All-Electric on Two Wheels Only – Prozza Scooter and Motorcycle


prozza miletto li500Electricity on four wheels, electricity on three wheels, and electricity on two wheels – all converge on the Tokyo Motor Show next month. One of the cuter additions is from a company called ProStaff, which started an all-electric bike racing team earlier this year.

ProStaff has a booth all to itself for its emission-free two-wheeled electric vehicles at the motor show, representing the theme of “Smart Mobility 2011.”

The more eccentric of the two vehicles on display at ProStaff’s booth is an electric scooter. The Prozza Miletto Li500 is an upgraded version of their previous electric scooter (the Prozza Miletto), with lithium ion batteries. It’s supposed to invoke a sense of stylish fun for the short-range commuter – and it’s definitely got that perky look.

ProStaff’s second contribution is the electric bike they sent to the TTzero race at the Isle of Man last June. The fully electric Prozza TT Zero-11 reached a top speed of 124mph (according to a camera mounted on the bike itself).

Never enough electric bikes and scooters, I say. Check out the gallery and bring ‘em on!

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  • Uncle B

    Even here, the “American Dream” obsession with “Top Speed” over distance traveled. We don’t need to go so fast, but it would be nice to trade speed for distance! This Western World is about to slow dramatically with the “planned demolition” of the American Dollar by the Banksters, Financiers and corrupt politicians there. Once their riches are transferred safely to stable, unmanipulated (since 2005) Chinese Yuan and represented by the Pan Eurasian Empire some 6000 Million strong over the weakening 300 million in the U,S., life on American streets will certainly be very different, and economy not speed will become the major concern. Even three wheeled electric utility vehicles with top speeds of less than 60 kph will certainly become popular. Face of America is changing.

    • I can’t decide if Uncle B is crazy or brilliant – and that’s really scary!