – with YOUR Money


The United States Post Office is dirty, inefficient, and – after failing to pay back the $12 billion loan it got from the US Gov’t – hemorrhaging cash at an alarming rate. Total collapse (in the form of not being able to pay employees, pay bills, or buy stamps) has been looming for over a year. The solution is obvious: The USPS needs to be shut down.

Like, forever.

That obvious (Obvious!) move – which would save taxpayers billions of dollars and help clear the roads of over 200,000 slow moving vehicles travelling millions of miles on routes made redundant by FedEx and UPS – won’t happen this year, though. That’s because 2012 is an election year, and because the United States of America is still a democracy (sort of), and the USPS’ 575,000 career employees are desperate for help ready to sell. Their. Votes.

Hoping that the USPS’ 575,000 will sell their votes to them, the current members of the US Senate (i.e., the incumbents) offered a lifeline to the nearly bankrupt USPS last week, voting to give the agency $11 billion MORE dollars that they’ll never be able to pay back. The additional funding, which passed the Senate with a 62/37 vote, pushes controversial USPS decisions like cutting jobs, closing 252 post office branches, and ending Saturday deliveries (moves that the USPS estimates would save over $6 billion) past the 2012 campaign.

I know what you’re thinking. “Come on, Jo – don’t you think you’re being too hard on the USPS? I mean, they bring you Netflix – even if you do have to dig that little red envelope out from a pile of unwanted, unrequested, and unread junk mail that strips rain forest and pollutes rivers and lakes yet doesn’t even make for good kindling?”

Think again.

The USPS’ leadership has actually grown (what I can only assume to be) a set of comically gigantic and incredibly dense metallic testicles (possibly three of them) and actually come out criticizing the $11 billion gimme “loan”, saying it falls far short in stemming financial losses. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe went on to explain that, even if the new bill does become law, he will have to return to Congress in a few years to get even more money.


I’ve decided that these USPS clowns are actually worse than the evil b****es on “My Super Sweet 16” who complained that their daddys had bought them “the wrong Saab” and thrown ridiculous, hateful hissy-fits on national television over their parents’ (gasp!) dreadful faux-pas.

So, I would like to take this moment to say to the USPS exactly what I would say to one of those useless little see-you-next-Tuesdays: shut the f*** up and be grateful you have anything at all!

Patrick Donahoe, this is you.

Source: Huffington Post.

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  • Tim Cleland

    See, Jo. We do agree on some stuff. I agree with this entire column.

    • The fact that you even read this blog means we probably agree on lots of stuff. At a bar, over some beers, I’m sure we could find all manner of common ground to make – for example – an airport layover totally pleasant, you know?

      That said, it’s WAY more fun to bitch and scream on the internet, amirite? 😉

  • Jennifer

    Jo Borrass…you are an idiot!!…Do some research before you write bogus s***!

    • Ah, the unimaginative, knee-jerk pro-USPS comments begin anew!

      (you can tell she’s unimaginative, because someone with an IQ over 100 would have gone with “BoarAss” or “BoreAss” ahead of “Borrass”)

    • You know, I’ve decided to humor you (it’s more fun than getting actual work done).

      Pray, dear lady, please tell me what factual errors I have made and what “research” I should have done.

  • Chris Almanza

    I think you are vastly mis-informed about the USPS. The only reason the USPS is running in the red is because of a stupid law passed that requires it to fully fund its retirement program for the next 75 years, which no one has ever had to do. It is expected to fund retirement for people who haven’t even applied for a job. It is the one industry mentioned in our Constitution, and it should stay in place. If you think FedEx and or UPS will deliver your Netflix as cheap as the USPS does, you are living in a fantasy land. If you had to mail out this blog to its readers, you would be praying that the USPS is allowed to find a way to continue its existence and its very cost effective services.

    • If I had to mail this blog out to my readers, half of them wouldn’t get it and the other half would get it 3 days late … that’s assuming the blog even HAD to exist, at that point, since there would be a half-million fewer vehicles on the road sucking down dino-juice (that’s from the USPS’ own numbers last year).

      • are you a kid? you just seem to be another hate monger- willing to attack anything remotely connected with the current administration, and the usps is a popular target for you hate mongers, because the workers who actually work the mail are mostly unionized. [ something the lobbyists who paid you to do this despise]. i suggest you become honest and objective as to the value of the usps, and the true reason for the financial problems and who really caused them,

        • One of the typical “metrics” I use to determine whether I “got it right” or “missed the mark” are the names I’m called in the comments. When I’m called a “liberal” by one clown and a “conservative” in another (as you imply here) I usually take that to mean I’m 100% dead-nuts ON TARGET.

