Ford Backing Away From EVs?


Sometimes, when you want to believe something, it takes an awful lot to convince you not to believe it.  It might take a lot of rejection to realize that your waitress is flirting with you for a good tip, rather than your phone number, for example.  Other times, however, it just takes a single, well-written article.

Today, that “thing that made me go:  hmm” article was Bertel Schmitt’s excellent review of a recent speech made by Bill Ford at yesterday’s ECO:nomics conference in California, where – Schmitt claims – Bill Ford revealed that the Ford Motor Company is backing away from electric vehicles.

Why do I find this one blogger’s opinion so convincing?  Schmitt himself used to write exactly this kind of speeches for top Volkswagen (among others), and he’s convinced that Ford’s “We’ve made a big bet on electric… but the pace at which that develops, I think anyone who can tell you that is lying.” comment – and the venue at which it was uttered – speak volumes.

Check out the original article over at The Truth About Cars blog for the full story.

Source:  Bertel Schmitt, via The Truth About Cars.

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  • When it comes to FORD this does not surprise me at all. It’s just a matter of time, however long, when Ford will finally realize they are not the center of the automobile advancement. When gasoline, note not if but when, gas will exceed $5/gal consumers will surge toward non gasoline powered vehicles …Ford knows this!

  • ziv

    What Ford’s management thinks now, and what they think when gas is $4 a gallon and Ford just happens to have the best looking BEV under $60,000 in the US may change a bit.
    I have seen the Focus Electric, and other than the fact that there is little space left in the boot after the converter (?) took up the bottom of it, it looks very good! If it has an AER similar to or better than the Leaf and a comparable price, it will eat Nissan’s lunch. Ghosn will have to sell his 500,000 Leafs in Japan if Ford finds a way to get the MSRP below $35,000.

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