Mia Rox Is a Convertible People Carrier

Mia RoxMia, known for its tiny and adorable electric vans, has presented a new electric van at the Geneva Motor Show with a convertible body. The Mia Rox is based on the super cute Mia Electric, but it’s still managed to miss the cuteness mark.

Convertible People-Carrier?

A convertible van is a tricky undertaking at best (did anyone else see Top Gear try to make one?), but it’s technically easier when the van in question is only 125” long. Mia went about solving the issue by making the roof and doors, as well as the rear and the seat coverings, out of a flexible mesh of cloth, leather, and plastic.

The flexible covering can be rolled up and fixed into place with zippers. The forward side windows swivel upwards with only a few basic steps to allow for greater air movement through the vehicle cabin.

New Stuff Under The Hood, Too

The Mia Rox is based on the long version of the Mia Electric, which is currently available for no less than $32,000 USD. It’s got an 18kW electric motor, which gives it a top speed of 62mph. The lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack gives it a 78 mile range and can be charged from a perfectly normal household outlet; while not suited for much highway driving, the Mia Rox is a zero emission vehicle and does seem perfectly suited for driving around town and a little bit beyond.

One more new development will soon be available for the Mia Rox, and that’s the fuel cell range extender. The hydrogen cells will provide current directly to the electric drive after the batteries have been drained. When fully charged and provided with fresh fuel cells, Mia claims the little van will have a total range of 186 miles.

The Mia Rox does have its Achilles’ heel, though. With all of its practicality – and it does seem like it works pretty well as an all-around electric or hybrid vehicle – it just isn’t pretty to look at. It’s certainly quirky and its aesthetic isn’t entirely unappealing, but I’m not sure I could get around the way it looks. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Auto Motor Und Sport | Image: Mia Electric (via Facebook)


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