Honda Shows More of its Plug-in Prius Fighter: the Fit EV

This is Honda’s contribution to the electric car lineup at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the Honda Jazz (that’s “Honda Fit” to you and me) EV Concept first shown at the LA show several months ago.  Don’t let the “concept” badge fool you: what you see here is a 99% accurate view of Honda’s plug-in Fit.

Honda’s electric fit is due to hit US roads next year as a 2013 model as the first of a new wave of Honda plug-in models that is expected to include a new hybrid Civic, a plug-in electric version of the next-generation Accord (previewed here), and an updated CR-Z sporty coupe.

Speaking of the CR-Z, word out of Honda is that the plug-in Fit will feature the same sort of “driving mode” selection as the CR-Z, meaning that the Fit will allow drivers to select an “Econ” mode that swaps acceleration (and HVAC performance) for the sake of improved range, a “Normal” default mode, and a “Sport” mode that sacrifices overall range to the ancient track gods and the ghost of Ayrton Senna for better acceleration.

Honda’s literature claims the Fit EV will be good for 100 miles of electric driving in between 6-hour charging sessions, making it more than capable of serving as a daily commuter – especially considering the car’s 85-90 mph top speed (depending on mode selection, of course).  New for Frankfurt is a more final version of the car’s interior (shown, below)

Source | Photos:  Honda, via Motorpasion.


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