Ever Monaco Electric Auto Show (video)

Our friends at PluginCars.com recently visited Ever Monaco, an all-electric car show  which takes place in the heart of the tiny municipality, itself probably best known for its numerous appearances in James Bond movies and the classic Super Monaco GP game on Sega Genesis.  Also, there’s a race there.  Prince Albert in a can.  Lots of stuff.

In any event, the Ever Monaco show is the largest all-electric show in the region, so all the French automakers were there – Citroën, Peugeot, even Venturi and the Renault/Nissan alliance.  My favorites, of course, tend to skew either small and goofy or giggle-inducing racecar, so I’ve included shots of the GreenGT (above), along with a video from CleanTechNews (below).

The video is a little slow, but it does have some great close-up shots of cars like the Renault Twizy, and more.  Enjoy!

The original article over at Plug in Cars is worth a read, so CLICK HERE for that, and be sure to visit the Ever Monaco website, which has pictures of all the hybrids and highlights.

Sources:  Clean Tech News;  PluginCars.com


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