          That said: unions are fine, Barry is my MAN(!), the USPS is a joke, and you’ve obviously got some skin in their little game of “gimme, gimme, gimme!”

          Good luck with that.

  • Gary Smith

    Do you even read anything before you start ranting. That money does not belong to the taxpayers. It is money Congress mandated USPS to pay into future pension funds. Also did you know that when a veteran goes to work for the USPS they have to take over paying his pension. Also Congress gets to mail all their re-election junk at the USPS expense. Plus a lot of other things USPS is obligated to do by Congress. You might want to stick to cars or do you know anything about them either.

    • All things the USPS shouldn’t have to do … especially since the USPS can’t afford to do any of them. (hint: that’s why they need to be shut down)

    • Paula Martin

      Here’s a couple of youtubes you might like.

  • Aj

    Shutting down USPS will not achieve anything. As it will only result in 1) huge job losses 2) loss of nationwide postal infrastructure & 3) loss of a necessary basic low-cost postal service (something which even the giants like UPS or FEDEX will never provide). Its in the best interest of everybody to keep USPS alive. IMO it needs to be privatized or made free of government control, for the time-being a post bankruptcy GM model even though it implies certain government control for now looks like the best way forward for USPS.

    • steve

      Wouldn’t shutting down the USPS, be the first step to reorganize and privatize the agency? You certainly cant wrestle the USPS out of red tape, if its still tied to the tape dispenser. Im not saying that it should be restructured to gouge its customers (ie. profit at all costs), but it should be entirely revamped and put sustainability and efficiency above other concerns.

    • I’m not sure we’d lose THE nationwide postal infrastructure, we’d just lose THAT nationwide postal infrastructure. Keep in mind, we’d still have FedEx, UPS, and even DHL. The mail wouldn’t stop, just the USPS.

      As for the USPS being privatized, it has most of the rights and powers of a private company while maintaining all the protections and privileges of a gov’t agency. It’s BS, “have your cake and eat it, too” policy wrangling, and a perfect example of tax money being wasted.

      • Chris Almanza

        Jo, you conitnue to prove your ignorance of our postal services. First, FedEx, DHL and UPS hardly cover the country like the USPS. They often subcontract out their deliveries to the USPS because a package needs to go to a loctation they do not deliver to. So, yes, certain areas of the country would be shut off from delivery. Second, if you are receiving junk mail, there are steps you can take to reduce that, but you have to make the effort. Finally, the USPS does not rely on any taxes to run. It runs solely on the services it provides. I suggest you stick to cars Jo, although now I doubt your intelligence on reporting on that as well.

  • the facts

    Writing inflammatory factless banter is relatively easy. Find a target that everyone can relate to: The USPS delivers to every home in America every day. Good Target. Misrepresent a 11 Billion refund as a bailout. Last time I made an overpayment a refund was expected. The USPS has made overpayments to the tune of 142 Billion dollars and the OPM claims it doesn’t exist. Why would the Feds uncover a cash-cow like the USPS and admit they are taking all the money? The 11 Billion dollar refund from the Feds is less than 10% of what the USPS should get back. The USPS can not control their prices: That’s done by a separate entity controlled by congress. Ever heard of a business that cant change the prices of its products based on its expenses? The USPS is one of the only gov agencies that has revenue. Are you really naive enough to believe the Fed’s haven’t found a way to exploit it over the last century?
    Oh, and I agree it is your money. It’s the money YOU spent on Postal Products being given back to the USPS. There is a hidden excise tax on postal products that exists simply because the agency is over legislated and controlled not internally but controlled by congress.

    • It’s not a refund, in the sense that the little check Uncle Sam sends you from the IRS is a refund. That’s a semantic distraction.

  • JR

    I can tell how much you do not know about the US Postal Service. I can also tell that it would not serve me to try to educate you.

    • See? We *DO* understand each other.

  • JB,
    Your arrogance and callousness are surpassed only by your ignorance and stupidity. The USPS currently maintains the largest fleet of alternative fuel, electric, etc. vehicles in the WORLD. The US treasury is currently holding $326 Billion of USPS money hostage in the form of overfunded FERS/CSRS pensions and PSRHB funds. Congress saw nothing but $ signs when they passed PAEA in 2006 knowing it would lead us to this very day. In fact, they were counting on it.

