George W. Bush Buys Chevy Volt For Son


The Republican Party and President Obama have made the Chevy Volt into something of a political football. Lost in the rhetoric is the fact that the Republicans themselves helped promote the Volt before Obama ever even sat down in the Oval Office. Former President George W. Bush George H.W. Bush, who hails from oil-rich Texas, is a huge propoent of green energy and fuel efficiency…and the Chevy Volt, as it turns out.

The Former Commander in Chief just bought a brand new Chevy Volt for his son Neil’s birthday. That’s a hell of a birthday present, and GM sure seems happy to point out that the oil-rich Bush has hopped on the Volt-praise bandwagon. It was his son,  George W. Bush, who implemented the $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles, and the former President also lives on an off-the-grid green ranch.

It’s too bad Bush wasn’t all about green energy when he was in office in the early 90’s. However, his son George W. has come out in staunch support for the bailouts of the American auto industry. For most people, it is probably too little, too late, though if you ask me, George W. had more in common with Obama than he does with the current crop of GOP nominees. Just sayin’.

Source: Yahoo!

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  • J Rico

    It was actually W’s father, GHW Bush who bought the car. Neil is George W. Bush’s brother.

  • Jon from NC

    Neil bush is his brother, not his son.

  • Even the most conservative real world MPGs coming in from owners is about double the MPG of the highest MPG car before the Volt … Volt owners are getting over 100MPG… even if you include the cost of electric … my commute is only 10 miles I would be driving all electric… that means with the low cost of electric in my area my MPG including electric would be equal to approx 150 mpg. I aggree with the 128,000 automotive engineers (SAE) all over the world who voted the Volt as the best engineered car on the road. And no doubt about it .. the GM engineers who have been working on electric cars for decades are the ones who deserve the credit!

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