$1,000 Says Zero Is Still The Only Hero Come Halloween

Look what just landed in our inbox! This email came with the cheeky subject:

“Still waiting for vaporware? We’ll give you $1000 cash back on your Zero Motorcycle!”


Hollywood Electrics has thrown down the gauntlet because, as owner Harlan Flagg explained to me, he’s tired of companies over-promising and under-delivering. As a salesperson, he wants to be honest with his customers, and not frustrate them. He is in the business of selling products. If brands keep promising products and not delivering, it makes him look like a liar, and gives him no product to sell to his customers. In fact, it makes the whole industry look bad. Yes, it’s not currently possible to manufacture a bike that will win the TT Zero or TTXGP at a price under 6 figures. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a perfectly sensible around-town bike today, and keep our gas bikes for long days in the canyons, etc. Zero, on the other hand, has been cranking out bikes almost as fast as Harlan can sell them. And they’re great bikes!

The specs on the 2012 S have me very excited, and I’m looking forward to taking one for a spin later this week. Of course I’ll tell you all about it. Some riders want to wait for the perfect bike, but some are happy to upgrade each year and sell their old ones. It’s not that different than the rest of the motor vehicle market, where every year is like an arms race to convince customers the new model is infinitely better than the old one.

Hollywood Electrics took delivery on the first 2012’s 6 weeks ago and Zero’s tiny production facility in Santa Cruz, CA has had a hard time keeping up with demand at their #1 dealership. Sales of 2012 Zeros at Hollywood Electrics have already exceeded their sales for 2010 and 2011 combined. Perhaps they should rent some assembly capacity from Chevrolet


Susanna Schick

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