Green News Roundup: Monday, March 12th, 2012

Happy Monday dear readers. Did you remember to “Spring Forward” and set your clocks an hour ahead? I did, and I am already missing that hour of sleep…but not enough to miss the morning news roundup. Today’s highlights include Obama’s EV-Everywhere plan, GM “staying on course” with the Volt, and Honda dealerships may get CNG filling stations.

Obama Unveils EV-Everywhere Plan For 2022 [Autoblog Green]

iCar: Gen Y Want’s Hybrid Cars With Tablet Functionality [CarScoop]

GM CEO: “Staying On Course” With Chevy Volt [Green Car Reports]

Edible Bustop: Garden Together, Stay Together [Insteading]

Honda To Dealers: Install CNG Filling Stations [The Truth About Cars]

More Details On Toyota Yaris Hybrid Revealed [Treehugger]


Christopher DeMorro

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