Honda Japan Testing Electric Scooters in Saitama Suburbs


The first production electric scooter from Honda to arrive in the prefecture of Saitama, the EV-NEO, has been introduced by Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service – for leasing only.  The electric scooter introduced into Saitama City are currently in use as official vehicles.  Their performance – as well as the level of noise they don’t make – will be evaluated as they are put into practical use in the “Regional EV Motorcycle Trial Program.”

The majority of the electric scooters are on loan to three newspaper shops located in Saitama City’s Minuma district, where their use includes the early morning paper deliveries.  How noisy they are and whether or not the residents’ living environment has been successfully improved will be evaluated during the performance survey.

Sumitomo Mitsui has provided five electric scooters outfitted with front baskets specifically for use by newspaper delivery crews.  Charging equipment has also been installed in order to assist Saitama City in performing its evaluation.

Saitama City is continuing its effort to promote electric cars as well as bicycles, with the campaign called the “E-KIZUNA Project.”  In addition to the motorcycles, electric taxis and shared electric cars have also been introduced to the city in order to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

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  • I really wish Honda would build some larger electric scooters, something closer in size to their 250cc Reflex or 400cc SilverWing. These are the sizes needed for suburban commuters.

    BMW has a concept bike aimed at the maxi-scooter size range, but Honda could also compete in that range with a slightly less expensive offering.

    • I commute on a 50 cc Metropolitan when I’m not on the train, which is about this size. I can fit a 3/4 helmet under the seat, along with a backpack on me. If I MUST carry more, I have saddle bags and can (in desperation) fit a front basket.

      The little 50 will take me and my gear about 40 mph, which is typically more than enough for most suburbs I’ve encountered in FL and IL.

      • For my suburbs, 45mph speed limit streets are required, and that means 50mph traffic. That means I want a scoot that can get to about 55mph, in order to have a little reserve left. Clearly, that will depend on the local traffic situation and how the roads are set up, but a 40mph top speed seems just to slow for around here.

  • I really hope that this introduction works and that Honda will bring its great products to the US soon! Thanks for the information.

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  • Joy

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  • Hoàng

    Dear Honda
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    + Box tucked away inside the brake fluid, it is difficult or even check the oil runs out, as well as oil quality was considered good or not (because it can be water) should an accident can affect life of the motor control.
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