Plug in, Hit the Road: Toyota Prius Camper


There are little Prii, big Prii, plug-in Prii, racing Prii, and now – just revealed at this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon – there are full-fledged, fully-equipped, and very Real Toyota Prius camper vans.

Starting with a new, 3rd-gen Prius, the conversion company adds a streamlined, fiber-reinforced plastic shell that expands the Prius’ interior into something that’s, well, livable! The “living area” has room for a small coffee table with booth-type seating and underseat storage which can be converted to a queen-size bed (as shown, below), with an additional “permanent” bed in the forward section (above the cockpit). At the rear of the shell, the Prius RV features a shower/bathroom stall, which seems big enough for (quick) standing showers.

No word, yet, on storage capacities, kitchen amenities, or price – but even if those are minimal (they’d have to be!), this little camper would certainly go a long way towards making cross-country camping trips greener, cleaner, and more affordable if it ever came stateside.

Enjoy a full photo gallery, from Carscoop, below.

Source | Photos: Carscoop.

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  • UPDATE: the company selling these conversions has been ID’ed as “Campinn”. Still waiting on prices and option sheets to get posted.

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  • I’m not sure what to say…. I’m speechless..


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  • Now Sad Toyota Owner

    NO, just NO! This makes me sad to be a longtime Toyota owner! MPG will be killed along with any pride you have in the Prius! I would not even CONSIDER this as an option!

    • Granted, mpg will go down compared to stock, but probably not as much as you think and it’s STILL likely to be better than a converted B van. That said, you have pride in the Prius? LOL!

  • Amin

    Hats off to the person who concieved it. It is a fore runner of the Compact Camper/RV’s, yet to be introduced as energy costs increase. We have automotive import controls in Canada. I wonder if one can import it into Canada and what it costs would be.

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  • Jo: Pretty ingenious idea this Prius RV concept. You’d think that Toyota would take some notice and do some R&D plus marketing research. This (smaller sized RV) fits my needs/desire for a product that offers some real opportunity to see our world on the cheap (maybe). I’d imagine that there would be a lot of ‘pushback’ by the RV industry here in the US to prevent such a competitor – entry. After a bit of truck/camper RVing in the SWest a few years back – I’ve come to realize that I don’t need a whole lot space or ‘things’ to drag along to make for happy and comfortable camping. The smaller size footprint of this PriusRv is something I’d like to try. Can you imagine a program in which you can RENT and not have to own/maintain something like this? (just saying……)

  • Marc

    Some things are just wrong..

    It looks like some sort of Outhouse on wheels.

    We had best hope the Republicans do not buy a 100 or so of them. Paint “ObamaMobile” on the side with “4 More Years” painted alongside..

    We will all look like idiots and the President will be the butt of jokes which will make him a laughing stock and destroy the Reelection Campaign.

    I would not be surprised to learn that was the real intention of Toyota in making them to begin with.

    The biggest danger we face in re-electing the President will be those who laugh and mock him.. and things which encourage that.. If the Republicans make him a laughing stock some sort of bad Joke as they did to President Carter (a good man) the election is lost.

    • The current crop of republicans is too stupid to come up with something that clever/effective.

    • jim

      Thanks for the idea!!

  • Sean McCloy

    Just imagine if they installed a solar oven in the sun roof with access from the back? You could be PARKED and cooking while out doing stuff? When driving just cook on the engine block. The roof could have been made to hold a 150 watt solar panel that would power a small fridge/freezer see you tube contributor desertsun02 he has a video where he did exactly that with a cheap fridge freezer combo from sears. Do this and 18-35 would not buy a home until they married and settled down. They could live out of this and save all that money for their married life should they decide to marry. I never under stood why the hood did not have a solar panel the car has a battery and even if it is a trickle a charge is better than a drain. I could see elderly living out of this too why own a home when you have all you need in this ride.

  • am2go

    Is it just me or is that a beluga whale humping a Prius?

  • Todd Mouth

    I absolutely love this concept. While it doesn’t offer many additional amenities, what it does offer, it offers very well. Secure, private sleeping quarters and some extra storage space. Some things I would like to see are some optional portholes upstairs that can be opened for cross ventilation and if the thing was removable like a truck camper, that would absolutely rock.