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Published on February 10th, 2011 | by Christopher DeMorro


Petition to Bring Ford’s Global Diesel Ranger to America

Update: I am sticking this post to the front page for the next week to see how many signatures we can actually get. I’ve been told that for Ford to consider bringing the diesel Ranger here, the numbers would have to be “staggering.” So if you want this truck, comment on this post!

The fuel efficiency of trucks big and small hasn’t budged in 20 years. Ford is building a fuel-efficient diesel Ranger that can tow a train for the rest of the world, and we must convince them to bring it to America.

The Ford Ranger was first conceived in the mid-70’s, as Ford and the rest of the Big Three worked to improve fuel efficiency as mandated by the U.S. government. The Ranger was designed to be economical, but with similar versatility compared to full-size, V8 pickups.

Get this. When the Ford Ranger first debuted in 1983, it could be had with a diesel engine, and in 1985 a turbodiesel engine. A ’85 turbodiesel Ford Ranger with 2wd is rated by the EPA at 30 mpg (and once rated as high as 39 mpg highway before the new testing standards) and I’ve heard of people getting upwards of 45 mpg from gentle driving. That, my friends, was the high point, as oil prices eased and the diesel option was quietly discontinued. Since then, small truck fuel efficiency has been on a dramatic downward spiral.

The fact of the matter is, the Ford Ranger has not received a genuine update in almost 20 years, the last major “improvement” being the addition of the gutless, gas-guzzling 4.0 liter V6 engine (that was old even in the 90′s) as the top-end engine choice. Over the years, the Ford Ranger (like the F-150) has grown in size and weight without any serious improvements to the body or drivetrain. A 2011 Ford Ranger looks a lot like a 2000 Ford Ranger, which isn’t all that different from a 1994 Ford Ranger.

Sure, Ford toyed around with an EV Ranger, flex fuel, and even LPG models, but only because they had to. None of these models stuck around for long, and Ford has given the Ranger the same treatment it gave to the now-defunct Mercury brand. Offer the customers nothing new to differentiate it from other products in the lineup, and let sales of these aging vehicles slowly slide into oblivion. Then they have a great case for canceling the brand or model, and that’s exactly what happened, as the Ford Ranger is on the chopping block with no replacement in sight as Ford focuses on full-size trucks.

Unless I am mistaken, the Ranger the only vehicle left in Ford’s lineup with the abysmal 4.0 liter V6 engine and and so-old-it-should-be-dead 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine…which was first developed for the Ford Pinto. Both of these engines have roots dating back forty years ago.

Ford isn’t alone though. Both the Dodge Dakota and Chevy S10 offered awful gas mileage and meager towing/carrying capacities especially compared to the full-size trucks that were just a few thousand dollars more. As was the common theme during the early 2000’s, people bought more truck than they needed, and wound up with a 100 mile commute in a vehicle that gets, at best, 10 mpg at highway speeds. This is why the Big Three claim the small truck market has all but disappeared, and really, it’s their own doing as Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan followed Detroit into small truck irrelevance.

Ford has already built the savior of the small truck market though, and it’s the new global Ford Ranger. This diesel pickup being marketed and sold in all the Blue Oval’s other markets (188 other countries in total) except America. Ford claims it is because the new Ranger is only 10% smaller than the F-150, and it doesn’t sell the F-150 anywhere else in the world. So what? This new Ranger has two diesel engine options; a 2.2 liter four-cylinder with 276 ft-lbs of torque, and a 3.2 five-cylinder with 346 ft-lbs of torque. For those keeping score at home, the bigger diesel engine is nearly as powerful as Ford’s much-touted EcoBoost V6, but with one less cylinder and, in all likelihood, much better gas mileage. That’s enough torque to tow a train. Why can’t we have that?

Sorry Ford. I don’t need your EcoBoost F-150. It’s just too much truck for me, and quite frankly, 22 mpg on the highway ain’t that impressive, especially considering what you are offering the rest of the world.

I want torque. I want fuel efficiency. I want towing and versatility and four-wheel drive, which is what I thought I’d get in the Mahindra diesel pickup from India. At the very least, just give me a small diesel engine as an option in the F-150, and I’ll be one happy camper. Better yet, just bring the global Ranger to America. That’s the shot in the arm the small truck market needs. If it doesn’t sell well, you can always stop importing it, right? Give America the small diesel pickup we deserve, damnit.

If you agree with me, leave a comment down below, and get your friends to sign it too. This is a 1-in-1,000 shot here, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We have to show Ford, and the rest of the automakers, that there are people out there that want to buy a small, versatile, fuel efficient truck. Is that really so hard to believe?

Chris DeMorro is a writer and gearhead who loves all things automotive, from hybrids to HEMI’s. You can follow his slow descent into madness at Sublime Burnout.

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About the Author

Chris DeMorro is a writer and gearhead who loves all things automotive, from hybrids to HEMIs. When he isn't wrenching or writing, he's running, because he's one of those crazy people who gets enjoyment from running insane distances.

  • http://Web Eric Johnson

    Abso-friggin’-lutely. Get that Ranger Diesel to the U-S-A Ford!!!

    • icetrout

      Just don’t understand with $4 gal gas why Ford wouldn’t be interested in small trucks.Must still be in league with big oil. Enough with all the monster trucks ford!!!

      • Jason Carpp

        I totally agree. We, the customers, should be allowed to make the decision what cars and trucks should be offered, and what engine options they should be offered, not the company or the marketing people. That’s bullshit.

    • Scott Fryman

      I have been saying ford needs a small diesel for years.

      • Miles Horsley

        We need a small diesel truck absolutely. And diesels in all cars. A diesel won’t be allowed though very cheaply without EPA regulation.

    • andy poynter

      just come back from the uk which is awash with small deisel vans and pick ups.
      i agree, why cant we get some of this!!
      put my name down for the ranger thanks

    • jomo

      im in, bring it

    • Bruce B

      Just got back from Thailand and drove one. What a truck. It should be here in the USA. I would buy one. But since I can.t theres always Toyota. Ford you dumb ass

    • Clinton

      I live in the Caribbean and diesel rangers are everywhere. I own a 2004 diesel Ranger and can’t imagine owning a different truck – a true joy to drive. I’m considering adding an extra tank in the bed so I can run on veggie oil but at 34 mpg I’m in no hurry to upgrade. The fact that this truck isn’t available in the states in ridiculous and proof that the powers at be do not want US citizens to be free of the oil companies.

    • Jacob Dudley

      The Afghan National Army rolls around in 40mpg Rangers and I can’t get one at home? I would love to have a small truck but can’t justify 25mpg fule efficiency. Give us a diesel Ranger FORD!

    • J.Heasty

      Have you all not seen the volkswagen Amarok pickup. TDI diesel and is sold around the world,but not here. Midsized,4 door,4×4 built in Argentina can be bought in Mexico. VW says selling it in USA is not in their plan for now..We can’t get a break. New plant just opened in England.

  • Jo Borras

    Consider this signature no. 2.

  • http://Web Thomas Boyd

    I’m in for sure. My liberty CRD is 6 years old. If you build it, I will buy!

    • Jo Borras

      Field of Diesels? Starring Vin Diesel?

  • http://Web PDF


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  • http://Web Jon

    I’ve been craving a diesel F-150 or ranger for YEARS now. Even considered putting a VW TDI engine in my old ’88 Ranger but not sure how feasible that is. Just as soon buy a new truck setup correctly.

    • john weeda

      I have a 1995 ranger with a vw diesel and it is the great

  • http://Web Elvin Rodriguez

    This is a no brainer. Diesel is something Ford needs to consider. I have an Excursion Diesel that gives me 22 MPG on the highway and I love it!

    • Jason Carpp

      That’s awesome! Every manufacturer should offer diesel engine for those who want one, or need one. Diesel may not be to everyone’s tastes, but those who want one should be allowed one.

  • http://Web Brad Raynor

    If I had the option for a diesel Ford Ranger I would buy one right now!

    • icetrout

      Me too!!! Don’t want a big dumb F-150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew Bertelli

    I’m all for this though I am not currently in the market for a truck I imagine this would sell very well.

    Can we get VW to bring a AWD Diesel too?

    • http://Web Eric Goggans

      Either VW or Subaru. Both have the AWD diesel cars available in other countries. I’d be good with a small pickup/SUV 4wd diesel other than the now aged Jeep Liberty CRD.

  • http://Web Pat Hutton

    Show us you care ford!

    • icetrout

      They care,about MEXICANS! Screw Ford!!!

  • http://Web Phil

    Bring it on, just what I’ve wanted.

  • http://Web DzlLuv

    Please bring small diesels to the states!!!!

  • Zach Hudson

    I would love to see a diesel Ranger or F-150 (or more diesel vehicles in general). It is my understanding that the U.S. EPA regulations make it too difficult and too costly to bring diesels to the States from other countries. The goal should not be trying to get Ford to bring a diesel Ranger, but to figure out why they are unable to bring more diesel versions of their vehicles. If our EPA regulations are they root causes behind this, then we should petition changing our regulations to be more like the rest of the world.

    • Christopher DeMorro

      That’s a good and valid point Zach, and something I should touch on soon.

      • http://Web steve

        ^^ very good point. i’d love to know more about the why on this one

        • http://Web Indy Bio-Diesel

          I’ve read several places (though no idea if it’s true) that Europe’s clean exhaust requirements are more difficult to pass than those in the United States.

          If this is true then those laws are not the issue.

          Regardless the fact is that there are more diesel cars on the market in the USA that are offered by foreign manufacturers than there are those by US owned automakers.

          If its such a burden to sell a diesel car here then why can Japanese and European owned auto companies do so?

    • jay bee

      ford will never bring economical diesels in. their friends in ‘big oil’ are obviously giving them too much under the counter. why else would they hold them back? what other compelling reason for keeping them off the market could they possibly have? the 7.3 v8 black bellowing smoke stacks sure passed opa’s standards… and no… it’s not a typo- it’s what that federal outfit’s real name should be- the “oil protection agency”. why else would it be ok to bellow out smoke at 10mpg but completely environmentally unsound to do it at 40mpg? the government/ oil companies (is there a difference?) don’t want fuel economy- especially not from diesels, which can be run on vegetable oil for a fraction of the cost. non-oil dependence… how dare you! don’t you realize how well big oil fincances elections?

    • jay bee

      oh… forget to say it- I vote yes, bring us some efficient diesels. I vote yes.

  • http://Web Jeff Cordia

    Bring that truck to the US… Now…. Give me that diesel…..

    • Casey

      Please please please bring this Ranger to the US! I know I am a year late in posting this, but this is seriously everything I want in a truck. Size, practicality, mpg,… everything!

  • http://Web steve

    wtf is wrong with you ford!?!? YES! BRING. ME. THIS!!!

  • Bill Leavens

    Leave a Reply

  • http://Web Josh G

    If they bring this to the US, it will be my next vehicle, with the 2.2L in 4×4 with the 4 doors…

  • http://Web Robert Monsalvo

    I’d be willing to put my money down now for that truck. Chris you are so right, went to price a six cylinder dakota not many options and the truck cost around 22k but the salesman said could get me in a full size quad and loaded v-8 4.7 for 21,500. what the hell that is what is wrong people keep trying to sell us more than we want or need.

  • http://Web Shawn

    Umm… Of course, my next vehicle purchase will be some sort of small pickup. If it isn’t offered by Ford then it will have to be one of the few others that are still available.

  • http://Web soore

    Yea bring it on ford……….. ONLY us company that did not take a bail out…… Bring this truck and I will only buy fords the rest of my life… make a small diesl car too why your at it…. they had 60mpg escorts in 85 too.

  • http://Web Anthony

    Been driving a 2000 Ford Ranger EV NiMH…time to GET SERIOUS FORD…bring back the RANGER EV….we are waiting!


    • Turbofroggy

      Ditto for me! My 2000 Ford Ranger EV with the NiMH pack has 54K miles on it and still going strong!
      Diesel Ford Ranger with the same Euro diesel they put in the Focus overseas would get 40MPG and sell like hotcakes!

  • http://Web Jonathan Davis

    I would love to have a diesel ranger here in America, in the mean timem if anyone finds a viable diesel engine i can stuff into my 95 STX ranger I’d appreciate it

  • http://Web Fred B.

    After being Ram tough for years I have just in the pass few years come around to appreciating Ford trucks, the Ranger in particular so I conclude that Ford must know and not care that they are going to lose a group of loyal Ranger owners by not bring this truck to America. I know I can on talk for one but I am sure there are a LOT of others who share my belief. So it is back to being Ram Tough for me should I need a new truck.

  • http://Web Richard

    Bring one like in the picture, I will buy a top for the bed, and it will serve all of my needs. I would be able to haul the grandkids, and in the back all of my gear for when I do train shows. Since it is Ford Tough, it would be my last vehicle, for according to Quicken my like expendence is 18 more years, and brother with that engine, and the amount of driving I do it would still be running when the spread my ashes on the CSX tracks. If you can’t put it in the Ranger then put it in the Escape, and make it a Hybrid, dang can you imagine the mileage with that combo?

  • http://Web Brian Tritle

    Bottom line: I would buy the global Ranger in a heartbeat. It’s exactly what my family needs. Please bring it here Ford!

  • http://Web Justin

    I want one!

  • http://Web James

    Count me in!!

  • http://Web SteveF


    I would sign up for and buy that puppy. I am in the market this coming year…..let’s do it!

  • Matthew Perlow

    Yes, bring the global ranger to America! I want one!

  • http://Web CRAZY H



  • http://Web Chas

    I’d go Ford over Mahindra.

  • http://Web john

    count me in

  • http://Web Kenneth

    Just gotta have this man!

  • http://Web john

    I would like to buy a diesel ranger.

  • http://Web Dave

    Beautifully written article, count me too!

  • http://Web Peter Wehr

    I’d love something like this!

  • http://Web Marc P.

    Although a diesel Ranger would be fine, I’d like to see some of the smaller cars (Yaris, Fit, Civic and the like) come over here in the super-efficient small diesel engines.