    The FACTS of the matter are these: The USPS is VERY profitable. Their charter is being subverted to turn them into an even bigger profit mill for the largest bulk mailers. The USPS hasn’t used a cent of taxpayer monies since 1983. (Loaning them back their own money does NOT count!) Issa, McCain, Donahoe, etc. are LIARS! They count on shills like you to repeat, verbatim, everything the mainstream media spoon feeds you like so much pablum. FedEx and UPS do NOT offer universal service to every address in America. The USPS delivers over 400 million pieces of FedEx/UPS to their final destination annually. FedEx and UPS couldn’t exist without their lucrative, multi-billion dollar contracts with the USPS as, combined; they handle only 1% of the annual volume the USPS does. The current USPS ‘5-year plan to profitability’, S 1789, plant closures, branch closures, early retirements, etc. will NOT save the USPS as they fail to address the three very real problems created by Congress in 2006. A study commissioned by the USPS shows that their plan will NOT save anywhere near what Corporate originally thought and will actually cost billions in lost revenues in the long run.

    Facts obviously don’t mean very much to you. I’m sorry you loathe the USPS and the LLV’s many carriers are forced to drive. Trust me; they don’t care for them any more than you do. Close to 300,000 USPS positions have been eliminated since 2000. Record overtime will NOT be solved by eliminating another 37,000 to 260,000 jobs (depending on whose figures you believe). The USPS supports a trillion dollar/yr mailing/printing industry which, in turn, supports almost 10 million jobs. 25% of the country is not connected to the internet. Rural communities count on their post office for checks, medicines, etc.

    I have no more love for the PMG than you do. Fact is, most postal employees do NOT work for/at Corporate, nor do they have any input/control over the decisions made there. Clerks, mail handlers, mail carriers, maintenance technicians, etc. don’t deserve what’s being done to them. Fact is, I’ve always been grateful for my job even though it has meant having to put up with comments like this, “shut the f*** up and be grateful you have anything at all!” from small minded punks like you for the last 17-and-a-half years.

    FYI, registered Republican, retired USAF guardsman, at least 10+ years (I’m 45) to go before I can retire as a FERS employee. ET-10, electronics technician, for the last year-and-a-half, but will probably end up having to carry mail before this is all over. Have a nice day…

    • We covered this last year: even though the USPS employs a number of flex-fuel capable vehicles, they are primarily run on gasoline and petro-diesel. FACT. The USPS is not (as you so laughably put it) “VERY profitable”, and it isn’t allowed to be under the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, which intends for the USPS to be revenue-neutral. FACT. The LLVs are SUPER AWESOME, and represent real, lightweight, long-life solutions to problems other companies have replacing their leased vehicles every 2-3 years (so, the one thing you ALMOST got right, you got 180 degrees WRONG). FACT. As for the postal clerks, drivers, etc. it’s rare for any large company to have employees at the bottom rungs of the ladder to have decision-making authority that impacts their lives – that doesn’t mean the gov’t should bail out every company that’s in trouble. OPINION … but it’s a damned good one!

      Thanks for your USAF service. I hope the USPS is dissolved before you are reduced to carrying junk mail in funny blue shorts.

      • jeff simmons

        What part of $326 Bilion in USPS monies NOT funded by taxpayers currently sitting in the US Treasury for Congress to use as a piggybank do you NOT understand? LLV’s are based on an old S-10 platform and you obviously have NO idea of the staggering amount spent maintaining these relics. It is also apparent that you don’t understand the PRA of 1970, which has since been superseded anyway. We DO NOT need a bailout!!! I don’t know how many different ways to say the same thing before giving up out of disgust. It’s called a red herring. PSRHB alone accounts for over 80% of our red ink. Operationally, we’ve profited $100’s of millions a quarter for the last several years. Why would you wish me unemployed? I reiterate: arrogant, callous, ignorant and stupid.

