XL Pipeline Leak is STILL a Disaster (w/ video)


Canada’s tar sand oil continues to be an environmental nightmare, but that hasn’t stopped TransCanada from announcing that it’s resuming work on its XL pipeline extension from Oklahoma to Texas, taking Canadian oil through the US and out into the Gulf of Mexico, where it will be exported to other nations (effectively reducing any potential advantage to the US economy to zero).

That Alberta’s tar sands (and its supporters) are sick and evil is pretty obvious to everyone by now, but it keeps finding ways to get worse. Over at Red, Green, and Blue, Rocky Kistner wrote a number of Michigan residents worried about what is still a massive oil spill that persists in oiling up their backyards and turning the Kalamazoo river to a multicolored sludge.

Check out Rocky’s full story, below.

Keystone XL: It’s ALREADY taking longer to clean up tar sands spills than they said (via Red Green & Blue)

By Rocky Kistner’s Natural Resources Defense Council As TransCanada announced it would begin building the southern leg of its Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas—setting the stage for a new Congressional battle over the transnational pipeline—Michigan residents are worried…

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  • Brian

    “taking Canadian oil through the US and out into the Gulf of Mexico, where it will be exported to other nations (effectively reducing any potential advantage to the US economy to zero).”

    Except that it will be refined in the United States, which requires capital expenditures, maintenance, labor… All of which is by any definition economic activity. There are plenty of sound arguments… This isn’t one of them.

  • chuck stone

    Lets trade our nuclear waste buried in Canada in exchange for our getting the pipeline leaks/waste in America? Not a good idea!

    Why must we endure the oil industry pollution of our environment over and over? Money is the reason. Trash the whole bunch in Congress (House and Senate ) if they take any money from any big corporation. Demand a recall of the Supreme Court based on the recognition of corporations as citizens without American birthrights. Where are the birth certificate for the foreign and domestic corporations. Why should these corporations have right based upon financial position alone? That was part of the european problem that lead to the move to America. The Supreme Court is guilty of treason in my opinion. The reason and purpose of the forming of a new nation was to obtain FREEDOM from the Kings and the financial gurus of the time. The French came to a civil movement of violence against the same rich guy models we experience today. Will we soon see a violent reaction in American due to our letting money talk louder than our real citizen concerns?

    Shoving the XL pipeline through America against the popular citizen preferences is an affront that could lead to violence against the project. Remember the Love Canal nuclear waste that took lives and the oil spills that took lives by nuclear and oil industry activities. Alternative fuels from government have not arrived since they became government objective in response to the 1973 oil shortfall in America.

    President Obama needs to get with the program and push back against the big corporations or lose his job as President. To send our troops to fight in oil wars when you, their Commander and Chief will not fight at your best to destroy the reasons for going to war says it all. We simply need the alternative fuels that the government agencies have co-opted to aid the established corporations for more than 40 years.

    The XL pipeline defense against terrorism will cost Americans a great deal of money, as will cleanup activities. Vote no on the XL pipeline. Get the alternative fuels and electric vehicles rolling at lower costs and be done with it! The high prices are not real, it is staged to help oil stay in control. I spent most of my life in the transportations industry. I have seen the way things are done to keep oil in charge or get your fuel shut off .

    • Violence would be fun, but I doubt it. Too many people would have to put down their iPhones for that to happen.

    • T Adkins

      It isnt as simple as recalling the supreme court, if only it was. But really just think about how awful our system would be if we could just recall people from their jobs just because we dont agree with a ruling on a judgement.

      The problem is the 14th amendment and its use in defining corporate person-hood. But the issue also touches into ‘Tort reform’ and contract law.

      1868 the amendment was ratified and in 1886 it was used to lay the ground work for corporate person-hood and oddly enough it was about taxes.

      For the most part Corporate person-hood only exist in the US and it really needs to go.

  • This is just insane. Why why why why why are we still feeding our oil addiction? Money grabs and self-interest. Oil is a sunset industry, we should just end the misery and switch to renewables. It’ll make more jobs and destroy less resources. Tar-sands booo.

    Juan Miguel Ruiz

    • I like how the guy complaining about self-interest included his full name and website. Oh, sweet hypocrisy! 😀

  • Jeremey Giels

    We humans are a cancer growth on the planet skin. Do you really think the boys in the boardroom give a hoot about the spill? No, it’s the profit staement that they are interested in and will buy off the politicians to keep it flowing.

    • Whoa whoa whoa! No one is saying humans are “a cancer” (no one reasonable, anyway), just that some people lack foresight. Some people, admittely, are assholes, but I’d like to think most people are just stupid and confused. That said, if you think YOU are a cancer on the Earth, there’s always suicide. 🙂

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