Yamaha Releases Electric Bicycle, Only Available in Japan


A new electrically assisted bicycle, the PAS Brace L (no idea what the logic behind the name is), will be available from famed motorcycle-maker Yamaha in the middle of next month.

The PAS Brace L is aimed at the male portion of the demographic, for commuting, exercise, or simple two-wheeled fun. The 8-speed gearbox enables fine control assist using the unique S.P.E.C.8 to ensure smooth and sporty performance from acceleration all the way to cruising speed.

The 2011 model includes the industry’s first LED multifunction monitor, which shows the remaining charge on the battery, the selected mode, and the remaining distance for assisted riding. The monitor can also track current speed and approximate calories burned, as well as average speed and cumulative distance. The bike will also tell you exactly how much it is helping you as you pedal down the road.

New for 2011 is the 8.1A long-life battery, with double the capacity of its predecessor, and the longest warranty period for any electric bicycle. It goes on sale on September 15th, for 149,800 yen (nearly $2,000 USD). There is also a ladies’ model available, which is slightly less expensive.

Source | Image: Carview.

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  • Here’s the USA version of this type of bike. Need to do an article on them and keep the spending here in USA. http://www.chicagoelectricbicycles.com/

    • Agreed

    • I’m at the Western AVE Metra (just off Grand AVE, a quick walk to Chicago Electric) twice a day, 5 or 6 times a week. If you can arrange a “made in the USA” electric bike that didn’t find its batteries and electric motors on AliBaba.com, I’ll review it!

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  • The Yamaha ebike is probably a pretty good bike. However, you can just about double the battery storage (15AH LiFePO4) for about 1/2 the price with a DIY ebike.

    Check it out: http://www.evsroll.com/DIY_Electric_Bike.html


    • That assumes that your labor is cheap, and (from the link above, anyway) that DIY ebike’s security box “case” solution looks like a pretty ghetto hack job. Not a clean install at all, even at $900. At $1800 (plus the bike!) I don’t think anyone at Yamaha is shaking in their boots over this.

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  • Dave H

    I just had a short test drive of this bike at Tsukuba in Japan, today. It is very nice riding and well integrated. Some of the models I saw had both a front and rear child seat, as well. Despite my inability to speak Japanese and the staff not speaking English, they were able to let me know how all of the controls (in Japanese) and the display worked in about 5 minutes.
    I have researched the DIY kits and Ezip bikes and will still wait for a complete integrated bike like this one to debut in the US. If I could by this bike in the US, I would order it today.