  • Wesley

    Are you being serious? I hope you are kidding. The post office is getting 11 Billion back that “they” have paid into the fund because the USPS has already put up over 40 billion into the account that will not even go into effect until the year 2080. There is no loan, its the “USPS” own money from their own account. The post office is actually making a profit every quarter and has done so for a very long time. The problem is they have to pay over 5 billion a year to a fund that is completely unnecessary and was against their will to do so but was mandated by congress. Did you know that any profit that the USPS makes goes straight to congress and since the year 1970 the USPS has overpaid 70 billion dollars to congress that they have used to help the entire country out including you. Did you know that the post office currently circulates over 1 trillion Us dollars a year? If you cut that out do you know what would happen to the US economy?? Did you know that the USPS is a an Independent executive federal agency that has not used a “penny” of tax payer money since the early 80’s?? It is completely self sufficient and is still so today if you cut out the the mandated fund that congress “makes” the post office pay. Do you know that the USPS has the cheapest first class letter rates in all the world at 45 cents. Did you know that the USPS is the most delivery efficient post office in the world as well as the cheapest. Did you know that in Japan it costs over 2 dollars a letter to mail out. I could go on and on.

  • t_

    Postal services are important. Not having them, means some regions will be shut off and at last, deserted. In this line of thinking, the electricity companies could begin to shut some small villages down and so on.
    I do nnot live in the US, but in my country something similar happens. Just some days ago, I’ve heared on the radio, that our postal service company will shut down operations in some small towns and villages. Thrue the postal services network, people were able to pay their electricity, water bills and taxes. Now, this means a big problem.
    If it is possible to reorganize the company, so it can operate, make profit and repay its debt – then it should be done. And to let such a big emloyer shut down means that huge shockwaves will go thrue the entire economy. Just the jobs directly affected are 500000 and indirectly will be affected maybe 2 – 3 million. Huge shock. Worth 11 billion, especially if the company could be reorganized and could repay the debt. More money will be lost, just becouse those people will not have jobs and won’t pay taxes.

    This is the aproach of the realist. Everything else is more like ideology.

    • You’re not getting it: we have several competing companies driving the same routes and delivering to the same homes and buildings every day. Eliminating the USPS will not stop post, it will only reduce the number of carriers and eliminate the largest, most wasteful, worst run carrier of them all.

      • jeff simmons

        “You’re not getting it: we have several competing companies driving the same routes and delivering to the same homes and buildings every day. Eliminating the USPS will not stop post, it will only reduce the number of carriers and eliminate the largest, most wasteful, worst run carrier of them all.”

        No, you’re obviously not ‘getting it’ because you’re either delusional or just have serious problems with reading comprehension. NO COMPANY, other than the USPS, offers universal service in the United States. It would bankrupt them to do so. We drive the same routes every day and are able to deliver to every address in the country. UPS/FedEx routes/gas usage/etc. are based on the specific packages they have to deliver every day. They DO NOT and never have/will offer universal service. That’s why USPS delivers over 400 MILLION UPS/FedEx packages to final destination every year!!!

        You also are woefully ignorant of USPS infrastructure or what goes into getting a parcel/letter from point A to point B. We manage to do our jobs quite well despite the handicap of largely terrible management. We deliver over 40% of the world’s mail more efficiently than ANY other postal service in the world. We do it more inexpensively than all but the very smallest posts.

        We are the most trusted government entity. We’ve started more green initiatives and won more green awards than any other company in America. We hire more veterans than any company in America, etc, etc. Not sure what your personal problem with us is, but basing your viewpoint on lies/fantasy won’t enable you to defend it very well.

        • @ jeff simmons

          All the USPS brings me is junk mail. Literally.

          It is a fact that “bulk mail” is the only reason the USPS is even still afloat at all. The USPS delivers more junk mail than it does first-class postage.

          My personal problem with the USPS? They don’t bring me anything but garbage. All the green initiatives in the world don’t make up for the fact that the USPS delivers nothing but junk mail to many Americans, especially young people like me who have largely gone paperless.

          • Here, here!

          • Chris Almanza

            The junk mail is the fault of the USPS? How silly is that. Its the entity that sent the mail is person you should be blaming for all your junk mail. You are trying to kill the messenger. If you were really interested in stopping your junk mail, there are steps you can take to stop it. If you don’t do those steps, then you have to share some of the blame yourself for your junk mail.

  • David

    This is the biggest bunch of garbage I’ve ever wasted my time reading. Do a little homework before ranting about something you obviously know nothing about.

    • You obviously haven’t read all the ridiculous junk mail the USPS has been sending you lately.

  • douglas prince

    Jo –
    This is HILARIOUS! I haven’t seen so many hateful, pointless, and contentious posts since Lyndsay Lohan suggested getting breast reduction surgery. Well, I know I was against it. (Gotta love that jailbait white trash!)

