Autocar: UK Passat BlueMotion Gets 68.9 mpg (!)


The new-for-2012 Passat BlueMotion from VW is being rated at 68.9 mpg, which will make it one of the most fuel-efficient cars in its size class and – with just 109g of carbon emissions per km driven – one of the cleanest cars on the market, overall.

The new Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion will be available for order in the UK as of next month (July), and will be motivated by VW’s familiar 104 hp, 1.6L common-rail diesel engine, powering the front wheels.  In order to hit those nearly 70 mpg numbers, however, you’ll need to row your own via the Volkswagen’s 6-speed manual transmission (mpg suffers slightly with the heavier automatic trans.).  Helping you achieve those figures are VW-specific version of Bosch’s ECO Start/Stop tech, revised aerodynamics (compared to the non “BlueMotion” cars) to cut down on drag, a lower ride-height, enclosed under-body, and low rolling-resistance tires.

Standard equipment includes climate control, iPod connectivity, and side-curtain airbags – which should help gain back a few of the points lost to VW’s Consumer Reports’ rating during the brand’s last round of redesigns.

Pricing in the UK is set to start off at just under 20,000 pounds.  No word yet on US pricing or availability.

Source:  Autocar.

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  • You should convert these numbers into liters per 100 km so that we have an unambiguous unit and don’t have to ask if you converted Imperial gallons (4.55 liters) to US (3.78 liters).

    • I didn’t think I had to, considering the post clearly states this is UK-centered news. For the record, it converts to just under 58 mpg by US standards – or, about 35% MORE than the proposed 42 mpg CAFE standard GM’s Bob Lutz called “ridiculous”.

      • 58 MPG = 4.06 l / 100km.
        Still beaten by Prius mark 3 which is 3.9 l/100km.
        Good try anyway.
        Wonder which car is bigger and more comfortable . . .

      • Don’t worry about Bob L, he once said “hybrid cars are a crock of sh*t”.

      • Actually, even GM is technically-ready to meet these so-called “ridiculous” CAFE standards, but EPA and its bunch of environazis going against the diesels make things hard.

  • Wow! I can’t wait for this one to hit the US market!
    Hopefully it’ll be in the $20,000-$25,000 range…

  • MD

    Why not take it further, couple a smaller version of the TDI VW into a hybrid system, win win…

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  • Rich

    I have the Jetta TDI Sportswagon. Fast, lots of torque, comfortable, lots of storage well built, over 600 miles on a tank of fuel (diesel) and 41-43 mpg @75mph. If I drive 65mph I can get 47-48 mpg.
    The new Passat BlueMotion sounds like a real winner,also.
    Have you kept up with all the proposed diesel cars? Cost is thousands below cars like the Volt commuter car. Europe is full of diesel vehicles and new technology is making them very CLEAN. No plugins needed

  • Interesting Post. In the reliability study done in the UK, Range Rover’s own country, Range
    Rover came out last and is considered the most reliable car of
    hundreds of cars surveyed.