Spring Is Here, And So Are The Airships

Spring is in the air. The trees are going green. Bugs are emerging from beneath the sacred earth, flowers are blooming, and pollen is clobbering our sinuses like never before.

There’s something else in the air…airships?

Yes, it seems airships are making a comeback, nearly a quarter-century after this infamous event effectively put the kibosh on hydrogen-filled blimps. In addition to looking incredibly cool, these newer airships are far more high-tech than your grandfather’s (led) zeppelin—but most importantly, they’re much safer, utilizing helium instead of the volatile hydrogen which so nefariously sunk the Hindenburg.

Companies like Millenium Airship Inc., Aeros, and Lockheed Martin (you may have heard of them) are all developing helium-based freighters equipped with the latest in navigation technology and advanced landing systems which allow the airships to land both on earth and water. All of these models should be in commercial use within a few years.

But are they green? Did you have to ask? Of course they are. Airships can travel as the crow flies to their destination, avoiding the clumsy inefficiency of our traditional ground-based, carbon-laden transportation infrastructure.  According to Peter DeRobertis, of Lockheed Martin’s Aeronautics and Skunk Works division in Fort Worth, Texas, “airships give you access and much larger payloads at much lower costs…it’s also a green aircraft. You’re not polluting.”

Are you listening, corporate America?

Source: Inhabitat