    Anyway, I don’t consider you a liberal or a conservative. YOU’RE A COMEDIAN, MAN! Had my side a-splitting with the back and forths.

    Keep it up, dude.

    • Thanks, man! I go on tour with Dane Cook next month.

  • the facts

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink. You can show Jo some Facts but can’t force him to understand them. Did you even read the link by the OIG? Do you know what the word “overpayment,” means? Do you even have a clue whose fingers are meddling in the finances of the USPS. What happened to old fashion research journalism? Your comments are sensationalistic garbage topped with ignorance (1) you have no clue what the real financial position of the USPS is so stop pretending you do. (2) Advertising mail exists because large companies deem it appropriate advertising. Who is the USPS to tell them they can’t advertize the way they see fit? If it wasn’t a good advertising method it would stop on its own. (3) You do not understand the relationship between USPS / FEDEX / UPS. (4) Yes it is a refund of USPS overpayments. (5) UPS & FEDEX do not and will never have a universal service. Millions of packages that are mailed via UPS and FEDEX are dropped off at a USPS processing plant so USPS employees can deliver it to its final destination and not just in rural America in many large cities as well. They are able to capitalize on the more profitable markets by passing off the less profitable destinations to USPS who has a universal network. Rather than continue to point out your lack of understanding which it is clear you distain. I challenge you to research documents not produced by mainstream media. Research the OPM, USPS OIG, Postal regulatory commission, and the actual laws that enable all these complexities to exist. The best way to get a heated reaction is to post blatant lies. I know you probably have no desire to understand and it seems you actually believe you own statements. “The recipe for perpetual ignorance is a very simple and effective one: be satisfied with your opinions and content with your knowledge.” Elbert Hubbard

    • Gary Smith

      I thought I was going to be the only one who stood up for the USPS on here. Whoever this Jo is they obviously were raised in a very sheltered compound. They do not have time to read anything & they certainly don’t want to be confused with facts. Personally I think they should do away with race cars & the souped up cars. What function do they serve besides be gas hogs. I just hope this Jo person learns a little something someday bless his heart.

  • Tyler

    I believe most points were stated by other supporters. My perspective, however, hasn’t really been brought up a lot. The post office employs a lot of people. My mother’s one of them. She makes a decent pay and work’s really hard to support me and keep our house. Her co-worker… he has 5 kids. What happen to all these families if the post office went out? This would cause a ton of people to lose their homes, cars, and possessions. Next time try doing your research before ranting about a topic you have no knowledge in.

  • Steve

    Until 2006 the USPS made a profit. That changed when the Republican controlled Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006. This act is the single reason the USPS is in such bad shape. Rather than shut down the USPS, simply killing or modifying the UPAE would solve most of the problems.

    • I don’t disagree, but there is such a thing as cutting your losses and moving on. Throwing more good money into a severely damaged company/agency is a SENTIMENTAL move, not a sound investment.

      • Steve

        All the money they’re giving to the USPS already belongs to the USPS. Killing the USPS and potentially putting hundreds of thousands more people out of work is not a viable option. If the government would just stop forcing the USPS to put $6 billion into an account to fund benefits for people it hasn’t even hired yet, it would solve the problem.