    Getting a pick-up truck to get 26mpg instead of 19mpg because it’s diesel is fine, but getting a small car to get 60mpg instead of 40mpg will turn more heads and get the younger and enviro-conscious car buyer’s attention and might actually contribute to change the attitude of North american consumers towards diesel cars.

  • http://Web Jim McKnight

    I always liked the Ranger’s size, but to have fuel economy too, that would be great!

  • Shawn Lanman

    Missing a pickup so bad I daydream at work. But 80 mile round trip makes it impossible. Ford please bring this to the USA!

  • Sean

    Until now I have only owned three vehicles. My first two were Toyota Hi-lux and Tocoma trucks. I loved them both. When it came time to replace my last Toyota, I was looking for a fuel efficient small truck (preferably a diesel). Nothing.

    I was so upset with the lack of choices, I decided to say good-bye to trucks and try something different — an Audi TT Quattro. Over the last 5 years I’ve been happy: with 27 MPG Turbo and 4 wheel drive, this vehicle has not let me down. I can’t throw a tree in the back, but I can not tell you the eyes I’ve turned this past winter as I’ve passed numerous front/rear wheeled vehicles thrown off the road by ice and snow. The TT was a good decision, …but, I do miss having a dependable truck.

    I have always liked Toyota because of their engineering and styling, and for that reason never thought twice about a small Ford or Chevy. American mileage has always been too low, and exterior/interior designs have always been too boxie and cheap. I started noticing the Mahindra about a 1 1/2 years ago, and hoped it might make it here to the States. I can’t say I liked the styling, but the initial diesel specs looked great — so much for wishful thinking. But the latest Int’l Ford Ranger, …wow! Ford finally got it right. I’m interested enough that I actually thought to go abroad and ship one over.

    What is Ford thinking? A small diesel truck is a definite winner. Like Apple’s iPhone and iPad, the first manufacturer that brings one to the US market is going to sweep the competition. DUH! So what if a small truck eats into Ford’s F150′s? Wouldn’t they rather it be one of their own design? Run the numbers: there are so many of us would-be-small-truck-owners frustrated by what is not available among the current small truck offerings, (that like myself,) we have made due with something else.

    I want a small truck! I want a small truck that is fuel efficient, can run on bio-diesel off the factory floor, and has some style! An electric-hybrid might be nice, but get real. In the cold, batteries are not dependable. Bio-diesel may not be dependable for winter running, but if a truck could take both bio and diesel, you could get the best of both worlds. Run straight diesel in the cold and gain efficiency during the rest of the year. Best of all, it would be a GREEN vehicle. Now who wouldn’t want that.

    Count me in, …if not a the Ford, then it will be the first manufacturer that runs a small efficient diesel off the factory floor.

    • Jason Carpp

      Exactly! What was Ford, and every other truck manufacturer thinking when they quit offering small compact trucks? “Demand for compact trucks have dwindled”? Bullshit dwindled! I don’t believe that’s what happened. I think what happened is that truck makers just haven’t been listening to what we, the customers want from our cars and trucks. If we want a compact truck with a diesel engine, we should be allowed the option of a diesel powered compact truck.

  • http://Signmeup David DeFranco

    About 2 weeks ago I was looking for a Truck with a diesel. I would buy one of these in a heartbeat.

  • B Scott Eggers

    Next auto maker to sell a small truck I’n diesel gets my money. Who wants it? Ford give us this truck PLEASE!

  • theseep

    Definitely! One of these with a camper shell could replace the Vegfalia one day.

  • http://Web Henry Plaziuk

    Diesel gives us the torque,power and MPG

    this is a no brainer,65% of Europeans drive Diesels

    Bring it on

  • http://Web hawaiian

    One global 4×4 diesel ranger in blue for me please.
    Don’t want the full size 150, it’s just too big.

  • http://Web Simon Young

    OMG Bring it! I would buy 10

  • http://Web rick beyer

    I still have my 94 rugged,abused and still running well Ford Ranger. Ive been waiting for Ford to offer a diesel Ranger in the u.s.A. like the one my son in law had in Peru several years ago. If Ford doesn’t have one here soon, rather than wait I’ll consider one of the foreign imports. By the way, Ive heard China may be bringing a compact diesel pickup to the u.s.A. soon. Common Ford, I’d really rather have a diesel Ranger.

  • http://Web Richard Loveday

    Bring it on! I don’t need a full-sized truck & the smaller ones that are around now don’t get diddly for MPGs. If you bring it, we will come (& buy!).

  • http://Web T.I.E

    I will be buying whatever light duty diesel truck hits the market first in the US. Ford Ranger, Mahindra variant, or Toyota Hilux.

    My money is on the table

  • Snapper

    Dear Big Three,
    Please make a quality practical modern product that is a good buy for the American worker. I want to buy American but you aren’t making it easy.

  • http://Web brian muskegon

    the indians are dropping the ball pick it up ford

  • http://Web Jay Robertson

    Ford thinks that it’s North American customers are idiots, we do know whats being going on in the rest of the world and have longed for Big Blue to give us the best they produce, I won’t buy a Ford till they offer the vehicle I want, a ranger diesel.

  • Brad Duncan

    I would buy this truck with a diesel in a heart beat.

  • http://Web Lee

    Absolutely, the American manufacturers have been lame when it comes to diesel here in America. They ought to be only making diesel pickups and everyone would be happy. The fuel savings would mean we would no longer need to import the equivalent of what we currently import from Saudi Arabia – how cool would that be. Either put diesels in the 150 or bring this Ranger baby to America ASAP.

  • http://Web Keith Rowe

    I agree 100%. I’ve driven a VW diesel for 8 years and would swap it tomorrow for more torque and towing with enough efficiency to use as a daily commute vehicle.

  • Dan Duncan

    This would be great! I would LOVE one!

  • http://Web nationalwidget

    DEFINITLY got my signature! You could have it all with said vehicle; torque and efficiency. BTW, I drive a TDI and I also have a 2002 F250.

  • http://Web Terry Kohlwey

    I have fantasies about owning a small and mid-size diesel truck, even contemplating buying old diesel rabbit truck. It would perfect for my small business, I need something that haul 800 lbs for 5 days a week and climb steep hills. If it comes here i will trade my Toyota Tacoma.

  • http://Web John in TX

    I’ve driven the Ranger diesel in other countries and have wanted one here in D-FW TX for 10 years.

    I will be buying whatever light duty diesel truck hits the market first in the US — Ford Ranger, Mahindra variant, or Toyota Hilux.

  • http://Web Kenneth Schultz

    Bring it to America, The Ranger can’t die

  • http://Web Scott Brown

    Of course, like ten years too late

  • http://Web Ryan

    Bring it to America. I want a diesel crew cab ranger… not an F-150 with a crappy eco-boost v6.

  • http://Web Jesse

    HEY FORD!! I HATE YOUR F150!!! it is too big and too gutless for its size, the super duty is like driving a bus, to big and stupid looking, the RANGER is the perfect vehicle ever made, now BRING IT HERE!!

  • http://GlobalRanger... Cliff

    I’m in…not just for the USA…bring it to all of N. America!!

  • http://Web Eric Nash

    Keep the ranger alive!

  • http://Web Annie Page

    Small to medium diesel pickups have been available world-wide for ever and four-door models long before we had them – even in full-size – long before the “big three” blessed us by producing them in this country. Some fools thought we didn’t want them -they wouldn’t sell. They were wrong then as they are now about the viability of a small diesel truck here. OR is the petroleum industry still calling the shots along with the Governments who stand to lose tax revenue from increased efficiency vehicles?

  • http://Web Adam

    Yes. This is the only vehicle I’d ever consider worth buying New, but they have to sell it here first!

  • matthew morris

    i am a prod owner of a 2008 ranger and it’s all i need in a truck. the size is great and i’ve hauled 1500lbs of cement in the bed.
    if ford was to offer the world truck in north america i’d consider upgrading my current one if i ever needed to replace it.

    there is a market for the compact trucks even though it’s small it’s there.
    please reconsider.

  • http://Web Chad Leaf

    I’ve wanted a diesel compact truck for a long time.

  • http://Web Gary Newton

    Ford, bring the Ranger diesel to america thanks Gary

  • http://Web Michael Scherling

    I agree whole-heartedly about this situation! I am a huge ranger enthusiast, have been cranking wrenches on them for years now. The disheartening thing about owning a full size (F-150 and above) is just that.. its a fullsize, and not everyone needing a truck wants a truck that big – you can do JUST as much with a smaller truck, while still being economical and have great gas mileage. The best part about the diesel engine in the ranger? Gas mileage, torque, tow ratings, slap a trailer brake on and you can tow every bit as much of a load that an F150 can, while still maintaining the versatility of a small pickup.. which is the main reason we buy the smaller ones anyway!

  • http://Web Shane Wheeler

    Been waiting on baby diesels for too long.

  • http://Web Jeff Thompsons

    Leave a Reply

  • http://Web Brendon Meeker

    Bring that truck to the USA!

  • http://Web M14xring

    Proof again, that between the oil companies and auto makers, we, the consumer have no real choice in this matter. C’mon Ford, figure it out. If your little Ranger outsells your F150, your still on top and your helping the climate and consumer in the mean time.

  • http://Web Colin

    Please bring this to the USA! There is nothing like it out there and with the gas price, this would be amazing. Please!

  • Abby Fallis

    Absolutely this vehicle should be brought to America, we need more fuel efficient trucks on the roads.

  • http://Web FrankiO

    Dear Ford:
    BRING IT !!!!……….to the USA.
    Plenty of buyers here !

  • http://Web Dave S

    I sold my ’99 Ranger and bought an ’05 Tacoma because it is rated to tow 6500 lbs. and it has a composite truck bed. Bring me a reliable diesel powered Ranger with that much torque and I’ll be one of the first to buy.

  • http://Web DUH!

    Of course!! Bring on the diesels!!!! We want them!!!

  • http://Web Hawk Hawkins

    Diesel & crew cab & 4×4 !
    WANT1 !!

  • http://Web Ryan

    heck yea, all for it!!

  • http://Web Kent Taylor

    Leave a Reply

  • http://Dieseltruck,duh Mike

    It really is a no brainer. Hire some lobbiest to allow a diesel without over the top emission requirements. Torque is what trucks need not so much the horsepower. EPA is the holdup.

  • http://Web Kent Taylor

    Give the consumer what they want. I’ve been overseas and I’m floored at what is available with great mileage that we can’t get in the states because of your profit margins and kissing the governments butt. After the oil embargo in the 70′s and the mess in 2008 as well as what is going on now, aren’t you ever going to change in this country. The American cars are fading away in my drive and being replaced with Asian cars. Stop craping on America as you cater to the rest of the world. You give us second rate junk, and for what reason?

  • http://Web David campbell

    I am just waiting for a ford diesel!

  • http://Web John Spicer

    I too would love a diesel Ranger! I’m a truck driver and am very familiar with diesel engines, and Rangers in my area are getting 300k miles with the 4cyl gas, this could easily be doubled with a diesel. Bring’em on!

  • Tom K

    Put my name in the hat for a diesel ranger… I’ve owned one with the 4.0 v6….

  • http://Web Rustin Hawver

    This is a huge need! Bring the Diesel to the States ASAP! quit messing with Gas technology. If Europe has them there is a good reason for IT! FORD please Be the innovators that you are and allow more diesel development!

  • http://Web Jacob Matocha

    I’m in, I Have an 89 ranger and I love it to be honest, but I would definitely be into a higher torque diesel. especially the 5-cylinder

  • http://Web derek

    do it! save the common man some money

  • http://Web Rejinx




  • http://Web Dan

    I have been a Chevy driver all my life, including my 1987 Chev S10 4X4 which gave me about 18 MPG overall and lasted for 19 years and 314,000 miles. I replaced it with a 2005 Chev Silverado which also gets about 18 MPG overall. In 2006 we bought a 2005 4X4 Jeep Liberty Diesel for my wife, and it has achieved 27 MPG on the open road in the summer time. If Ford were to bring out a Diesel Ranger, or even a Diesel powered small car good for commuting purposes, I may think seriously about leaving Chevy completely (unless GM could also match such a vehicle). Ford, please bring the small Diesel to the USA, for it seems GM and Dodge don’t want to do it! I do believe there is a market for clean burning fuel efficient diesels in America. However, somebody is dragging their feet on selling more Diesels in America, and I am quickly reaching the conclusion that it appears to be a political issue and not a technological issue.

  • http://Web E Elkins

    Absolutely! Bring it to the USA. Why do all the other countries get it, but we don’t?

  • Scott Lampert

    Yes, in todays economy this truck would be a huge hit. First of all it would be the only one of its kind in America. Secondly, why should Ford care if they make money on this or the F-150. Its not a new concept…they already are in production!! So, it actually only means making more and allowing us to have more choices…WIN WIN

  • http://Web Tim Cleland

    Dear Ford Motors,
    Please bring the diesel Ranger to the U.S.A. With the energy prices where they are (and set to keep increasing), a small pickup with a diesel would be very welcome.
    -Tim Cleland

  • http://Web Jeff Harrop

    Yes, Ford, please bring this truck to North America.

  • http://Web David DeCesare

    Yes, please bring this truck to the US market.

  • http://Web Barry

    Yes, bring to the U.S. what the rest of the world has available. Why should we not get these fuel efficient vehicles? Because we have put the EPA in charge of our auto industry. If you don’t believe this, remember the 1984 honda CRX? I had one that got 54.6 MPG consistently and it was not a hybrid. Todays hybrid barely get 50 MPG!!! The rest of the world may have high fuel prices but they also have vehicles that get twice the MPGs that ours do!!!

  • http://Web jb

    I’ll trade my super duty for one

  • http://Web Chris Ingham

    If Ford could bring this to market I would guarantee I would buy one as very few trucks get over 23 mpg my 94 CTD gets and still tow something. Even if it is only 5 or 6k lbs it is more than a car, and 30mpg means I can afford to drive it.

    Bring this to America Ford. People with farms will go ape for it.

