Green News Daily: Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

It’s tax day dear readers. Have you got your returns in? I did…and unlike most of you, I have to pay the government! No tax returns for me. The price of freedom, I suppose. Anyways, on to the news! Today’s highlights include the Ford Focus Electric pacing a NASCAR race, Apple plans North Carolina’s largest fuel cell project, and an old electric pickup brings big bucks.

Ford Focus Electric To Be First EV Pace Car For NASCAR [Autoblog Green]

Toyota Recalls 28,000 Prius V For Exhaust Fix [Treehugger]

Tired Old Electric Chevy S10 Brings $4,000 On eBay [Green Car Reports]

Bob Lutz: Car Electrification Key To National Security [Forbes]

Powersplit Transmission Improves Tractor Fuel Economy By 20% [Green Car Congress]

Apple Plans North Carolina’’s Largest Private Fuel Cell Project [PhysOrg]


Christopher DeMorro

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