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Published on March 24th, 2011 | by Jo Borrás

Recycled Hawtness: Classic Porsche 911 Resto-mod by Singer

March 24th, 2011 by  

“Wow” is not the kind of thing people usually get paid to write.  “Wow” is the kind of thing you say when you’re staring, slack-jawed, at someone or something that has snuck past all of your genteel civilities and highly educated vocabulary and triggered something planted in you by a billion years of evolution and natural selection.  “Wow” is the kind of thing a certain kind of person cannot help but say when faced with a screaming green vintage Porsche restored and renewed to the nth degree.  Just – wow.

The finished car, by California-based Singer Designs, is the kind of thing car guys talk about building when they’ve had too much to drink or just turned 30 (or 40, or 50 – you get the idea).  It’s based on an early 70’s Porsche 911, not unlike the ’71 911T that lurked in my family’s garage while I was a kid growing up, but unlike it in almost every way … and when you see the before, well –

– yeah.  The “after” is almost beyond imagining when you see that.

The point of this post, however, is not to listen to a wordy car-guy grunt and drool over a classic, air-cooled 911.  Sure, that’s gonna happen – but the real goal is to drive a point home:  you can go green and still have a lustworthy ride – be it a Jeep, a classic Porsche, or an Airstream trailer.  The greenest car is the one that’s already built.  The greenest oil is the oil that’s already been drilled.  Etc.  Etc.  Ad nauseam.

I want to keep pushing the point, though – especially in the faces of those who buy a new sportscar every spring or lease a new Prius or Insight ever 24 months.  There are literally millions of old cars out there that can be retrofitted with modern emissions equipment, modern flex-fuel technology, modern amenities, modern safety and performance hardware, and which – it must be said – will ooze class, style, and sex in ways that many modern “jellybean” cars and over-styled “supercars” simply cannot match.

That’s my opinion, of course – but which would you rather rock?  A relatively generic “you’ll see 3 on the way to the mall” 996 or 997 Porsche, or one of these resto-mods (restoration/modification) by Singer?  A new “slide-out” shoebox-lookin’ RV, or Matt Hoffman’s streamliner?  A faithfully restored and renewed 50+ mpg Honda CRX HF, or the new 40 mpg (ish) 2011 CR-Z?  What would a mid-80s CRX even look like if you spent the CR-Z’s $19345 base price to renew and restore it?  What would that CRX look like if you spent half that amount?  More importantly, perhaps:  which would you rather have?

I know what my answer would be.

Check out the gallery, below, and see if you’d rather have the Singer or an over-priced and plasticized P-car “fresh” off the showroom floor.  If it helps you decide, know that the Singer uses the same modern materials – like carbon fiber throughout the car to reduce weight and improve performance, as well as a restored 3.8L Porsche 6-cylinder engine tuned to nearly 400 hp, as well as specially-machined mirrors, filler caps, instruments, headlight bezels, and a hundred other lovingly pored-over details … that new Porsche?  Most of that stuff is from an entry-spec. Audi, and it ain’t impressin’ nobody.

SourceSinger Designs.

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