Sydney Opera-Inspired Popup Camper Is Compact Luxury

I’m a big guy, but I love tiny living accommodations, including teardrop trailers and tiny houses. That is why this pop-up camper, inspired by the world famous Sydney Opera House, caught my eye. But this popup isn’t some cheap replacement for an RV; it is a little slice of eco-friendly luxury  for the wilderness.

Popup Luxury

Let’s be honest; Western Civilization has gone soft. The only hunting and gathering most of us are capable of involves the corner convenience store. Still, there are people like me who want to “get back to nature” every now and then. The Opera popup camper combines compactness with luxury and convenience, unfolding to a surprising size, with cozy accommodations for two.

Using a fabric tent roof, the space is significantly larger compared with standard popup campers. There is room enough for a ceramic toilet, sink, kitchen, a top-loading refridgerator, and LED lighting, in addition to two twin-size beds. All this, in a small, lightweight (and probably expensive) popup camper. Best of all, it takes less than a minute to set up, as demonstrated in the video below.


Green camping trailers seem to be receiving a good amount of attention these days, and I have even toyed with the thought of living life on the road. Since they already have a working prototype, I might even be able to buy one of these nifty campers…one day. Depending on the price, I might even take the plunge. Would you?

Source: Dornob


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