Green News Roundup: Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Good morning and happy March dear readers. It’s a new month and a new roundup of green news from around the Web. Today’s highlights include a three-in-one SUV, Shenzhen China launches the world’s largest electric fleet, and the Nissan Leaf goes on sale nationwide.

Magna Steyr Previews 3-In-1 Milac Coupic Concept [Carscoop]

Electric Cars And The “Freedom” Thing [The Truth About Cars]

Shenzhen, China Adds 1,500 EV’s To Public Transport Fleet [Inhabitat]

GM, Puegeot Join Forces On Low Emissions Vehicle [Green Car Congress]

Nissan Leaf Goes On Sale Nationwide Starting Today [Autoblog Green]

Do Government Subsidies Ever Pay Off? [Consumer Energy Report]


Christopher DeMorro

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