  • http://Web armed_partisan

    My first two cars were GMs, which sucked, so my last three cars have been Fords, including my much beloved Mercury Marauder. Now that I have a car, my next purchase will likely be a midsized or SMALLER pickup truck. I don’t haul horses, cars, tractors, or houses around, so I really don’t need a 6.7L behemoth. I want something that’s 4×4 and has a small displacement turbo-diesel, because Diesel is the FUTURE. For about two years, I’ve been eyeballing that Mahindra Pickup, and I’ll probably buy one when they come out, even though it’s hideously ugly. If for some reason I decide not to buy a truck, I will be getting a car with a diesel in it, and that will very likely be a Volkswagen, since I can’t afford a BMW or MB.

    Bottom Line: I DEMAND a small displacement Diesel, and if Ford doesn’t give it to me, I’ll buy from someone who will.

  • Pingback: Legislation Would End EPA’s Ability to Regulate Fuel Economy – Gas 2.0

  • KEN

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring the diesel ranger to the U.S.! I would buy one in a second! Don’t wait for gas to get to $4 gallon. We need this NOW!

  • http://Web TJ

    Why, why, why can’t they understand. Years ago I owned an 85 Jeep Cherokee with a 2L 4cyl TDI from Renault that used to consistently get 850km to a 70L tank. I topped 1000K a few times with this SUV and in hilly terrain in Nova Scotia. High mileage diesels can be done here, but it cuts into there more profitable F150 line so there is no real incentive for them as they see it. The problem is they don’t think outside the box and do not realize there are lots of people who just will go without and not buy F150s. I would love a Crewcab Ranger TDI but an not willing to buy the over bloated F150 just to move the snowblower and some building supplies around with 10mpg efficiencies. North American trucks are built for work, not for the DIY guys who primarily use them as people movers. Everywhere else but here. SAD!

  • Jeff

    I want one! Please bring them to the US! I would sign a contract to buy one!

  • http://Web Nate

    Id buy one when my powerstroke wears out!!! If they dont make it a $6000 option like they do with the Super Dutys.

  • http://Web Frank Beisel

    A mid sized Ranger diesel would be a nice replacement for my GMC Sierra 1500 4×4. How about an all wheel drive model of the small diesel? like the AWD Escape

  • http://Web Ian

    Stop holding out on us. Fuck the government they don’t want us to have more fuel efficient vehicles

  • http://Web C Aspinwal

    I would love a Diesel Ranger. If it could pull a trailor with my stang on it then I would buy it.

  • Bryan

    I would sell my tacoma buy one of those in a heartbeat!! Small diesel truck, 4×4, 30+ mpg, and good towing capacity! Who cares about a freaking radio, or any other amenities, just give me those 4 things and I would be happy!!!

  • http://Web screachermom

    Bring it to the good ole USofA

  • http://Web Ian

    I totally want one!

  • http://Web Phil Budinger

    I use a van or small truck for work, and every few years when I go to replace one I am furious at the limited choice I have in the U.S.A.
    I would definitely be in the market for one of these.

  • http://Web Mike S

    Please Ford bring the Ranger here with a “Raptor” like edition!!!

    • http://Web will

      Here’s what your community organizing president has to say about diesel.

      Obama’s 2012 budget gives clean diesel and fuel cell funding the boot, electric vehicles a boost. by Domenick Yoney (RSS feed) on Feb 15th ……/obama-2012–budget-gives-clean-diesel-and-fuel-cell-funding-the-boot/

  • http://Web Jake Schultz

    I would love a mid-sized diesel truck. If you look around online people pay big bucks for the older Diesel Rangers, F150s and the Diesel Toyota Pickups and Hiluxs. There is a market for these trucks. Also, make em look more like the 9 series Fords. Ever since 98 trucks have been getting bigger and uglier. They look like they were designed by a woman (no offense, they just look effeminate to me) And let us use up to B50 without voiding the warranty.

    I want an made American truck running on homegrown American fuel.

  • http://Web Mike Naas

    Dear Chris,
    I could not agree with you more about Ford’s Ranger diesel offerings. I’m looking for a new truck soon and this is just what would interest me. Pick-up fuel economy has not really improved for decades. Thanks,

  • http://Whywouldtheygiveuswhatwewant? Jim V.

    If Ford begins production of a small to mid-sized diesel then the logjam would break. Chevy and Dodge would have to follow suit. That would result in a huge shift of customers away from full-sized pickups and loss of big bucks to American auto manufacturers.

    Ford did a survey several months back asking the general public for feedback on their products and for suggestions. The largest response was directed at the lack of diesel options in their lineup.

    V/W and Audi can’t keep up with the demand for diesel cars, while American manufacturers put great diesel engines in their European models and ignore the desires of the home market – all to shield the high-profit light truck line-up from competition. I’d love to see a Ranger or 1500 diesel, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • http://USDiesel-Yeah! Dave Daggett

    Every time I go overseas I think “why don’t we also have fuel efficient trucks so we don’t have to import so much oil?” You’re being unpatriotic Ford! The environment is another factor.

  • http://Web Ray Menard

    Yes indeed. Seems like Mihandra will never get here. Not a Ford fan at all but would consider a small truck or SUV with a great turbo diesel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Web Bob Smith

    Makes me really sad for us that we can’t have what we need. The Fords should wake up & sell these here in the US

  • http://Web Ryan

    Yes, yes, yes, OH DEAR GOD YES!! Please, please, PLEASE bring a fuel efficient small diesel to the USA! And if it had no mileage-robbing DPF system, that would be even better!

  • http://Web dustin s

    Ford should bring the diesel engines to N. America, and put them in the old ranger body. a company like ford could make lots of money if they offered just the diesel engines to swap into your 2000ish ranger. Factory engine swap. Sounds like a good idea to me, especially for all the people that dont want a bigger truck.

  • http://MOARDIESEL Mike H

    Please bring us more diesel options Ford! I’ve spent THOUSANDS to convert my Explorer to diesel, I would have just bought the global Ranger if it was available here.

  • http://Web Jake Tyson

    Consider this a signature Added

  • http://Web Andrew

    I think it looks disgusting, but I’d rather a truck then a car with good MPG any day.

  • http://Web Gertrude Storndorfer

    Give us the diesel Ranger and we will give you our cash, deal?

  • http://Web T

    listen up, Ford.

  • http://Web Mitchell Blyth

    Absolutely they need a diesel in the ranger, F150, and all the small suv/cuv’s. Guys are swapping in 4bt’s (4cyl cummins) into just about every make of half ton truck and under and getting great mileage. I would buy one new in a heartbeat, however I hate the looks of that truck, it looks like a nissan. The new F150 looks good but ford screwed up the front end and grill on the superduty and the body on this new ranger looks terrible

  • http://Web Todd Smith

    Small Diesels are very useful and many people would like to have one if the price is kept in line with the truck. No 10K surcharge over the price of the truck please!


  • http://Web Dave

    Has anybody at Ford been paying attention to the wants of the consumers? People are waiting for smaller diesel powered trucks and cars such as this Global Ranger. I do not understand why the Americans let the Germans dominate the diesel market. Will anybody step up to the plate soon?

    • http://Web Aj

      while your doing that, please also bring that amazing 60mpg-TDCI-Diesel-Fiesta-sedan as well.

  • Daniel

    Light diesel trucks can help america to win the war against terrorism and ensure a really free country for your sons. BTW if Ford wouldn’t release the all-new Ranger they could at least offer the 3.2L turbodiesel into the F-150.

  • http://Web Aj

    I will buy this anyday .. even at 25K, 65 mpg is a dream

    • http://Web Jeeves

      Why in the world wouldn’t they consider it. Give me something other than a Tacoma PLEASE!!! Sign me up and count me in.

  • http://Web Nikita

    YESSSS. Also bring the crew cab ranger to America but without the new bodystyle

  • http://Web Paul

    I am in!

  • http://Web victor

    How about all the politicians and car companies get out of bed with the oil companies. You are bankrupting America and killing out planet.

  • http://Web Alex

    This truck would be the only reason I’d buy a Ford.

  • http://Web vmc

    If you don’t bring it I will build my own! SO THERE!!!!

  • http://Web Steve M.

    Sign me up for a Ranger Diesel! Got an 85 with the 2.3 gas engine, on the lookout for a diesel for that. Just picked up a Jetta TDI, what an awsome car. I hope I can burn oil in all of my cars from know on. Except of course the electric beetle!

  • http://Web Jeeves

    Here’s my contribution to overwhelming response. Bring it!

  • http://Web Robert Messman

    I agree. I’d put in an order today if the diesel you described was available in Colorado. Ever wonder why Detroit is the new synonym for stupidity.

  • http://Web Gregg Decks

    I like it

  • http://Web Steven Hall

    I love it… let’s have it

  • http://Web Brad Kent

    i say heel yeah, except for the fact that it looks like a tundra:(

  • http://Web Forrest

    Enough talk already. Just put it on the market and be done with it.

  • http://Web Jim

    Put me down for one. Just like in the picture. 4 door 4wd diesel, maybe with a sleek cap instead of the roll bar.

  • http://Web Name (required)

    I would buy one in a diesel

  • http://Web Josh

    Bring this to N.America. It’s a perfect blend of size and efficiency. Many of us don’t want or need a full size truck. I stretch my Passat TDI wagon to far, I need a truck, but won’t put up with sub 30 mpgs.

  • http://Web JD

    Yes, bring diesel to the US.

  • http://Web Mitch

    Simple as build it, and I will be the first to buy it

  • http://Web Name (required)

    If you build it I will buy it

  • http://Web Russell Reno

    Yes! This would be great! Whats the MPG with this truck?

    But, why are we building a world truck from foreign auto plants? Wouldn’t this help the US auto plants keep people working and might even cause Ford to…
    Oh, dare I say it? Hire some more workers? Oh yeah, wait I forgot we don’t need jobs as bad as the other countries that have Ford plants do. Same reason we do not have this truck already rolling across america.
    I just wish i knew what that reason was.

  • http://Web nick z

    come on ford, bring the diesels to the U.S.

  • http://Web larry

    You ask the ford or any other american auto maker and they will try to tell you the american people don’t want diesels.
    This is bs!
    I would buy this truck right now if they made it available!

  • http://Web Jason Hatcher

    If you build it, they will come…..and buy it.

  • http://Web Drake

    I WANT THIS TRUCK!!!! How ever change the design a lil bit it looks like a freaken nissan. It’s scary how it looks just like the nissan frontier! Look at them both and tell me they do not look both the same!! Really do like it that its a diesel, great gas mileage, great power!

  • Ben S.

    I would like to see more diesel engine options in many vehicals. How about a TDI hybred, diesel transit connect, heck even a diesel focus will sell well when fuel is over $5 a gallon and it costs $80-$100 to fill a small car.

  • Nick Chambers

    Signature number 165

  • http://Web Dan Bostan

    Please, Ford, bring the diesel engines, not only for the Ranger truck, but for all the vehicles a diesel engine exists in the Ford line!!
    Fiesta, Focus, and so forth….
    I think Ford would make a killing selling cars with diesel engines in the US.

  • http://Web Matt

    Bring it stateside!!!

  • http://Web Wesley Walden

    Its about time! this truck is the best concept ive seen in a long time. they should have brought this to america years ago.

  • http://Web richard spiller

    After being able to drive this vihicle in Afghanistan I can not understand why we are denied it back in the states. Would buy It to supplement My F-250. Would be the perfect farm truck when not towing my heaviest loads. If its good enough for our Afghan allies it should be good enough for the American road.

  • Eco_Turbo

    I like anything diesel, bring it to USA Ford. I need something to replace my aging Saab 9000 Aero

  • http://Web Mike B

    I’m a GM fan but that Ford Ranger looks nice. I’m peaved that there isn’t a mid sized or small sized pickup available with Diesel in the US. Shirk the lobbyists and just release it Ford!

    • http://Web Cody G Fife

      Bring the beast in!

  • http://Web Eric F

    Bring it here fawkers!

  • http://Ford,ownthisnichemarket! Benjamin Davis

    I would trade in my F-350 and drive this car off a lot today. I would pay about 30k for a decked out quad cab or 23 for a single cab long bed. Just sell me one!

  • http://Web cobradriver427

    Bring it to the U.S. there are thousands of us on 4bt swaps and other websites building something that we should be able to readily buy.

  • http://Web Nate

    There would be alot more people responding to this if the new the truck existed…..And hell yes id buy one!!! Why should we get stuck with all the crap vehicles while everyone else gets the good stuff? The EPA has too much power and too little common sense!!!

  • http://Web me

    Yes, The EPA has too much power and no common sense!!!! Why should we be denied all the efficient diesels? And yes i would buy one!!!

  • http://Web Belinda Hernandez

    I”m waiting for a small diesel truck. Somebody, please make one!

  • http://Web scottw


  • http://Web William J McCullough III

    I have always been a Ford and VW Diesel driver. I WILL NOT replace my F-250 Powerstroke with another! I simply no longer need a truck that big. The new diesel “Global Ranger” is a perfect replacement for me. Whom ever brings a small diesel pick-up (4wd) to this country will get my business. Are you listening Ford? VW?

  • http://Web Rusty Pence

    I couldn’t agree with you anymore. Bring it to the US it would be aswsome.

    • Don

      I can’t wait to buy a mid-sized truck with a diesel powerplant. I don’t care who brings it to the USA first. I hope it is one of the companies from the USA, but if they can’t seem to get their heads out of where they shouldn’t be then I’ll support whoever brings it here first. I’m tired of waiting. Toyota, Mahindra, VW, Ford, Chevy, Dodge,whoever, WHERE IS MY DIESEL?

  • http://Web Maynard

    I would snap up a 4-cylinder 5-speed manual Diesel Ranger in a heartbeat! I’ve owned most of the VW diesel haulers, including the Vanagon diesel and the Rabbit Pickup diesel. I currently own a ’05 Jeep Liberty CRD. But I need a TRUCK, and I won’t buy a gasser or a hog. There is a huge hole in the US truck market and it scares me that the only company looking to fill it is mahindra. Come on Ford: stand up and lead!

