Infiniti EMERG-E Supercar Leaked

A number of images of Infiniti’s upcoming EMERG-E electric supercar have been leaked ahead of the car’s offical debut at next month’s Geneva Auto Show. Like the Nissan Mid-4 concept of the 1980s, this one was also built as a technological showpiece to steal some of rival carmaker Acura’s stunning new NSX hybrid. To do that, the EMERG-E builds on technology developed by Nissan/Renault (Infiniti’s parent company) in its high-profile Nissan Leaf and low-cost Renault Twizy EVs.

The leaked photos follow months of poorly-lit videos and patent-drawing leaks, and show a slinky Japanese sportscar with mid-engine proportions and aggressively styled flanks. The Infiniti concept’s batteries are expected to be powered by a small, internal combustion, range-extending engine, which will help the powerful electric motors deliver useful driving range to the car’s (conceptual) buyers.

There is no word yet on the Infiniti’s production prospects.

You can check out a few of the leaked images, below, from GT Spirit. I’ve chosen the ones I think are best, but there are more posted there. CLICK HERE to check those out.

Source | Photos: GTSpirit.


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