AT&T Adds 101 CNG-powered Chevy Vans to New Commercial Fleet

The addition of over 100 new SULEV-ii compliant commercial Chevy Express vans to AT&T’s service fleet is a great way to generate some positive PR for the company – especially after last week, when the telecom giant announced it had bought TMobile’s US operations, creating a new “Ma Bell” bigger, more monopolistic cell company that many believe will hurt the freedoms (and pocketbooks) of pretty much everyone except AT&T’s board-members.

Still, the news that AT&T is choosing a clean-air option for its latest round of purchases is genuinely good for the environment and certainly good for AT&T’s bottom line, which will surely reap financial benefits from the CNG switch in the face of $5/gallon gas.  Hopefully more fleet managers will follow suit.



Jo Borrás

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