  • http://Web Barry Titchkosky

    Bring it here and I’ll buy one!

  • http://Web NLabbq

    I agree, I have seen the trucks in central america that are way better models. they are four door and with the eco diesel used in the transits and focus wagons overseas. I think that ford should at least offer the choice of engines for their customers!! it is truly sad when a company that offers a vehicle in one area but not in another. Hopefully as fuel prices rise higher and higher we can start getting true service out of our “hometown” auto makers!!

  • http://Web gat’s

    shure want one up north (canada)

  • http://Web Richard Raburn

    Sign me up as well.

  • http://Web Steve Pummill

    Add my name to the list. I have a 2000 Ranger and really prefer its
    size to that of a F150. I’ve put about $1500 worth of PM in it hoping keep it going until Mr. Mullaly & Co. come to their collective senses. As a Ford retiree I’m glad to see fresh, competitive product in other segments of the market. I think the
    marketing team is making a mistake here, though.

  • http://Web Dave

    I am waiting to trade in my silverado for a diesel Ranger. I want to drive Ford, and I want to burn locally made biodiesel!!!

  • http://Web Spectr

    Finally a good looking small deisel truck and they don’t bring it here. What is Ford thinking???

  • http://Web JBrook

    I support this wholeheartedly.

  • http://Web chris Capps

    Leave a Reply

  • http://Web chris Capps

    I like it!!!

  • http://Web Rod Gauthier

    I’ve been looking to buy a diesel truck for the last 15 years. However as you have pointed out the current available ones are just much to much truck… The diesel Ford Ranger is just right!

    Seems the new Ranger will be be sold on all the continents of the world except North America. It’s a crying shame.

    I read an internet article yesterday 2/25/11 (I believe from Australia) there will be a six speed automatic available for the Ranger. I hope that’s right. That upgrade would be significant for sales in the U.S.A. if Ford were forward thinking enough to bring the Ranger here.


  • http://Web Randy Noblitt

    I had an 84 Ranger diesel, it had a 13 gal and 17 gal tanks, I could drive 932 miles before refueling. That was city and hiway combined. 31 mpg, unheard of today. Give us what the rest of the world gets. I need a truck for my business and I am tired of getting 15 mpg.

  • http://Web Jeremy Gingerich

    These mid-size, tough built, 6-speed manual trucks would be great ranch trucks and daily drivers, in gas or diesel versions. I myself would drive one, and I know at least a dozen or so ranches that would run one to several of these. Make it a true Global Ranger, Ford.

  • http://Web Steve Primm

    Bring the diesel Ranger to America! Please!

  • http://FordRangerDiesel Fred Payne

    What is ford thinking? This is exactly what we need at my place. A pick-up that will tow the trailer and we can afford to drive to town and to work. This shouldn’t be a tough decision. Why give the world this advantage while denying it here?

    This recalls the past “genius” of promoting ever bigger SUV’s into a market that supported smaller imports. Come on now, oil is $100/bbl. Bring in the sustainable option.

    Fred Payne

    • http://Web mark

      I would order one tomorrow.

  • http://Web Dean

    I would love to own a diesel ranger.

  • http://Web Scott

    I am ready to buy. I love to see Ford bring the diesel ranger I own a f450 and f350 I am die hard diesel and I want a small diesel truck can’t wait if they don’t bring it guess I will have buy a mahindra

  • http://Web Tom L

    Owned an 86 turbo diesel. 27 mpg driven cautiously. I liked it for it’s novelty but I know the 2.3 liter is also a fantastic motor but everyone wants 0-60 in nothing flat. but Ford couldn’t sell these dogs for nothing flat. Chrysler brought out several diesel SUV’s just a few years ago and that was a flop as well. People talk a good game but then walk at buy time.

  • http://Web R. Sherwood

    Currently own a Ranger for daily travel and a f-350 for towing my tractor. Not happy with the mpg on either. The Ranger can’t tow a thing.

    Would love to get a diesel Ranger!! Have been looking at the Mahindra.

  • http://Web Joe Landers

    Ranger come home!

  • http://Web Guy

    Would buy a diesel Ranger in a heartbeat. I am so disappointed in US auto manufacturers failure to provide a small diesel pickup that I am shoehorning a mercedes 3 liter 5 cylinder turbo diesel into a small truck. Please give us more disel options!

  • http://Web Stan Higgins

    More diesel engines in the US! So many of them are sold around the world, so much money can be saved on R&D. Proven technology, robust and durable engines. Look at all the diesels in Germany, even with the tightening of emission standards. C’mon, US get on with the program. Hybrids are not the only answer, look at the price of rare earths because of the demand increase for EVs and hybrid batteries.
    Diesel engines to the US!!!!

  • http://web Anthony

    Hell yea!!! Give me the diesel

  • http://Web R.O’Connell

    Sold an ’04 Ranger for an ’09 Nissan Frontier.Needed more seating (grandkids) and more towing power.Great truck but incredibly high maintenance costs ($910 for 30,000 mile fluid change ???).I also have a 2010 VW Golf TDI diesel.Fabulous performance @40+ mpg.I would buy a diesel Ranger in a heart beat.The day they announce they are bringing it to the USA,I will order one.

  • http://Web Scott Pierce

    Please bring new Ranger to the U.S. The F-150 won’t fit in my garage, and the alternative is a Toyota or a Nissan.


  • http://Web Bob roberts

    Ford Ranger Diesel p/ups are all over thr D.Repubic,why not in america. Ford,please consider the market advantage a fuel effient small truck would be to America. thanks

  • http://Web Shannon W

    Yes I want this, i will even buy new and make payments…

  • http://Web George

    With gas prices on the rise these days and people looking to save on fuel especially with their daily driving it makes no sense not to bring this truck to the US….Wake up Ford take a look at what’s happening with the economy. Not everyone who drives a truck want a big F150. Heck try parking one in some of the small spaces you see in parking lots these days.

    As a loyal Ford customer for the past 30 yrs I’d love to have a choice of a new mid sized truck with the Ford name on it. Right now the only choice I have is to buy one of the import’s….which I can’t bring myself to do….

    Please bring this truck to the US….I am ready to place my order right now!!!!!

  • http://Web Miguel Viana

    Get me this truck here it is awesome

  • http://Web Dan

    The F150 simpley will not satisfy the potential customer that wanst a smaller truck — even if the mileage was the same.

    I have a ’92 ranger X-cab 4.0L 4×4 and it goes places in the woods and on trails that no F-150 can maneuver to.

    Ford, you need to address this market. If not with the T-6 then something else — even smaller. If that’s not going to happen, then bring the T-6 to the US and equipt it with a small diesel or (given diesel’s high prices) a 2.5L DOHC-4 EcoBoost.

    The F150 is just to physically large to meet the needs of everyone.


  • http://Web Alan H.

    Drove an ’87 Ranger on dual fuel- gasoline/propane, for 12 years and loved it. For me, it’s a question of over consumption. The last I heard, our 20% of the world’s population is consuming 80% of it’s resources. Something like a Ranger diesel truck that would last a decade or two would be a step in the right direction. I’d certainly buy one.

    • http://Web 2803

      You need to go ahead and pop that Ford Ranger Diesel Facebook page open. Get a lot more hits that way.

  • http://Web 2803

    Do it!

  • http://Web John Dicks

    Yep, I’d love to buy a powerful small p’up & if it were American-made, that’d be even better!

  • http://Web DEAN JONES


  • http://Web deantrone

    ford has a chance to corner a long awaited market,diesel in a small truck or car, manual trans, diesel is for mpg and power. even though diesel is now more expensive than gasoline, do to our gov. stupidity. many of us would still prefer diesel , do the math ,,,,its still cheaper to operate than gas. we are waiting , dont let mahindra,or another overseas corp get a foot hold because of your delay ,take over, you wont regret it

    • http://Web JCHY

      Ford knows that if they release a compact diesel pickup they will lose a significant portion of their customers who buy diesel three quarter tons and one tons. The cost of making a diesel F-350 would be about the same as making a diesel 150 or ranger. Customers would expect the ranger to cost much less than the F-350 and Ford would not make near the profit margin. Also, more importantly, the federal government emissions standards are so strict on diesel vehicles a diesel ranger would get around only 30 mpg highway and still cost around 35-40k to buy.

  • http://Web William

    I want this truck!!!!! Ford throw us a bone.

  • Herb J. Thorn

    YES, PLEASE!!! I’m a small painting, remodeling contractor with a 5 vehicle fleet. Fuel costs are killing us. We don’t haul anything especially heavy, just bulky. Ladders, shop vacs, portable air compressors, etc. It can’t be that damned hard to build something with a pickup bed that gets 35 mpg. Hell most of the time we run vehicles mostly empty back and forth between the paint store, the lumberyard and the job.

  • http://Web Jeff

    I like the idea so much I put a 3024 2.2 Cat in a 2000 S 10. Its best MPG has been 44 it can be done and this country NEEDS IT!

  • http://Web Chad Bakken

    I will go to the dealer and buy a brand new one THE day they sell them in the states.

  • http://Web John L.

    Give me a reason to consider Ford! The Global Ranger with Diesel, Fiesta Diesel, Focus Diesel, maybe even F-150 or Expedition! America does want fuel economy, and we’re getting sick of being told that we don’t!!!

  • http://Web Jesse W Delgado

    Why can’t Ford Co. bring the diesel ranger to the us market. I really tink they would have a market . I would buy one.



  • Aaron WTF Showalter

    Is Ford an American company? I am confused…I was just perusing the internets for a smallish 4×4 when I can across the ranger. I had heard that it was discontinued in the US. I had fond memories of it from the late 80′s. You have no idea how excited I was when I got a look at it for 2012. I had been waitin for the Mahindra…..yeah? I almost lost my mind when I read about a diesel engine…! At last someone gets it….aaahhhhh Ford you rock! not offered in north America! I don’t get it, you will be making the vehicle. Are you making it with lead paint with a touch of crazy to sell to the rest of the world? Does it have PCP inside the frame and drug dogs aren’t your thing. I don’t get it? Would one of the ‘little’ three shit or get off of the pOT when it comes to a decent midsize!!!!

  • Aaron WTF Showalter

    One more thing….the whole ’10% smaller’ than the f150 thing is BS! What are you afraid of offering your customers?…choice? YOU ARE STILL MAKING bank? Someone please explain this to me!

  • Rob

    I agree with you completely. A properly built diesel is far superior to any gas engine in many aspects

  • Pingback: Ford Exec Says Diesels Don’t Make Sense for America – Gas 2.0

  • Alex

    I would be first in line to purchase if ford offered a diesel ranger !!!

  • http://Web Travis T

    I would love to see the global Ranger here, but you know the oil companies wont like it

  • http://Web D Karo

    This would be the first truck i would buy brand new! I want one so bad I have been toying with the idea of building my own with a VW TDI engine.

  • Ryan D Reese

    Bring it

  • http://Web Nick rodriguez

    I am a die hard blue oval fan. And ever since they even started talking about this truck, i wanted one. I’ve had a Mazda b4000. A 2001 ranger 4.0sohc 4×4 and a 2004 ranger edge 3.0. And by god the only way I’ll buy a new truck is if they bring these here to America.

  • http://Web Ty

    considering they put no advertising money behind them it is somewhat amazing how many they do sell.

    from the February sales: The Ford Ranger (3,780) outsold the Ford Mustang (3,697)

    And ford DOES advertise the Mustang, a lot. So why kill the ranger????

    Follow the money. use your head. think it through.

    From The Detroit News:

  • http://Web Scott

    I’d definately consider a 4×4 diesel ranger for my next vehicle. I’m currenty looking vehicle, but am leaning toward something with much better milage than 15mpg.

  • Brandon

    I would buy one if available. Sounds better than my f-150 and 4cyl cummins I’m trying to put together.

  • http://Web sam

    i would have to agree.
    i would have to call all who dont… foolish

  • http://Web TDIesel

    I have an 02 F-250 powerstroke that sits in the garage everyday since purchasing a 2010 Jetta TDI.
    If Ford thinks that a gasser with two turbos is going to interest that many diesel nuts, I think they are terribly mistaken. I have heard mention from V.W. they are considering a reworked, Amorak for the U.S. market. I like the Ford, but whoever offers this type of truck here first with an economical diesel will get my trade in business

  • John Dortch

    I would buy one today. Otherwise I will get a Tacoma. Don’t want a full sized truck (F-150) for the city. Why lose even more sales to Toyota? Bring it on!

  • J. Anderson

    I bought my first car at 16. Yup. Ford Mustang. Then an Explorer. Now I need a truck. Don’t need a full sized one. GLOBAL RANGER!!!

  • John Sowers

    Buddy emailed me about this site today. Please bring the Global Ranger to the US! I saw the pics about 2 weeks ago and began plotting how to import one. Count me in!

  • http://Ranger RobertF

    The lease on my ’08 Frontier is up this summer. If Ford had a diesel Ranger available, I’d buy one in a heartbeat. The F-150 and other full size trucks are just too big. Oh well, I guess it will be another Nissan. Maybe Nissan will bring a diesel for the 2012 model? Nah, makes too much sense.

  • http://Web Thomas Baird

    As a current owner of a 2007 Honda Ridgeline, for which i traded in my 2002 Ford Ranger, I WANT the Global Ranger. The Ranger offered to North America is no different than my 2002 Ranger, my 1996, 1994, and my 1989 Ranger. (yes, I have driven all the engine options in Ranger history from the 4 cylinder to the terrible 3.0 liter V6 and the little bit better 4.0 liter V6)

  • http://Web Randy

    Bring it here!!!!! My 2001 Ford Ranger has 210,000 miles on it (I bought it brand new) and the 2011 “American” Ranger looks identical to my 10 yr old truck. PLEASE bring this truck here so I can get another Ranger….if not, you will most likely lose a customer.

  • http://Web RL Marsh

    Come on, bring it.

  • http://Web Joe D

    Ill pay for one now and wait for the delivery!!!!!

