Video: Ferrari Previews V12 Hybrid-KERS System For Upcoming Supercar

For fans of performance cars, there is nothing in the world quite like a Ferrari. You don’t even have to like cars at all to love the Ferrari, the epitome of European excess and luxury wrapped in a sleek supercar package. Yet unlike other European automakers, like Porsche, who has embraced hybrid and clean-diesel technology, Ferrari has only utilized green-tech on the race track for the performance advantage it confers. Until now.

Ferrari has now confirmed what many were speculating; a new V12 motor linked to a kinetic energy recovery system, also known as a KERS or flywheel hybrid. This engine is slated to be introduced in the next-generation successor to the popular (and wickedly expensive) Ferrari Enzo.

The prancing horse brand has utilized a KERS hybrid system in Formula 1, using the energy recovered from braking to spin a flywheel. The stored energy can then be dumped into electric motors, giving the cars a brief power boost. Ferrari had shown off a similar system back in their 599 HY-KERS Concept in 2010, and speculation has been swirling that the next mid-engine supercar would be a hybrid of one sort or another.

For a while now, Ferrari has managed to become a leader in efforts to curb individual automaker emissions (mostly because its emissions were so high to begin with) without going hybrid, electric, or diesel

Exciting news for greenies and gearheads alike. Ferrari now joins other supercar makers including Jaguar and McLaren in bringing high-powered green supercars to the table. This is the direction more green cars need to go. Almost everyone idolizes a Ferrari, and the wealth it embodies. Whether the new Ferrari gets a power boost button or not remains to be seen, but I can already tell you that a hybrid Ferrari will piss off some people, while being the envy of many, many more.

I don’t care how much you hate hybrids, I doubt that any of you would turn down a ride in a Ferrari hybrid. I sure as Hell wouldn’t.

Source: Ferrari


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