Green News Daily: Friday, April 13th, 2012


It’s Friday the 13th, dear readers, and I hope you’ve covered yourself in good luck charms. Today’s green news daily brings us a petition to support biofuel development, a 100% wooden bike sets a land speed record, and A-123 batteries gets two more years to spend its federal grant money.

Petition To Support Domestic Development Of Biofuels [Domestic Fuel]

2012 Ford Focus Electric Gets Small Ad Budget [Green Car Reports]

100% Wooden Bike Sets Land Speed Record [Treehugger]

A-123 Battery Systems Gets 2 More Years To Spend Grant [Reuters]

Australia’s Qantas Airlines Launches First Biofuel Flight [PhysOrg]

Young Dutch People Buying E-Bikes In Record Numbers [EV World]

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