New CAFE Standards Could Save US Consumers $68Bil


Sixty-eight BILLION US-American dollars. That’s approximately equal to a metric s***ton of money (even in 100s and 50s), and it’s the amount of 2012 dollars that American consumers could save on gas each year if Barack Obama’s 2030 fuel standards get implemented, according to the NRDC.

That savings, by the way, would mean reduced transportation and shipping costs for food, medicine, education, and more – and (hopefully!) fewer profits for the evil swine at BP.

Check out the original article, from our sister site Cleantechnica, below.

Drivers To Save $68 Billion by 2030 Under Obama’s 54.5 MPG Standard, NRDC Report Finds (via Clean Technica)

  NRDC Report: Drivers To Save $68 Billion by 2030 Under 54.5 MPG Standard NRDC Ranks Top 20 States for Most Consumer Benefits: TX, CA, FL, NY, NC, GA, VA, PA, TN, AZ, IL, OH, WA, MD, MI, NJ, AL, KY, MO, MN Drivers will save $68 billion in fuel costs when the Obama administration’s 54.5 miles-per…

Source: NRDC, via Cleantechnica.

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  • The proposed standards would only equate to 40 mpg in the real world mpg numbers but that is still an improvement. China and Europe are already way ahead in 2012…


  • danwat1234

    Part of the reason why Europe is so far ahead are because of diesels. Here in the US, diesel engines need extra emissions equipment that cut down on fuel efficiency in order to be able to be sold in the US (stricter emissions requirements for diesels). This is compounded by the high low sulfur diesel prices.
    It’s unfortunate, really. I would really like a Diesel Civic hybrid..