  • the facts

    Jo, your assumptions would be spot on if the USPS was an independent business, like AIG, or Chrysler, but its not. The complex financial situation that plagues the USPS is fact that it is a quasi government agency which is over legislated. Normal businesses have plans for years of profit and years of loss. It’s the cyclical nature of business. Normal businesses also intend to make a profit where ever they can to continue to operate, grow, please shareholders, fund QTRS or YRS in the red, ect. These profits are looked at as a good thing not a bad thing; it shows the business it healthy. The USPS was designed never to make a profit. Understanding how that is even possible is a complexity of its own. How does the third largest employer in the US (which is only smaller than the Defense Department and Wal-Mart) operate with out ever making a profit? Its simple, they almost always have, but the funds end up hidden from public view because it’s not a publicly traded company, it’s a private gov agency. Once laws exist to take $ from the USPS it is legal even if it doesn’t make sense in the business realm. So all that has to be done to siphon $ out of the agency is pass a law that allows it to happen, that’s been going on for a long time. The USPS is the core of a trillion dollar mailing industry, and has a phenomenal transportation & delivery network in place. Gutting it would destroy the already fragile economy. Understanding the complexities of its financial position is critical before jumping to assumptions. The people you should be screaming at are Congress and the OPM. I ask again, did you even read the link by to OIG? No one is throwing money at it, they are taking money from it. Analyzing the USPS isn’t business 101. It has the most complex set of laws that govern its operation of any entity/employer in the US. It is the only gov agency that is expected to run like a business, yet legally not allowed to run like a business. Figure out the solution to that oxymoron. Privatization is one option, but immediately following privatization the CEO would go from making 400K a year to making multi-millions. The pay structure would also drastically change, and so would the cost of postage. The USPS has a monopoly of First Class Mail, and the delivery of parcels is a severely disproportioned oligopoly at best. But the biggest reason you will never see privatization is because the USPS produces tons of excess funds for the OPM. The Feds will never give away a Cash-Cow like the USPS, as long as they can keep the American Public hating the agency they can manipulate it anyway they like. The other option is just change the laws the govern it. The problem there is Congress will never give away control, the changes that will happen to the laws will be subtle and small enough to give just enough money back to allow it to run, but never will they return complete control of USPS revenue to the USPS itself.

  • val nostdahl

    I dont know how old you are, I am pretty old, was in dc during the 1970’s for high school and that is when the original postal strike happened, before that the congress also attacked the usps as far back as 1917, So going forward in history and for factual information, in 2000, 2001, Federal Postal Employee were forced to pay in more to their federal retirment funds, to balance the deficit. They were thanked by then President and both sides of Congress. Then in 2003, Congress was informed of overpayments made to the retirement funds. That includes 7 to 11 billion by fers, and 55 billion with another 85 billion overcharge to the post office, which can easily be found online with research, by going to Postal Comments to the Federal Trade Commision, august 6, 2007. Now from there there was the Postal Accountibility and Enhancement Act enforced , becasue the USPS had a record year of profits, and that was legislated away by Congress . For that information you can first see the effect on workers in the artical written in 2008, at the AWPU 3800 , first are tricounty local, library online, the joy goldberg artical on the ongoing violation of the guiding principals of the usps, or go to to read. Then you can go to www. misc to read of more of why it was falsely legislated away.
    from there you can go to Federal budget Treatment of the United States Postal Service , 2009, to see why it is a tie up in Congress, but even further research is compiled on the website: and the recent addition of the artical that if you scroll down to the right hand side is called ALEC/Koch Cabal the Privitization of the USPS for Ups and FedEx. to fully understand all the poltically attack on the USPS.
    by the way when the paea was enacted, the PMG newly hired Potter was given a letter by cato instutute which is funded by koch and also fedex, to pritvitize the usps and also to not repalace workers after they had retired. he also received a 40 percent increase as did 11 members under him and made more then the vice president of the USA with that move, and then reitired with 5.5 million in 2010, The currant pmg also got a 27 percent increase but now has moved up in position of the former pmg. Most of the politcal party who wrote the paea, thought that top dawg ceo deserved better pay, while those who work on the craft lines, got a small pension of $1, 500 a month after 20 to 30 years of work to supplemnt social security. There have been a lot of things you do not know about the USPS and its workforce, including the hostile work enviroment, for that go to the awpu website and read the book in the library by dr. stephen muscarro, including his artical of a sucide of a worker who tried to go thru congress, and got now where, and his time clock rings were being stolen so he shot himself to protest it. He was Navy Vietnam Vet , working for USPS for over 20 years . They also do not replace workers, how do I know, they did it to my spouse and he died also, after a year of trying to get help in the office.

    • So, wait – how is any of this relevant to keeping the post office open?

  • val nostdahl

    as my deceased spouse used to say: ” can you believe this guy may be the best of the gene pool, hard to imagine what the others ones were like that got away”

    • If “this guy” is the best of the gene pool, it is (by definition of “the best of …”) very easy to imagine what “the others ones” were like: worse.

