The USPS, or: Why We Can't Have Nice Things


Let’s say you live in California (hypothetically). Next, let’s say you wanted to get a package from your address in California to another address in California. Finally, let’s say that you wanted your package to get to its new California home (from its old California home) quickly and efficiently.

Pay special attention to “quickly and efficiently”, dear reader, because that phrase is where you and the United States Post Office may find yourselves radically at odds.

Last week, a man wanted to send a package from Union City, California to his home in Los Angeles. “Common sense” dictates that a trip like that should take 2 or 3 days – but that’s because people with common sense avoid the USPS like 400 lb. men avoid salads.

The USPS sent his across the entire country. Twice.

This is why the USPS has been on the verge of collapse for years, people – and maybe (just, “maybe”) it’s time someone pulled the plug.

Also: mixed metaphors FTMFW.

Thanks to Gizmodo for bringing this story to light, and generating the super-awesome graphic charting the inconceivably wasteful and expensive course of the package, above, and the “official” door-to-door tracking information, below.

Source | Photos: Gizmodo.

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  • Considering the number of errors in the average article on Gas2.0, I’m surprised you are giving the USPS such a hard time for making one. Do you have any evidence that this is a routine occurrence?

  • Adam

    Why is this on Gas2.0? I used to read this blog almost daily and at best it’s become a link fest and at worst appears to be a place for anti-USPS astro-turfing. Perhaps this is just an ill placed personal rant, but ridiculous either way. Count me out as a reader.