New eSpire Electric Bike Offers Better Range, Lower Price


This is the “Third Element” eSpire electric bicycle from Germany, which was revealed at this year’s Eurobike 2011 show over the Labor Day weekend.

The bike itself makes use of the same electric motor as the eSpira model launched in 2009, but overall range (in “pedelec” pedal-assist mode) has been improved from 50 km to more than 80 km (about 50 mi), with a top speed in pure electric “comp” mode of 25 kmh.  The weight of the battery pack has been reduced over 30%, from 6 kg to 4 kg, thanks to advances made in li-ion battery tech between 2009 and 2011.

The best part?  Not only is the new eSpire better-looking, lighter, and faster than the previous model – at 4750 Euro, it’s 35% cheaper that the ’09, as well.

The new 2011/2012 eSpire is not cheap, to be sure, but not extremely expensive in the high-end bike world either.  Check out some of the eSpire’s press photos, below … and while you’re at it, check out the eSpire’s electric competition from Mercedes/Smart and Yamaha, and maybe some price-point competition from Specialized as well – enjoy!

Source | Photos:  Eurobike 2011, via TechVehi.

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  • Jo,

    You have had several posts about European electric bicycles. Have you checked out Boulder CO Optibike? They really are a better bike.

    • I’ve never seen it before today – but it doesn’t look bad. A little gimmicky, but so are most of these bikes. Hopefully they’ll reach out and we can get an interview to happen.

  • It looks (to me) like there’s a black trash bag tied to the bike frame.

    I’m not a fan of plastic bodies that make a bike look like an anorexic motorcycle.

    I like hub motors. Optibike and Kalkhoff look very good on paper to me.