Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Available For Rent In Austria


Rental EV Charging Stations in AustriaThe non-profit Family Construction and Housing Association (FCHA) has, in conjunction with Wien Energie, has set up the first Austrian electric vehicle charging points with an accounting system in a residential community – in other words, EV charging stations for rent.

Five standard ports plus one quick-charging port are available for rent, one of which has already been claimed. The actual use of the recharging point is calculated in kWh and tracked with a TANKE card provided by Wien Energie. To make the deal just a little sweeter, all the electricity purchased through the EV charging stations is from 100% renewable sources.

Electricity Is Cheaper By The Mile

According to FCHA’s calculations, recharging an electric car is much less expensive than filling a gas tank; electricity costs $4-$5 USD for every 100km (sixty miles), while gasoline is twice as expensive. Looking at the per-year cost, if an EV can go 100km on 15-20 kWh, the typical driver will use between 1500 and 2000 kWh per year. The end cost to the driver is $390-$520/year at current EU electricity prices.

EV drivers renting out their very own charging station don’t incur the cost or hassle of installing the stations, either. Bernhard Raffelsberger, FCHA’s CEO, spoke briefly as to why he chose to go the route of renewable energy sources powering electric vehicles, as reported by Oekonews.at:

“The Construction and Housing Association is set on renewable energy. We’ve already installed a number of solar and photovoltaic arrays. It is also now part of our standard operating procedure to wire parking places to recharge electric cars, in order to be properly equipped for future technology. The construction of EV charging stations in conjunction with Wien Energie and Schrack Technik is only the logical progression of this development.”

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Source | Image: Oekonews.at.

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  • Jim

    I’ve got news for you. The electrons don’t know whether they came from a windmill or a coal-fired stinker of a power plant. All “renewable” power my butt.

    • Are you suggesting that your butt is a renewable source of power? Gads, man! What do you EAT!?

    • T Adkins

      in the Google translation of the original article, they claim to be sourcing the power form green generation, which is why they say 100% is renewable.

      But if it is like Jo says and your Butt is a source of untapped renewable energy you are quite literally sitting on a gold mine…Trebek

      • Jim

        Unless there are wires directly from the green sources to the charging points there must be a mixing of electrons from both green and other sources. By the time you use the charging point, the “green” electrons cannot be told from the others. When you pay for renewable/green power at a higher rate, you do not get “green” power. You get power from mixed sourced. All you are doing is making yourself feel good.

        If you could trap the methane, all of our butts (and cow butts as well) would be marvelous sources of power.

  • George Voll

    How much is the cost for the rental? I must have overlooked it.

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