Green News Daily: Friday, April 6th, 2012

Happy Friday ya’ll, and welcome to the end of another work week. Today’s green news highlights include a price for the new Chevy Spark, Brazil’s World Cup stadiums go green, and a doctoral student claims to have built a self-sustaining hydrogen reactor.

Doctoral Student Claims To Have Built Self-Sustaining Hydrogen Reactor [Inhabitat]

Chevy To Resume Volt Production Early [Green Car Reports]

Brazil’s World Cup Stadiums To Use Solar Power [CleanTechnica]

Algae Lamp Absorbs 200X More CO2 Than Trees [Treehugger]

2013 Chevy Spark Priced At $12,995 [Autoblog Green]

Updated Alt-Fuels Online Map Locator [Domestic Fuel]


Christopher DeMorro

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