  • http://Web Lawrence Leon

    Chris,I absolutely agree with the idea of bringing that new global Ranger diesel to America!I had a 1986 ranger with a 2.3 litre turbo diesel for ten years and I absolutely loved it! The only reason why I don’t have it anymore is because the cab literaly rotted right off the frame.It broke my heart to see it go.I would jump at the chance to own another one! There are several of my friends who feel the same way. From feedback I have gotten about that,I think they would sell like hotcakes!

  • http://Web Chris

    you mention that they didn’t do any major improvements; well in 97 (i believe) they switched from twin i-beam front suspension to stupid a-arm. still: bring the diesel to America: f*** yeah!

  • http://Web Jason

    How do we make this happen, I would buy one today

  • http://Web Dennis

    Bring it. What are you waiting for?

    I would wait in line for this. (especially with a manual transmission)

  • http://Web Stu

    I saw these all over Argentina. I cannot believe they have not brought them home. I wish I could import one.

  • http://Web Jordan

    I can’t understand why Ford wouldn’t offer a product in the States if they already offer it in other markets. This is exactly what is needed, a Ranger with a diesel engine. Forget the F250, with a massive engine, make it small and utility.

  • http://Web Johnson, S

    I Want That Truck

  • http://Web Robert

    I was just speaking with a friend who drove one in Guatemala on a business trip last week. He said it was a great little truck with lots of power. I want one.

  • http://Web Doran

    I would buy one for sure!

  • http://Web Charles P Galloway

    I would certainly by a Ranger diesel, if it were offered here!

  • Pingback: Fuel Efficient Small Trucks Mitsubishi Deisel | Mitsubishi Photos Blog

  • http://Web Joe Boardman

    Yes, I had been watching the Mahindra but it never came. I use a 2005 Colorado with a cap now with an S-10 before that. I noticed that Chevy seems to have a diesel they are testing in Europe too. I really like the leg room for long distance the Chevy product provides, I’d like Ford to bring the diesel and better leg room with a higher seating position for the older drivers.Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I know several boomers that would like to have a vehicle like this.


  • http://Web David jelken

    This would be a good choice. Fact of the matter this is more than enough truck for the average person. Why do you think so many people still bought the old ranger with its poor gas mileage in anything but a 4 cylinder 2wd configuration and outdated 20 yr old design. size. I drive a 1 ton superduty everyday for work. But for personal use I would much rather use this. Home depots and lowes had way to small parking lots for my f150. And if diesel isnt in the plan how about using the ecoboost and 3.5 non turbo with six speed auto. And maybe the eco 4 as well. This truck makes sense

  • http://Web Randy Treg

    What’s the hold up FORD? What would be the MSRP for one here in the states?

    Is the hold-up EPA certification? Regarding marketing, it’s a NEW Generation of buyers, and they WANT DIESELS!

    I have a 2001 VW TDI, 42 city/48+ highway, not driving for mileage either. I’ve had as high as 52 on 700 mile trip to NC. When people drive the car, they’re sold.

  • http://Web Lee Olson

    I have been waiting for this for years. Modern direct injected diesel in a mid size pickup for those of us who tow a little and drive a lot.

  • http://Web Brandon Stewart

    Would buy one immediately. Yes.

  • http://Web Louis Lavoie

    Dear friend,
    I really think that the diesel ranger is a must for America ecology. We need a stong and easy on gaz truck. Ford is the pickup compagny. I actually own a ranger 2008. I was suppose to chage it this year but i am waiting. Waiting for the new bread. Waiting for the technology that will help keep my freedom and away from price of gaz depedancy.
    Dear Ford compagny, go this way.

  • http://Web jeff

    i dont see why its not even an option here

  • http://Web Pat Dooley

    I’m looking for a small pickup with 4×4 and a diesel engine…I wish Ford would step up and be the industry leader that they so willingly claim to be. But honestly I will buy any small diesel truck that shows up on the american market

  • http://Web Garrett

    it’s time to catch up with VW. hybrid tech is unrealistic. bring the desiel to us!

  • http://Web Cory

    Count me in!!!!

  • http://Web William Baker

    I drive a 2004 Ford Ranger and would trade it in a heartbeat for a diesel powered version of the same truck. What could Ford possibly lose by offering this truck in the USA?

  • http://Web Rain Carmicheal

    If one of these was available, I would buy it in a heartbeat. THIS is the vehicle I want and need.

    I’ve been looking for months at the Mahindra small pickup that’s supposed to be available soon, but I would MUCH rather have a Ford.

    I’m deadly serious. I need a 4×4 truck for the farm, I want good mileage for long trips. I’m not just saying I would buy it, I would go out and buy it TOMORROW if it was available.

  • Bernard

    Yes! Please bring these awesome diesel engines into the US!

  • http://Web Doug

    My wife has a Diesel VW Jetta it is not slow or noisy by any means. I drive a Mazda B2300 truck (aka Ford Ranger) because I need to be able to haul something every now and then, but I never haul a battleship down a pier. All I need to haul is some dirt and plants for the yard, some bicycles, a few boards for a project, anything that is too large to fit in a car. I would really like to have the option of a 4cyl diesel in that truck. it would be nice to have the same amount of torque in my truck that my wife has in the Jetta not to mention 34mpg in the city. The VW diesels fly out the door of the dealerships, some dealers just mark them up several thousand because they can. I can imagine a diesel Ranger becoming the number one selling fleet truck for American businesses. The longevity of the motor, the pulling power from increased torque, they would be factors small business would look at.
    Ford please consider this…

  • http://Web Dre

    Yes I want a diesel in ANY mid size or 1/2 ton.
    toyota pickups in EU have an option of only 2 motors and they are both diesels. VW has a mid size truck diesel in EU, S. America and who knows where but USA. It makes me sick we dont have more trucks with diesels. Only reason I am signing this is because I want my Honda ridgeline to get a diesel someday. this ’12 ford in maybe on same level as my 07 Honda. (not the motor/trany but over all)Soon as they bring a mid size deisel and it sells like hot cakes. Others will follow. just like 4 door trucks. you don’t really see any more new extra cabs.

  • http://Web dre

    Yes. but only because I want ANY brand in mid size and 1/2 ton in diesels. Also more then one motor option as well. and a really good tranny!
    people look up EU, S. America, Australia or other continents trucks and their diesel options. US is SO behind.

  • http://Web Darin

    I want this truck…I am tired of my 2000 Dakota Quad cab–even with the smaller 4.7L V8 I only get 12-14 mpg in the city—the only time I get good= better mileage is if I drive 1000 miles to my moms—then I get up to 20mpg—sad sad sad! Bring on the ford with a diesel and great mileage—at an affordable price!

  • http://Web Al

    If they bring it here, I will buy one.

  • http://Web Peter

    In the 1979 to 1983 period, small diesel powered trucks sold very well in the US. People need a simple small truck again that will run 35-40 mpg. Times are tough, and Americans need their fuel efficient trucks.

    Ford is the best we’ve got and we need em to step up on this. Build it for America

  • http://Web Carl Wernicke

    I’ve had two Rangers, I love the Ranger … and a Ranger with a fuel-efficient diesel would be the perfect truck!

  • http://Web Scott Diering

    Tell Ford we need more diesels! Especially, the Ranger diesels! Now!

  • http://Web johnny malgapo

    i will trade my 2008 tacoma any time, hurry up bring this truck here in the us usa right f…. ng now……

  • http://Web Michael

    Agreed! I saw the ford ranger powerstrokes all over Argentina when I lived there.

  • http://Web adam eten

    I would think it would be great to have a diesel for ranger in the US it would sell like hot cakes. with the projected fuel milileage. Yes is my vote

  • Willie

    Yeah. If they don’t import it, I’ll fly to Brazil and drive one back. Yes and yes.


  • http://Web Steve Green

    I’m ready!!! Always wanted to buy a Ranger but never have. This would be the final incentive to me to get one. Bring it in, now!

  • http://Web Grant Thome

    Bring Diesel Ranger to US!

  • http://Web Greg Reilly

    Yes!! I’ve been saying this for years. I always point to this as evidence that there is some sort of collusion between the automakers and the oil companies. I am not a conspiracy theorist but how can it be that the rest of the world can have a fuel efficient small truck and I can’t? I’ll pay for it, it’ll get better mileage, tow more and the engine will probably go to 300k miles!!!

  • http://Web selophane

    A lot of people don’t get it. The American big 3 are in bed with big oil, and better fuel mileage means less profit for the whole party. The only diesel small pickup I would buy, would come from Toyota.

  • http://Web Carl H Landgren

    I just returned from Greece all the Ford Rangers there are 2.4 turbo diesels, it is a shame that they are not available in the US. The last 15 cars that I have rented in Europe have been 4 cyl diesels with 5 or 6 speed manual trans. One of the best i rented was a Ford Mondeo with a 5 speed, 40 to 50 mpg. All the small pickups in greece,Ford, Nissan,Isuzu,Mazda ,Toyota and Mahrinda were 4 cyl diesels. If someone sells a small diesel pickup in the US they will not be able to keep up with the demand!!! Not everyone needs a pickup that will tow 12000 lbs !!! Carl

  • http://Web Geoffrey Edwards

    Bring the Ford Ranger Diesel to the US!!!!!!! I will buy two of them.

  • http://Web Mark

    I’m in. Please bring it to the USA.

  • http://Iwantone Jack Thompson

    If they don’t bring it, my next truck will be a 2005 Dodge Dakota with an engine swap from a 2005 Jeep liberty 4cyl CR-diesel.

  • http://Web Eric Anderson

    Agree. I want to see the Ford Ranger with diesel engine offered in US.

  • http://DieselpickupsinUSA Rich

    All ford has to do is import the diesel engines that are made in Europe. Jeez, it’s not like anyone has never imported engines before. No 400M re-tooling cost.

  • http://web steven

    please will you start selling these much better vehicles in the US. I am currently starting a diesel mechanic apprenticeship and, this would really help me get the job. also the country obtaining a vehicle that gets nearly the same fuel economy as a hybrid would be really cool to. I vote yes for this and, i hope more people get the word out.

  • http://Web Simon Lewis

    If I could buy one today, I would. Unfortunately I don’t have that option and I will have to buy an import. Damn it!! Just give people the option….if it does not sell, get rid of it though I bet it would be a huge success. One would be in my driveway tomorrow if I could get it. May have to look and wait for the Mahindra.

  • cole

    I would buy one tomorrow if it came out. A diesel Ford ranger prerunner would be the best thing to the off-road industry..

  • http://Web Mike McCarthy

    Dear Ford,
    Now that you’ve taken my Explorer Sport Trac away I may be forced to look elsewhere for the right sized truck. The Global Ranger would make a perfect replacement for my Sport Trac and ensure I continue to be a proud Ford owner. The F150 is simply too big and won’t bring the fuel efficiency I demand from my daily driver. I’ve also long wanted a Diesel option and even considered conversions for my gasoline Fords. So this truck would absolutely ensure my loyalty!

  • http://Web Steve Hicks

    I’ve seen late model ford rangers in the philippines and thats how I ended up here at this website because I couldn’t figure out why it was so prevalant there and zero here? In fact a lot of cars there have diesels that we cannot buy here.

  • http://Web Joe Citizen

    Please Ford bring this truck to the USA! I’ve been driving a too big Ram for a decade now and want to downsize. However I have a family now so I want 4 doors but want the mileage and torch of a diesel (without paying $50K). I’ve been waiting for the Mahindra to come but I would much prefer to purchase a tried and true Ford over an Indian unknown. I just got back from NZ and AUS and couldn’t believe the number of diesel Ford Couriers over there. Great trucks and I’d love to see the Global Ranger available in the largest vehicle market in the world. This truck would crush the competition, you’d have 3 or 4 years of sales before Chevy/GM/Dodge would be able to touch you and by then you would have the market locked up. The same won’t be said if you wait for Mahindra to release their truck, then you’d look like a Johnny-come-lately. Come on Ford, don’t make me buy an Indian truck when you make a preferred model already.

  • http://Web steve

    Absolutely. I have written Ford twice about a small diesel truck but party line was consumer preference has moved to large trucks so buy a F150. I dont want a hulking, gas chewing F150 taking up a large portion of my garage. I just dont understand the thinking of all the car companies on this one. They are all guilty.

  • http://Web Jay Kilroy

    Please, the crew cab diesel’s rolling all over south and central America would be really nice. Maybe what Ford really wants is the large profit margins on the larger trucks. GIVE THE CONSUMERS THE CHOICE and see what happens. I’d pre-order no doubt.

    • Dan

      Cosign. If Ford offered a four cylinder diesel Ranger with 4WD and an extended or crew cab, I’d buy two of them.

  • http://Web Nicolas

    Do it, I want it!

  • http://Web John P.

    Make it happen!

  • http://Web caleb kissling

    the mindset of the average american is bad enough when it comes to diesel powered vehicles. the mindset of the big three is worse. it’s pathetic that we as americans are guzzling most of the fuel on the planet.

  • http://Web Mitch Mohs

    We need this truck.

  • http://Web Bill

    The time is long past for America to have fuel efficient diesel pick up trucks. Makes you wonder what government and industry conspiracy is stopping this. If Ford and the other auto company’s market the vehicles they will sell.

  • http://Web bill

    diesel PLEASE! I would like an efficient diesel to drive around. sign me up.

  • http://Web Blake

    I would love to have a small, efficient truck like this. Have you folks seen Ford’s diesel Fiesta and Focus models sold abroad? Man, Ford gets it (almost). They make these amazing cars and keep them from the USDM. I know their market research indicates we will not buy diesels but this research is as flawed as the data that gave the Pontiac Aztek the green light. I think they’re hiring dolts for these control groups. Listen to those of us with a need and the willingness to BUY. I’m ready, Ford. Bring it on home.

  • http://Web kenbob

    Sign me up. It would be a great replacement for my 2002 Sport Trac.

  • http://Web Earl Lewin

    bring it to the U S and quit feeding the oil industry.
    what Ford is doing should be illegal!

