Loremo Pushes Forward, Announces New EV Concept

We last covered Loremo – the tiny German automaker with big, clean-car dreams – back in 2008, when the company announced plans to build a slippery, 117 mpg bio-diesel commuter with “sporty coupe” pretences.  At the time, the folks behind Loremo promised that an EV was coming … and here it is.

Ignore, for a moment, the fact that it’s been three (3) years and we’ve seen little more from Loremo than concepts and renderings.  In this economy, three years is an eternity, and the fact that they’re still around (and still working!) at all puts this project well past “vaporware”.  So, let’s take a look at what Loremo’s planning for their EV.

Loremo’s upcoming EV shares its sporty look with its diesel-powered brothers, in addition to the 2+2 passenger layout and super-low drag styling.  The EV packs a 40 kW punch (courtesy of a 10 kW battery-pack) that pushes the little EV to over 85 mph.

Loremo claims a range of (approx.) 100 miles, and a price-tag around 30,000 Euro (before rebates, tax credits, etc.) putting it in the same league, price-wise, as the (editorial comment in 3 … 2 … 1 …) laughably over-priced Smart EV, which is slower and carries 2 fewer people.

Here’s hoping Loremo meets their goal of putting the new EV into production by year’s end.



Jo Borrás

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