Video: Nissan Leaf NISMO RC Gets Its Gymkhana On

If you’re a motorsports fan like me, you’ve probably heard the term “Gymkhana.” It’s a type of racing that involves lots of drifting and driving around obstacles in a fun, less-than-serious way. It became an Internet sensation thanks to driver Ken Block, who is looking to make a legitimate sport out of it. Even the race version of the Nissan Leaf got into the action, and it sure as hell looks fun.

A Quiet Competitor

Electric vehicles are without a doubt the next frontier in motorsports, and Nissan certainly has a leg up on the competition thanks to the Leaf NISMO RC racer. Powered by the same drivetrain as the street-legal Leaf, the Leaf NISMO RC has been converted to rear-wheel drive and has a much-lighter composite body than the road-going version as well. This results in a much faster EV, despite having just over a hundred horsepower.

Nissan has already pledged to pursue an all-electric racing series, and getting EV’s into the Gymkhana circuit would greatly increase their exposure to motorsports enthusiasts, a very influential group of consumers. If we (EV enthusiasts and builders) can convince racers that electric cars are the future, a lot of the resistance coming up against EV’s might fade away faster than you might think.

However, in order to do that, Nissan is going to have to get down and dirty. It looked to me like the Leaf RC was holding back, probably because Gymkhana racing and drifting can result in some expensive damage should things get out of control. Then again, Nissan has been entering the Leaf EV into other motorsports events as well, including the Pikes Peak Race to the Clouds. Still, I thought this video was well-worth sharing with you, my readers, and I hope you will show this to some of your friends and family as well. Let’s spread the EV motorsports love!

Source: TechVehi


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