  • http://Web Austin Waite

    This is the greatest idea ever!! A crew-cab diesel ranger is the truck of my dreams this would be a massive step in the right direction. Common Ford all you need to do is take action the market is there!!!!

  • http://Web Ed

    Me too! I would love to see a turbo four cylinder diesel truck. Maybe someday?

  • http://Web Billy Gilbert

    As a 2007 Explorer Sport Trac owner, I say bring it to the US, and have my local dealer send me an order sheet as soon as they can take them!

  • http://Web Don Trower

    I drive a 2006 Ranger, I would buy a diesel tomorrow if it came to the US market. I’d also buy the smaller Ford Bantam (or whatever its called)
    diesel, it it were offered.

  • http://Web Edward Bernhardi

    We the people of the U.S.A. love power, and fuel economy. Its a no brainer ford if you build it, they will come. I’ve already started saving my pennies. please ford we’re begging you!

  • http://Web Eric

    YEAH DUH, bring that thing here! Either that or admit the current lineup is designed to aid the oil companies….. like they need it anyway.

  • http://Web Dave Richmond

    I’m 70 years old, drive a 1984 Rabbit GTI which I bought new. Have Kubota tractor (diesel) and a 2-wheel garden tractor with 8.5hp Lombardini diesel. I would buy small diesel pickup in a minute. Have been lusting for Isuzu D-Max for years. Will I see small diesel before I’m pushing daisies, even if that’s a couple of decades away?

  • http://Web John Votaw

    Looks good to me. 4 doors, 4 X 4 and a diesel? I’d love to test drive one.

  • http://Web Buford Phillips

    Please bring that thing here. I’ve been waiting for an better power plant option in the Rangers. Either this or the new 30 mpg 305 horse Duratec V6 going into the Mustangs in 2011 would be a good consolation prize. Please don’t kill the Rangers, and please put in a diesel!

  • http://Web Jeff Mooney

    My 2006 Ranger with the 4.0 gets about 18 mpg. I would buy one of these new Rangers in a heartbeat if I could get better mileage. I drive about 70 miles a day to work…….gas is killing me.

  • http://Web Steve Lantz

    Been thinking about going to canada and buying one. Think it would be alowed in the US, Ford is not using good sense on this one. Any truck that could get 30 or more MPG would sell like crazy.

  • http://Web JC Alten

    I would purchase a global diesel ford ranger immediately if it were available, cash deal today… in fact I’d purchase a ford FLEX with the same diesel power-plant at the same time… so FORD are you listening!
    JC Alten

  • http://Web Ryan Stone

    I would absolutely buy a mid size diesel pick up truck.

  • http://Web Brent M

    People no longer want big hard to park, fuel guzzling trucks.
    Bring the better choice

  • http://Web Anthony

    I want one so bad! Myself my mother, father and three of my friends are stoked. We will all buy one for sure!!
    There is a great market for a smaller fuel efficiant diesel 4×4, if ford doesn’t do it I heard from a friend of mine that works at VW that they are contemplating doing it. I say ford should beat them to the punch. !!!!!GO FORD!!!!!

    • http://Web Don Rieger


  • http://Web Mallard duck of doom

    Please Ford. You already killed a diesel F150 which disappointed everyone but quite frankly there are those of us who don’t even need a truck as large as the F150. We just want a reasonably sized truck with excellent fuel efficiency and reliability something that only a diesel truck can offer. Perhaps this decision has more to do with the EPA’s backward stance on diesel vehicles but there will be sales here please sell it.

  • http://Web Greg Chrzan

    Is Ford stupid or are they subservient to the Republican party?


  • http://Web Doug

    would buy one today if available,I see 4bt cummins convertions out there

  • Andrew

    I would purchase a diesel ranger.

  • Ian Richmond

    I would buy the crew cab, high suspension, big diesel right now

  • http://Web bob hessen


  • http://Web Mark Youngblood

    I totally agree with your request I have been saying the same thing for years, 30 miles to the gallon in a small truck would sale like hotcakes. I know I would buy one and I am a ford guy first,please dont make us buy something from India.

  • http://nwscc Jim Bonner

    I have an 83 ranger diesel with the 2.2 perkins diesel .. with a 2.73 rear end I get highway milage that beats my prius.

    I would buy this truck today if it were offered.. (can I go to canada and get it?)

    • http://Web Iwant1

      I used to run a lawn maintenance company with about six trucks. We had to buy full size trucks to access diesel options. Truth is that full size trucks are totally unnecessary for most field vehicles. How much room do 4 men really need? As a purchaser who looked at each vehicle as an investment and analyzed my ROI,I would have to have had vehicles such as these to base my fleet on. It is obvious that municipalities could also benefit along with private companies, and of course private owners. Bring them on!!

  • http://Web Sid

    Signature 339. We should start a facebook petition. The audience should be much, much larger and allow this to gain traction.

  • http://Web Ryan Buck


  • http://Web Larry Baker

    These two deisels under discussion have been available in europe,where they were developed, since ’07 or ’08.
    I believe we miss the point however.
    Europe, Asia, Africa, and DownUnder are predominantly diesel so why not North America?
    An honest petro-chemist will tell you that if it costs $1.00 to refine a gallon of gas; it costs about $0.33to refine the equivalent quantity of diesel.
    So why is diesel equal in price (until recently in Canada even more expensive than gas)to gas?

    Almost all of our plastics exit the ‘cracking’ process
    between gas and diesel… so in effect N.A. gas consumers
    subsdise the plastics industry,ie Monsanto, Exxon et al.

    As long as directors from oil co.’s and OEM vehicle producers sit on each others board of directors…

    As long as governments have a vested interst ,(taxes)in allowing ‘big oil’,and it is big ,.(about 40%of world GDP)to do as it collectively pleases, (eg. Gulf oil spill)…
    As long as you don’t bitch to much at gas being $5.00, $6.00 or Even $10.00/gal. You’ll be able to watch, on TV; the, proportedly cleaner-than-any NA. hybrid, F150D
    being driven by someone on another continent.
    But don’t take my word for it..Research this for yourself.

  • http://Web LCpl Stewart

    Saw these with the ANA in Afghan. Kept wondering how I could take one apart and send it home!

    I can’t say I’m the kind that would ever camp out in front of somewhere to be the first to buy something… but if they brought it stateside, I’ll bring the burgers…

  • http://Web John

    C’mon Ford, a diesel Ranger is what we want, no car maker has had the balls to give us one. Drop the little turbo diesel (2.2 L) in the current model Ranger, that would be fine!

  • http://Web Tom Hughes

    Yes, yes, yes …. but taxing authorities do not want high mileage vehicles … less $$ for pet projects!

  • http://Web Ashamed Amerikan

    Thanks Ford, for shoving crap down our throats here in the US, and giving the rest of the world what they want and need. I’ll keep driving my old Toyota until i can find something better and that will probably be from Mahindra

  • http://Web jack hartgers

    saw that truck in costa rica,perfect for me .

  • http://Web God

    Does anyone know if you can import a diesel Ranger?

  • http://Web Steven Rehbein

    Bring the diesel here! I will buy it!!

  • http://Web Seth Hassinger

    Give me a simple, durable, efficient, rugged, comfortable truck like the diesel ranger and I will be forever grateful. Amazing that none like it are offered in the USA.

  • http://Web Bill Gentry

    Dear Ford Executives,

    I am a truck and RV travel trailer owner. Make these diesel Rangers available in US dealerships ASAP! I would seriously consider purchasing such a vehicle.

  • http://Web Neal

    I’d buy one.

  • http://Web Jim Gaudin

    I will buy the first small diesel that can easily tow my 2000 lb. camper trailer and yield significantly better mpg than the 19 mixed driving and 15 while towing I’m getting from my ’06 Jeep Liberty CRD. I was eying the Mahindra. Don’t know if they will ever get to the U.S. now, but if they do Mahindra will get my money, not Ford. Pay attention Ford!! Don’t lose this race or you’ll lose my money. I’m buying the first small diesel that comes to our shores. Wouldn’t mind it being a Ranger. I liked my Mazda B2300 just fine, so wouldn’t hesitate on a Ranger.

  • http://Web M. Bandeko

    I would jump on a small diesel pickup in a heartbeat!!

  • http://Web Scott

    Totally agree. Would buy one tomorrow

  • http://Web scott woodard

    I want one so bad! I think the reason they refuse to market them here in the US is because it would hurt the F150 market. Bring it on!!!!

  • http://Web jc

    Consider this signature no. 1

  • http://Web Justin

    Build it, it would be the next ford mustang.

  • Travis Goff

    Just tell me where to sign. I will upgrade my 2000 ranger in a heartbeat.

  • http://Web Brian

    I can honestly say if this were available in the US,
    I would replace the three compact pickups I currently
    have in my fleet. Do it Ford…

  • http://Web Brian W

    I work with the Afghan Border Police in some of the most rugged terrain in the world and we LOVE our diesel Rangers. These things will go anywhere hauling a truck full of men and equipment, get great mileage, don’t break down, and look good to boot. I’m trying to figure out how I can take one home with me!

  • http://Web Jake Jhonson

    I own a 1999 Ranger Flexfuel, awful mpg, mediocre power. Its time for a diesel ranger.

  • http://Web Chris Curley

    Ford, bring your smaller diesel engines to the US.

  • http://Web Charles Longmire

    It isn’t just Ford, how about getting the friggin government to stop regulating us out of 45mpg vehicles!
    My Marine son just returned home from Afghanistan and we got to see the pictures of the ANA running around in their new diesel powered Rangers.
    Ford says it would cost too much to make the engine smog legal but what I really think is they know it would steal sales from the F series. Just an opinion.

  • http://Web Don Trower

    I’m on my third gas Ranger, but will throw down a new small diesel pickup as soon as one comes available.

  • http://Web Jacob

    It’s as good as bought they bring it over!

  • Ed Lowery

    I’d buy one in a heartbeat, but I now believe Ford execs would sell their children to cannibals before they’d make such a vehicle available to us.

  • http://Web Matt Hall

    I would buy one the day they brought it in!!

  • http://Web Matt Wuerstl

    I’ve liked every Ford I’ve owned (Explorer, Escort, F-150). My dad has a very nice gas Ranger, too. I’d love to buy a diesel Ranger if they were ever available here in the US. But alas, I’ll probably end up having to buy one of the nice German diesel wagons before that ever happens.

  • http://Web Will

    so, here’s my situation. I drove a 4.0 liter Ranger for about 10 years. towed with it. off-roaded with it. but the fuel economy was never quite what I’d hoped for from a compact pick up. it was time to upgrade and the best I could do for combined fuel economy and torque was a 5.7 liter Chevy 1500. with performance parts I’ve been able to get the fuel economy to the low 20s highway. not great, but basically as good as the Ecoboost! I’ve been saying for years that it’s too bad one of the big three doesn’t offer a small turbo diesel in either a compact pick up or a half ton. that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I think Ford has taken a step in the right direction with the Ecoboost, but why not take it a step further with a diesel option? I like the space available in a half ton, but if a Ranger had a turbo diesel option, I’d jump on it in a heartbeat!

  • http://Web Terry Hollis

    I can honestly say, if this truck came to market, my trusty 03 Tacoma w 150000+ miles would be gone very quickly and a 4×4 diesel ranger would be in my driveway!! My first truck was a 93 Ranger and I loved it! But the Ranger fell behind the imports, and I don’t need a full-size. My next truck will be a 06-07 tacoma quadcab. Just the right size and power, but the gas milage sucks.

    Come on Ford!! Let the Rangers live!!!!!

  • http://Web Robert

    Dear Ford, Bring on the diesel ranger. And while you are at it how about a diesel version of the Transit? I expect it only comes in diesel in the rest of the world. this would be a great way to introduce Americans to the “new diesels” . People would drive them at work and realize it is better than gas.

    • http://Web Jeff

      I would love to buy a new small diesel pickup or diesel SUV. To bad the American companies won’t build one. Doesn’t seem like rocket science – put a small fuel efficent diesel motor in a small pickup or SUV. Fuel can’t get much cheaper in the future, so this seems like a pretty good idea. I will never buy another new american small tow vehicle (3500lbs) until they come up with something that can get decent mileage. Diesel seems like a simple solution. I’ll just keep buying used vehicles and waste money on fuel.

  • http://Web Craig Bryant

    Thankyou for the information. What is nonsense is that the diesel Ranger is not sold in North America, already! And the smaller trucks are being phasered out in this market. Did those guise eat paint chips as children? Please add my name to the petition for common sense!

  • http://Yahoo C. Bryant

    It really is a no brainer, so why have they not done it already? Self explanatory. Remember what Dwight said , look out for those lyin, stealin, sobs. Another happy customer- not…..

  • http://Web Chris Barkman

    I’ll be first in line if they bring this here..

  • http://Web Mike

    I’d buy a diesel Ford Ranger in a heartbeat, but would really appreciate it if the format was kept as compact pickup instead of being up-sized like the other brands. Personally I love the look of the current Ranger having grown up around my dad’s Ford Courier and Mazda B-series.

    • http://Web Roger Mihalko

      Been a chevy fan for years. I had to get a vehicle fast when tranny blew on my lumina. I got this 1994 ranger 2.3 2wd, super basic, no air, manual steering 5 speed. It has 175k on it. I just changed the plugs and went from 19mpg to 24mpg, handy, but still sucks. I got 29 in my lumina on hwy with the vortec v-6 and its curb weight is higher than ranger. Anyway.. This ranger takes a beating and just keeps going, kinda, almost, kinda starting to be ok with it. The cab is standard so seating space sucks, but work around that. So you say bring a High Efficient Turbo Diesel 4WD 4door Ranger to america that gets 30+mpg?

      Why the hell wouldnt they, it makes more dam sense, then selling 4/6 cylinder gas engine rangers that get 24mpg or less off the show room floor.

      FYI emissions standards overseas are hard as hell compared to the US, so they cant use that excuse.



  • http://Web Joseph

    I would buy it, I ended up buying a Frontier because the current ranger was too small and the F-150 was too big. I have the crew cab frontier. If I could get a midsize truck with a diesel I would buy it, even better its a ford.

