Scooter Sales up 50% Over 2010

We covered the projected boom in global electric scooter sales last week, but recent news seems to indicate that gas-powered scooter sales are rapidly on the rise, as well.  USA Today is reporting that sales of new scooters are up more than 50% compared to a year ago, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.  The Council’s spokesman remarked that the industry “sees spikes when fuel prices rise,” and added that many scooters (like the newly CARB-certified 4-stroke Stella shown, above) easily exceed 60-80 mph – making them attractive alternatives for commuters looking to minimize the impact $5/gallon gasoline has on their wallets.

The last time gas prices shot above $4 nationwide was July of 2008, when the national average for regular unleaded rose to $4.11 per gallon.  Back then, 2-wheeled commuting rose 15% compared to 2007.

As gas prices approach a $4/gallon national average again this summer, will more commuters turn to scooters to get around again, or will they stick to SUVs and pickups?

My guess:  scooter-mania!

What about you, dear readers?  Will you subscribe to Vespanomic theory and add a scooter (electric or otherwise) to your garage this year?  Let us know, in the comments.

SourceUSA Today | PhotoScooterworks USA.


Jo Borrás

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