Hyundai Unveils Fuel-cell EV in Seoul

Hyundai unveiled its new Blue2 fuel-cell electric sedan at this week’s Seoul Motor Show, further establishing the brand as a serious rival to “traditional” green-tech leaders Honda and Toyota.

The Blue2 concept itself is powered by a 120 hp electric motor that Hyundai promises will deliver fuel efficiency equivalent to more than 80 mpg. Seriously rakish sheet metal drapes the FCEV powertrain, while the car’s interior features a new Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode (TOLED) monitor in place of a traditional instrument cluster. The canopy and moonroof are made from lightweight, tempered “Gorilla Glass”, and the infotainment system is manipulated through something called a “Motion Sensor Moustick”, which (eerily?) responds to the driver’s touch and hand movements.

No word on when or if Hyundai plans to follow in the Honda Clarity‘s footsteps with a production FCEV, I know this about the Blue2: I like it!

Source: Gizmag.


Jo Borrás

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