  • http://Web Mike Brooks

    This is a much needed no brainer , companies get so big they become out of touch with reality !

  • http://Web keith marston

    Would take a serious look at the ranger diesel but it better get here SOON I’m retiring soon.

  • http://Web Jeremy Crowe

    Diffently would buy one.

  • http://Web Jonee Trott

    Bring it to US. We will back you Ford.

  • http://Fordrangerdiesel Mike

    Yes. I will buy a Ford Ranger Diesel tomorrow if they bring it over !!!!

  • http://Web Trevor

    Bring it on!!! I have an 87′ ranger 4×4 and even with 31″ all terrain tires I still get 35-38 mpg. Id love to have the opportunity to buy one of these new rangers

  • http://Web daniel

    i totally agree with these truck guys here i want a fuel efficant truck with good power.

  • http://Web Vinnie C

    Diesel ranger would be great!

  • http://Web Konstantinos

    YES!!! We need a small, fuel efficient and reasonably price pickup here. Diesel Ranger all the way!!

    Speaking of which, Ford should bring more of their Euro lineup here- Diesel Fiesta good for over 60mpg anyone?

  • http://Web Billy Warfield


  • http://Web Eric Koski

    Yes, for sure. I’ve been looking into how difficult it would be to import one. That seems like a real pain. As any retailer, you shouldn’t make it hard for me (the consumer) to give you my money. If this vehicle were available to me right now, it would be sitting in my driveway.

  • http://Web MR. BRADSHAW


  • http://@gadgetbanham Ryan Banham

    Currently being a driver of Ford’s 1983 2.2L Diesel Ranger and experiencing the PHENOMENAL fuel efficiency of a Prius out of a small truck with a 7 foot box is unbelievable. Last tank I got 51.48 city MPG on fuels made from local waste and think with more gentle driving, high quality fuel, and fastidious maintenance I will make 60+ MPG city soon. Anyways, long story short, I would love to see more modern diesels in America including this awesome looking global diesel Ranger. Ford killed the Ranger EV almost entirely but they can redeem themselves by helping the US get better economy by letting them choose small diesels again.

  • http://Web Adam Wallace

    Hell, if ford made a diesel Ranger I would trade in my Nissan Frontier.

  • http://Web geoff needham

    The global ranger would be bad ass. ford needs to bring that damn thing over to us.

  • http://Web Bill Kitchens

    Our clan has been a Ford family ever since I can remember. I still remember the 2 door station wagons that my dad bought. They were impractical for kids to get in an out of the car, but for a worry wort father it was his baby.

    I’m on my second Ranger, the first taken out by a drunk. I normally keep a vehicle 10 years to feel that I have my money’s worth. I’m starting to look for a replacement. I would like a Global Ranger. If that is not possible, then I’m looking elsewhere.

  • http://Web Shane Otis

    Please sell the diesel Ranger Crew in the U.S.A. I’ve been waiting for something like this.

  • http://Web steve

    Diesel Ranger, I’d sell my lightning if the thing have a solid turbo and 30 mpg

  • http://Web Dan Achord

    This is exactly what I’m looking for, I have an F-250, but lets face it, I dont need that much truck every day. Ford bring the truck here and it will sell.

  • http://Web Steve

    Let the market dictate… People will buy it…

  • http://Web michael g

    I would live to get the Global Ranger. I do not need an F150 at all. I do not have a 10000 acre ranch to service. I need an around town truck with hiway cap. and 30+ mpg. And what ever happened to the GM 4.5 diesel?
    Not too many people need 7.0l engines for an $8000 premium. Thanks

  • http://Web Maurizio Pescatori

    I am an avid offroader and can testify 90+% of 4x4s in Europe are diesels, the tiny Suzuki Samurai and Lada Niva being the sole exceptions. Nobody in his right mind would buy a 4×4 or a pickup with a gas engine, when a TDi will provide gobs of hp, tons of torque and still deliver 15+Km/liter; that’s 35-40mpg from a Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Land Rover Defender 130… you name it, they’re all TDis and do a great job with a 2.5 – 3.0 liter 4-cylinder engine, 140hp is all you need to cruise at 70mph and when you click into low traction and torque counts more than sheer hp !

  • http://Web dave

    i would love one of these! what a shame we can’t. we lack good choices in our “free market”. we are being kept 20 years behind and Big Oil wants to keep it that way. they would rather we fill up our 15 mpg tanks every couple of days and keep their pockets good and fat. Ford is an American company building some of the most innovative vehicles in the world, except in the US. Henry Ford would be very disappointed.

  • http://Web Brian Langston

    I would like to see what kind of mpg numbers that 3.2L 5 cylinder diesel engine would get in the F-150. And maybe in the Expedition. If Ford wants to get serious about fuel economy while keeping power, then bring on the diesel engines. If their Lincoln brand is going to compete with BMW and Mercedes then they should offer them in the diesels as well. Why is Ford waiting to see how the market reacts to other companies diesels? If we wanted to buy a different brand then we would do it. Don’t make people change brands to get the engines they want!

  • http://Web Steve

    I’ve been selling Ford Vehicles for over 11 years, and yes me and all my customers want a small diesel engine in the ranger and also the F-150…… There is a market out there for small pickup buyers and they want the power and fuel economy. So why dont you give us the Diesel????

  • http://Web Dan Watson

    I’ve been saying this for the last ten years. I test drove a new Ranger in 2008. They tried to upsale me to an F-150, but it’s just to big for the trail driving I do on weekends and I couldn’t afford my weekday commute in a big truck. If I could have gotten the diesel efficiency in a smaller truck, I wouldn’t be driving a Jeep Rubicon today.

    Dan Watson
    Golden CO

  • http://Web E Loy

    I’m in!!
    Where do I sign up?

  • http://Web ss

    No it’s too big.

  • http://Web Chris

    How many costumers have you lost because of those old out dated engines. We all know the supriority of the desiel engine. All real men love trucks. Give us the reliablity and efficency of the desiel engine. give us the global ranger!

  • http://Web Mike Hilliard

    I currently own an ageing F-150 extended cab that actually got 19 + MPG on a trip to New Hampshire last year. I now pull a smaller fifth wheel trailer [21 ft Fleetwood Terry] and the MPGs have shrunk to the lowest I have ever seen. On at trip to IN last year I go less than 6 MPGs. If this keeps up, these both must go.
    I would love to buy a new truck but not a dinosaur like the F-150. Give me what I want – a RANGER W/ DIESEL options. That would be sweet. REGARDLESS of the purchase price.
    Come on Ford – get with it…

  • http://Web Gunther Ehrmann

    That would be fantastic to get 1/2 ton diesel pick trucks in the US.

    Ranger diesel sounds and looks great. I am looking for versatility and less show of.

  • http://Web Bill Cashman

    Would buy this in a heartbeat if available

  • Randy C

    Sign me up.

  • http://Web Adrienne

    I agree! Give the people what they want, and stop treating us like 2nd class citizens. Ford IS American, so give us the option.

  • http://Web Chris Early

    Hell yes! Consider this a signature.

  • http://Web Ben flick

    If they bring it here, I’ll buy one and seek my bike and truck just to get it

  • Greg

    You have our signiture.
    We’re looking to buy today. We may have to go with another truck make.

    • http://Web ernie

      i lived in new zealand for years and loved this truck. id also put money down today for a diesel ranger.

  • http://Web Jim

    We want it now!

  • http://Web gary perkins

    i need this truck please ford bring it to america

  • http://Web Peter Frederick

    My Mazda b4000 has 260K and I’m nursing it while I wait for a small diesel. I can buy a full size but don’t want anything that big. I’d be at the dealer tomorrow.

  • http://Web Joseph elliott

    Would absolutely love to have small diesel but with new urea system required in new diesels to meet new emission standards ranger would probably way to expensive

  • http://Web Jason

    Sign me up…

  • http://Web R

    Bring it to Canada and i will buy it. Diesel or 2.0 turbo ecoboost, either or i would be quite happy with.

  • http://FordRangerDiesel Richard R

    I wholly agree the Ford Ranger should MOST definately be offered in the USA with not only a diesel engine option, it should also be offered in a crew cab configuration. Of course having said this Ford if they ever decide to offer the Diesel Ranger crewcab it will only do so at an insanely high price. In actuality if this vehile were offered at a reasoanble, blue collar affordable price, reflecting our present and prospective near future diminished average income it would sell like hot cakes and blow most every other small truck out of the market

  • http://Web John Dank

    I would love to have one of these!

    • http://Web Larry

      I had a diesel liberty. I want a 4X4, diesel, Ford Ranger with a manual transmission today. What is wrong here in America that the oil companies control what we supposedly free Americans are driving? Ford if you don’t fix it someone else will. I would rather buy a ford. But if toyota offers a diesel tacoma I will buy one of those.

  • http://Web LARRY

    I have a 1993 German model jeep liberty (called a cherokee in Germany) It is a stick, 4X4, with a diesel motor. I love it. Now I am in America after spending the last 20 years in germany and I want a small truck with a diesel engine. Preferably 4×4 with a manuel transmission. If ford would make a ranger to these specifications for the American market I would buy one tomorrow.

  • http://Web Joe

    This country is nuts for not embracing diesel. My grandfather bought an ’83 Ranger brand new, and it was a great truck. His was a non-turbo, so it wouldn’t win a drag race, but it was great for economy. I would have attempted to buy it after he died from the next owner, but we get six-inches of salt for every inch of snow here up North. Please, Ford, offer us a diesel-powered compact truck. I can’t afford (and don’t need) a $50,000+ 3/4-ton just to get to work or haul a bag of fertilizer.

  • http://Web brad

    i would buy a ford ranger diesel today. i love my f-350 diesel but would like a little fuel efficent diesel ranger.

  • http://Web BRIAN HARMEYER


  • http://Web Rich

    Its exactly the truck i would buy. I thought when the US went to ultra low sulphur diesel manufacturers would start offering diesel options.

  • http://Web Gary

    This is Fords chance to beat the imports. I would love a small SUV or Pickup that could tow and get 30+ MPG. I don’t want to drive a full size truck every day. I think the new Ranger might be too big and compete with the new F-150. Make it small and get even better gas mileage. Make a new Bronco II type SUV.

    • Jo Borras

      Ford already builds that. They call it the Escape, and it is almost EXACTLY the size of the old Bronco II (a bit bigger, actually).

  • http://Web Tim Haub

    My brother just bought a 1984 Ford Tempo diesel & the guy he bought it from in Minnesota had a 1983 Ranger diesel. Bring it back. I am a small vehicle diesel guy.I bought a 1984 VW Rabbit diesel back in the 80s.

  • http://web JS

    Seems like a no brainer to import this vehicle which exists almost everywhere else? Exactly what has ford got to lose here?

    • Jo Borras

      Ford execs think the global Ranger will take sales away from the cheaper-to-build (yet sells for more) F150 pickup, and put a big dent in their US profits.

  • http://Web Harry Ramirez

    In my car ownwer history have owned many trucks, toyotas, Isuzu diesel pup, fords f250,currently ownwed 2000 dodge diesel ram and 2001 ford ranger, the new 2011 diesel ranger would be my next buy if ford bring them to the US market.

  • http://Web jeff

    im thinking about building a small truck it would be a lot easer to buy it so ford get your head out of your @$$ and build us americans one

  • http://n/a Kevin

    I think this is a marketing ploy. They want to be the first to bring back the small pickup – better than ever.

    Let me share with everybody how disgusted I truly am by all of this.

    I bought a 2008 Ranger new off the lot because that was the SIZE of truck I needed. I require fuel efficiency for commuting to and from work (60 miles a day), as well as a cargo box for carrying messy stuff such as garbage to the dump, or a greasy oily engine or other vehicle part for one of my projects. I certainly don’t want to put rotting garbage in the back of my car!!! Seriously!

    F-150′s don’t really fit into the typical garage that modern north american homes are equipped with. These trucks have become HUGE… far too big. They aren’t even available with a manual transmission anymore! That is just a travesty on its own.

    My little ranger can do all I want except for one thing… tow a heavy load. Now there is a driveline out there that could even be bolted into a current north american ranger that makes 350 LBS/FT of torque and gets fantastic gas mileage? It is in the ford Transit vans (with a 6-spd manual, might I add) in europe, and is coming available in this new global ranger. This makes me sick.

    The current N/A ranger is the perfect little truck. It has stood the test of time, all the bugs have been worked out, it fits in people’s garages, it can take crap to the dump. If it could get a torquey power-plant with a 6-speed stick-shift it would be the perfect vehicle for anyone who needs a truck other than a construction worker.

    Lets not forget… the current ranger has:
    - Boxed front frame.
    - Serviceable wheel bearings.
    - Live rear axle.
    - Engine can be replaced WITHOUT REMOVING THE CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Manual transmission option (some of us both WANT and NEED this!)
    - Body-on-frame construction… again… some of us need a small vehicle with a REAL frame!

    Wake up Ford. My father gave you 41 years of his life, and was one of the best mechanics a dealership ever saw. You are insulting us. Give us the small diesel truck in North America. And furthermore, read the above comments and don’t stiff us with automatic trannies, non-serviceable wheel bearings, engines that can’t be removed and unibody frames.

    I think I am done for now.


  • http://Web victor lapostolle

    Dear Ford,
    I am not buying another gasoline vehicle ever. So either compete with your product or lose to an import

  • http://Web Dennis Sullivan

    Heck yeah, I drive an 09 Jetta Sportwagen TDI and love it (40 MPG average) but what I really want is a 4×4 diesel pick-up that gets great MPG and doesn’t cost $50K+. I find I need 4×4 and there’s always a need for a pickup for transporting bikes and wood and towing and snow, etc… As an experienced diesel owner let me tell you, there is nothing better than having torque and economy and longgevity and to throw in 4×4 and pick-up space and towing, I’m all onboard as long as the cost stays reasonable….none of this $8K diesel mark-up. My TDI option was a $1,500 mark-up which is very reasonable.

