Green News Roundup: Monday, November 28th, 2011

Happy post-Thanksgiving bowel movements everybody! Gross, I know…but so worth all the good food. With one holiday behind us (and quite a few more to go) it’s time to look at what has been going on around the green news world. Some of today’s highlights include an aerodynamic Mercedes truck, Toyota and BMW team up on diesel tech, and loopholes in MPG standards may help bring back behemoth SUV’s.

Mercedes Semi-Truck Reduces Drag , Improves MPG  [Green Car Congress]

Toyota Hopes Prius Sales Will Help Company Bounce Back [Automotive News]

BMW and Toyota Form Alliance On Diesel Engines [The Truth About Cars]

Volkswagen Will Use Chinese-Made Battery In All Its EV’s [Plug-In Cars]

Will Loopholes In MPG Standards Resurrect The SUV? [Treehugger]

ABB Installes EV Charging Stations At BP Petrol Stations [Electric Vehicle News]


Christopher DeMorro

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