Green News Roundup: Monday, February 20th, 2012


Happy Funday Monday everybody! I hope your weekend was as productive as mine. On this morning’s menu are Fisker’s lawsuit woes, Fox News confuses GM with GE, and a mystery EV is spotted testing on the open road.

Investor Sues Fisker For Fraud [O.C. Register]

Smith Electric Vehicles To Build EV Buses For China [Green Car Congress]

Shape Field Bike Is Lightweight Retro Cool [Treehugger]

Fox News Confuses GM With GE, Blasts Both Anyways [Mediaite]

MIT Finds Way To Make Solar Panels From Grass Clippings [Inhabitat]

Mystery EV Spotted Testing Out On Roads [Autoblog Green]

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  • Your link says “Investor Sues Tesla For Fraud [O.C. Register]” but the linked page says “An investor is suing troubled hybrid-electric car maker Fisker Automotive Inc. of Anaheim in Orange County Superior Court, alleging fraud and breach of fiduciary duty in the sale of company stock.