Detroit Auto Show News Roundup

Well readers, I feel like I failed you. Unlike the L.A. Auto Show, where I had the help of the very tall and very badass Susanna Schick helping me cover the show, it was only me…and my own coverage was piddling, to say the least.

But the rest of the blogosphere did not fail you, and so it is with that that I present you a roundup of green news from out of the Detroit Auto Show. I’m spreading the link love, because there are a lot of hard-working auto writers and bloggers out there. And though I tried, I could not keep up this time. There’s always New York though. I did come back feeling worse for wear, and now my throat feels like there’s a jagged wound running down the length of it. Hopefully I will be back to 100% by Monday. Until then though, enjoy some posts around the Internets.

Ford Launches EcoSport Mini-SUV Overseas [TechVehi]

Toyota Launches $19,000 Prius C In U.S. [Autoblog]

2013 Honda Accord Coupe Could Have Plug-In Hybrid Option [Treehugger]

AMP’s Electric Jeep Grand Cherokee Priced At $57,400  [Green Car Reports]

Toyota Unveils NS4 Plug-In Hybrid Concept [Treehugger]

Coda Cuts Range, Price On Its Electric Sedan [Autoblog Green]


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