  • val nostdahl

    okay here goes, up until 2006 the post office was fine and in fact in that year made a record profit. And before that for 300 years the retirment system in the usps worked and thousands retired from the postal service not just the top execs. So then in 2006 with congress being informed of overpayments that they had made the postal workers pay in to more to balance the deficit in 2000, 2001, they had too much money in the 2 retirment funds or overfunded, So the concept if you can grasp it, say you bought a car, and had to make payments on the car, and then overpaid for the car and went to the bank and said : hey I overpaid for my car, dont you think you should give some of that money back since I overpaid ? but then the bank decided that the deficit of the entire town mattered more, such is the case with the usps, when forced to pay in for the retirment funds, congress then decided even though it passed a law in 1989 that the post office is to be permently off budget ( off the presidents budget as well) meaning it is not counted budget wise due to it is not an agency that is not supported by tax dollars, but rather profits from the sales of products, decided to include it an ignored the law and instead of returning the money then in 2006, ( and the details are too complicated to explain here so go to google and look up : Federal budget treatment of the USPS, 2009) then turned around and the same money they were to give back to the USPS, they then charged the USPS to pay in to a new escrow account to fully fund at 100 percent which no other company priviate or public or federal or state, has to do by law except the USPS , and for that they had to pay in 5.5 billion a year until 2016. This then caused less money for actual operating expenses and a political qaudmire for the usps and workers.
    So then for it becomes a game of the post master general deciding since Congress is taking money out from the operatiing expenses to cut costs, including even though all workers have now not only fers, federal employee retirement system overfunded, the civil service retirment system overfunded and now a 3rd retirment system set up for the next 75 years so that workers not born or working at all, have that out of the profits that the usps made for the last 4 years, even though it is not really needed since the other retirement money is fully paid and overfunded. So then cost cutting comes in to play of closing post office that arent making a profit, even though they are not suppose to be on budget and also it is constitutional for congress to build post office’s and provide a universal service even if it costs to go over budget for the American people as a low cost way of communication in the Country according to what the founding fathers of our Nation wanted . ( which was set up even before the Constitution since obviously a revoluationary war could not be fought without communication) Meanwhile at the top bonuses were given in order to get co orperationg to sell off buildings that tax dollars had paid for, get rid of service for rural americans who need it, and also short workers who had more money in their retirment plans then any one else in the Nation. And obviously you have not gone on to do the research , so to put in in a nutshell, the closing is meant to close the usps permentaly, sell it off to big business so they can get that retirement money that isnt even earned by their workes, divide the pot and put up prices of mail at higher costs for all americans rather then following the constitution. Plus put a lot of workes at risk for health , safety on the job and ignor the dangers, and cut the workforce to bare minimum which is dangerous and unhealthy for human beings, by the way it is not the postal workers votes that is being bought by congress, it is congress taking money and selling the postal workers down the drain, for profits that they helped earned in the first place. so get the concept the retirment money is paid in to my postal workers working , and out of their taxpaying paychecks to begin with. Then the profits helped to be earned by them in 2006 and every year after , are being legislated away and stockpiled so if the usps fails, as planned, those profits can be given away to others. Now do you get the picture why the postal workers want the retiremnt money back in order for the postal service not to be shorted when they had already overpaid 2 retirement funds to begin with in 2000, 2001. Do some reserch and go to to understand the full situation.

    • None of that addresses the following basic fact: the USPS is wasteful, un-needed, and broke.

      Shut it down.

      Move on.

      • Paula Martin

        “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not to their own facts.’
        – Daniel Patrick Moynihan, American sociologist and US Senator (D-NY
        If you are going to claim that the USPS is wasteful, then you must state why you consider it wasteful and back it up by facts.
        If you’re going to say the USPS is unneeded you need to show in what way if is unneeded and the number of people that don’t need it.
        Protests about closure of smaller post offices certainly contradicts your statement. that the USPS is no longer needed,
        In 2006 The USPS was saddled with the requirement to fund 75 years of retirees health benefits in 10.
        Before that it’s revenues equaled it’s expenses.
        Federal Express and UPS charge more than the USPS for the same services.
        If they as well as any other business were saddled with funding 75 years of retiree health benefits in 10 years they, along with our government wouldn’t be able to meet their expenses,
        In fact our government is in debt and the banks and Wall Street were bailed out
        while the USPS isn’t supported by government funds and would be in the black if they didn’t need to fund 5,5 billion a year for people who aren.t born yet.

  • 1234heythere5

    Actually it wasn’t a loan that caused the USPS troubles but a law passed by Congress and signed by Bush in 2006 mandating that the USPS FUND 75 years of retire HEALTH (NOT pensions) benefits in 10 years at 5.5 billion a year. The USPS is NOT supported by taxes,but by sales of stamps etc. and by law has income = costs and therefore charges less than deliveries made by UPS and Fed-Ex and mail delivery that is privatized in other countries