Next-Gen Batteries Could Be Filled Like Gas Tanks

There are a lot of gripes against electric cars, though two of the most legitimate arguments are the long-recharge time and short range. But what if you could fill up your EV in the same time and manner in which you fill up your gas-powered car? That would be a huge development, one that Eos Energy Storage is working to bring to market.

Eos Energy is promoting a refillable flow battery that uses air as a cathode, zinc as an anode, and a liquid electrolyte. Refilling the battery would require swapping out only the electrolyte solution, which could be recharged and reused at a later time. Theoretically, Eos says their system could be fitted to a standard passenger car costing around $25,000, allowing for a 400-mile range and “recharging” in as little as 3 minutes.

It sounds too good to be true, but Eos isn’t alone in pursuing a refillable liquid battery. However, such a battery is still years away from hitting the market, and while there have been many promising developments in battery technology, nobody has been able to market that “holy grail” EV battery to date. I have faith that it will happen, whether it be a liquid battery like Eos is proposing, or something more traditional, like the lithium-ion cells employed in today’s EV’s.

It’s just a matter of time. Thing is…how long can we afford to wait?

Source: GigaOm | Image: Nate A. via Shutterstock


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