  • http://Web david

    We need a small, light, fuel efficent 2 wheel drive diesel pickup in the us, I’m buying the first one brought in even if it isn’t ford(hope it is though)

  • http://Web Don

    Stop playing games with the American consumer.

  • http://Web Kevin Lefever

    Don’t want to get long winded, but first un-frickin-believable. This is the first I’ve ever heard of Ford having a Ranger diesel and I’ve owned Rangers all my life. I love the Ranger for one of the same reasons mentioned above, the F-150 is more truck than I need. I complained once to Ford about the fact they don’t make the Ranger a hybrid but a diesel? That would be awesome. Sign me up!!!!!!!

  • http://Web Seamus

    I would buy one or even one smaller.

  • http://Web Paul

    It’s about time….Bring in the small Goliaths…

  • http://Web A Schuck

    I’m sold on this.

  • http://Web Jackie

    i’d like to place my order today!

  • http://Web pooleo

    This is a no brainer FORD. For a company as big as you are, not taking a GOV. bailout, you need to bring this to the US. Don’t be scared now

  • http://Web Lance Valentine

    answer me this Ford company, if you are supposed to be “America’s” vehicle then why don’t you offer fuel efficient trucks like that that would be a sell out here in the united states, what’s wrong, government got your tongue? this is the same as the Chevy s-10 which is still produced in Brazil, even though Chevy is an “American Revolution” it isn’t hard to see what is going on here. I am only asking that you live up to your name and give the nation that fed your success what it asks for, it’s only common courtesy.

  • http://Web Eric Neegmuh

    Biased article is biased.

    And author is not good at hiding facts.

    The global ranger is more expensive than a better equipped F150, and the ranger’s ancient diesel engines have no hp, even with turbos. Torque is nice, but if mpg is that important to you, go beg GM for a 2.0 turbo’d ecotec, it’ll outperform your dinosaurs.

  • http://Web Chris W

    Big oil would never let this happen. They have convinced the american car companies that american’s do not want diesels. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. We WANT efficient diesels in trucks that don’t weigh 6000lbs. The 250,350 etc are all well and good, but it is massive overkill for a vast majority of the market.

    The Ecoboost is a failure. It gets about the same gas mileage as the V8. What is the point?


  • http://Web Richard Wade

    This is the perfect truck for me! If they sold this here I would buy it in a heartbeat

  • http://Web Matt

    I would no doubt buy this vehicle.

  • http://Web CMM

    Bring the ranger here. Don’t let Mihindra beat you in your “home” market.

  • http://Web Richard

    Ford really needs to bring and build the new Ranger to the US. The f-150 has grown way too big.

  • http://Web Lou Lyras

    I am un agreement – I would buy three for my work.

  • http://Web t. davis

    I am going in person to the local ford dealer and see what they say.

  • http://Web derek

    Yes please

  • http://Web Justin

    This is the truck I need. Wow, I can’t believe this isn’t available in the US?!

  • http://BringonaRangerdieseloption! Reiner Friedel

    I drove a turbo-diesel Ranger in Germany which makes my own 2.3 liter petrol 2WD I have in New Mexico look stupid. And got 36 miles to the gallon on the German Autobahn.

    So Ford, get with it: don’t just talk about fouls saving and economy, bring on the goods that you already have and make them available to the US consumer.

  • http://Web Ford Dude

    I agree with you 100% ford ranger diesel is long overdue, I drive a 2010
    ford f150 gas mileage is horrible.

    send your petition to ford chairman.
    Best regards

  • http://Web Cynthia White

    I’m waiting for a pickup truck with a small diesel engine. Do I have to move to Africa to have one?

    I owned a Ranger in the 80′s and liked it. Now I need a fuel sipping four wheel drive. Please sell them here.

    Vermont, USA

  • http://Web Tony zubieta

    and double signed

  • http://Web kevin

    There seems to be enough people wanting a smaller pickup with the diesel engine, so Detroit 3 are you going to help us out or are you going to lose sales to others?

    Ford bring the Diesel Ranger!

  • http://Web Al

    Didn’t the US automakers learn ANYTHING?!? Give the people what THEY want NOT what you THINK they want – enter the foreign car makers! Ford, pull your head out and sell me that 3.2 diesel Ranger 4×4 extended cab before I have a chance to buy it from somebody else! I don’t need a F-150/250/350. I NEED a small pick-up and WANT diesel.

  • http://Web Lauren Donaldson

    I am on my 4th ( and final ) F-150. I also own an 8,000# Sprinter class B motor home that averages 22.5 mpg on diesel. My 4.6 liter Ford only gets 14 mpg on gas. What is wrong with Detroit ? Are the Germans the only ones with brains ? I am a retired union member, but I’ll be damned if I buy another American vehicle !

  • http://Web Ryan reynolds

    Amen. All I want is a small truck that I can haul a few pieces of lumber with every so often but also doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg to fuel up. I want me a diesel ranger.

  • http://Web Nigel

    where can I get a ford diesel that gets 40mpg?

  • http://Web Frank Jandl

    Count me in as a “Yes” on this petition.

    I have seen to 2.2 lt 4-door Ranger in Central America. That machine really goes. Yes, the EPA will make us use a DPF which will reduce the fuel economy as it improves the emissions. But Mahindra has decided to “punt the ball down field”. Right now, Ford looks like they are “taking their ball home”. FORD! I want a small diesel truck. And I know GM is not going to release any new Isuzu’s trucks any time soon.

  • http://Web MAD SCIENTIST

    I’ve bought American vehicles for the last 40 years, my ’98 ranger is about to turn over 250k. I would hate to think that my next vehicle would be from anywhere but the U.S. I’d buy a new one the day it hit the showroom. Come on FORD bring T6 home.

  • Mark

    I’m in!

  • Bruno

    What is it going to take for real to get these trucks to the us and canada? i would put a down payment on tomorrow if it was offered!!

  • Jeepy

    I don’t need a full size pick-up…but need 4X4 with hi-low transfer case, 4500lb tow capacity and a minimum of 4′ x 6′ rear box and DIESEL because here in Canada Québec we are the most taxed on fuels in north america…what ford is waiting to be the first to offer a compact truck with a diesel engine???????????????6

  • John Pino

    Loved this most informative piece. I could not aggree more. I own a Tacoma pick-up and a VW Clean Diesel Jetta. The mileage on the Jetta is fabulous 40-45 mpg. The Tacoma is about half that. If a car company, preferably domestic, offered a diesel light truck I would not hesitate to trade the Tacoma. Its a great truck but you just can not beat the fuel efficiency of a diesel.

  • jessie

    its ok if thay dont let us buy it in the u s . then i just buy from who ever dose. thay dont want to make money , some one will

  • David Wells

    I am looking to trade my 2002 Ranger but there is nothing good on the market. I would pay more for a diesel Ranger with 6 speed manual than the price for an F-150. If I could get 25-30 mpg in a 4X4 I would get in line to buy one. Please Ford let the market, not your opinion determine what is available

  • Allen

    Diesel Please!!!!!!! Consider this a sig.

  • http://n/a David Ross

    Yes! America needs fuel efficiency in trucks as well as cars. I say let’s bring it on with the Global Ranger!
    I too, am tired of poor fuel economy in small trucks. We need a turbo-diesel powerd small/medium sized truck. Say, the Global Ranger seems to fit the bill quite well! Please bring the Global vehicle to the States! I will go to my local Ford dealer and be first in line! Thank you.

  • Jason Meyers

    I would buy one in a heartbeat!!!

  • Jason

    I dont need to two something everyday, and when I do it wont be huge. but I do need a 6 foot bed and a double cab. why hasnt this been done in the past. BRING THIS RANGER HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i mean… why the f*** wasnt it here before?!

  • Rich

    Why can the South American market and Euro market get diesel and ther US market can’t? Seems like we are being played for suckers by the big three. Hell yes we need small diesel trucks.

  • Champ W

    Heck Yes Bring Smaller Size Diesel Fuel Trucks to America. ITs the Oil Companies that try to block it. If you notice in Texas. It is much harder to find Hybrid Vehicals than other states in the U.S. The Reason behined it Texas is the Headquartes for Exxon Mobile and Several other big name Oil Companies in the U.S,

  • Nathan

    I’m a true ford enthusiast and want the crew cab diesel ranger. I would be first in line to get oneal as soon as they dropped them off the truck. So come on Ford give your customers what they want!!!! And we want the diesel ranger!!

  • MattC

    Just bought an 04 Ranger and sure as hell know in a few years when I’ll be looking to upgrade/update I want the Global Ranger in my driveway. Ford, please bring it to America. Start witth some small numbers and if it doesnt sell just quit importing it, can’t imagine it’s much more complex than that. It’s quite a sporty looking vehicle, it blows the Sport Trac out of the water on the sporty look and it’s a hell of a lot better truck. We love it!

  • rexv

    i want one now

  • JaredW

    I have been looking HIGH AND LOW at mid-size truck options, and they all suck in one way or another! Toyota’s got their AWFUL interior, Nissan is, well….Nissan. Chevy has lost my business due to poor build quality. I bought my F-150 because I HAD NO OTHER CHOICE. I still think it’s too big, and the gas mileage is absolutely horrible. I love Ford’s interior work, and the sound of these new diesels and EcoBoost engines perks my interest. Even if they put in the EcoBoost 2.0L I-4, and give the option of the 3.5L V6, those engines are already developed and ready to use! I would buy a new Ranger in a heartbeat!!!

  • Ken Risse

    I’ve been driving my Mazda B-2300 (Ford Ranger) since 1996. I want a small pickup with a diesel, a Ford Ranger would be fine, and if they don’t sell one soon, Dodge, GM, Volkswagon, Subaru or anyone else that offers one will get my attention, and probably my business.

  • Tom Sullivan

    I would love to buy a fuel efficient small diesel pick up like the global ranger or volkswagon amarok. It is crazy that they are not offered in the U.S.

  • Steven Kercher

    I would love to have a hylux, but Ford would probably be no. 2 on the list. Chevy is last for their crap quality. Well, maybe chevy over the indian alternative, lol!

  • neil arnold

    Please bring this truck to North america. Even if it doesn’t have the diesel motors, it’s going to get better fuel economy than the larger pick ups – and i for one can’t justify having a full size truck in my yard. Please Ford, you sell small cars to those people who want a small car and large cars to those who want a large car. Don’t force me to drive a big truck that i don’t need.
    Consider this a HUGE vote for the new Ranger. It would be ideal for me.

  • john

    hell ya i would buy that in a hart beat i love diesel engine, i have a a small one in my s10 took a lot of work but it is now awesome to drive pulse it is a lot faster than my mom’s Pontiac G6

  • zach lettunich

    Please bring this pickup I drive a f250 powered with a 6.0 dieselis and I love that truck. While I was in Spain I remember drooling over fords small diesel options in the ranger and focus bring it on ford!!!!

  • Gene

    I could not agree more with the above article. Canada can appairently have diesel F-150 crew cabs. Why the US cannot, I do not understand. It they can meet EPA standards for the F-250 diesel, they should also be able to meet it for the F-150 diesel. If the theam for much of the US is to go green, then Ford should develope this truck in the US. Appairently, Ford has not learned from past mistakes, when import cars almost pushed the US gas hogs out of the market competely. Wake up Ford!!!!

  • Kyle teasdale

    If you bring it to Canada I will buy one

  • Chris


  • Duke

    WTF! An American Truck Company producing a great truck Americans can not purchase. Fix it.

  • huesos350

    need to replace my 85 ranger.. some thing new.. hasent changed that much in the 20 yr run.. dont want a 150 to big for my use..

  • Dale

    the U.S. has a huge market for this vehicle. If the Diesel is too costly to EPA Certify then the 2.0 EcoBoost would fill the bill nicely. plenty of power and economy. 2wd and 4wd models with 1,000-1,400 lb payload would sell like hotcakes and fleets would love them. big money there. Ford, Just Do It! NOW!

  • Dale

    We need this truck in the U.S. badly. Diesel or Gas EcoBoost 2.0 either way. do it now Ford!

  • kyle

    I would sell my 01 extended cab in a heart beat for this truck. I vote for this to come to north America

  • Rodney C

    I agree with all of the positive comments above. Would I buy one of these trucks? Just give me a chance. Any fuel, any tranny any color, I’ve only seen pictures and love this truck already. A message to the Ford bosses, STOP BEING SO STUPID!!!

  • kentucky88

    Ive seen the trucks in Afganistan and since then have wanted one

  • MNDaveW

    Ford does not care if 10,000 people want diesel Rangers. Ford is betting that (like most folk) they will settle for an F-150. Ford is firmly focused on the nation’s best selling vehicle and they will do NOTHING that MIGHT result in the loss of a single F-150 sale. When the choice is between ecological responsibility, customer satisfaction and profit, it’s a one horse race.

  • Dave

    YES, YES, YES. Instead of thinking the F150 market will suffer, consider winning over all the Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier owners. After all, they want to drive Ford trucks, just not a HUGE F-series, or outdated Ranger. I have an F150, but it’s too much truck. It’s going on consignment this weekend. A diesel option on the F150 would probably keep me. But for now it’s off to find a Tacoma. What a shame too!! I love Ford, I want to support Ford, but the exact Ford vehicle I want/need is only offered in 188 OTHER countries…and NOT the good old US of A. What would Henry Ford think of this “racket”?? How can I buy a 3.2L Diesel, Left-Side drive 4×4 Global Ranger and import it into the US???

  • Sam

    Please bring the diesel Ranger to the states! Ford is all American! America wants this! So why can’t America BUY this?? Come on, Ford. . . give it to us!

  • Abel lopez

    This wat I’ve been looking 44 I would totally. Get one this wat I’ve been waiting 4 a small 4×4 diesel truckthat I would love to have my first truck I would wanted to be this truck so tell me why we can’t have them in the state where ford stared we want to have the liberty to choose a awspme truck like this

  • Paul Robertson

    I would love to buy a mid-sized diesel truck, and I’d love for it to be made by Ford. I’d sell my Tacoma tomorrow to buy this truck if it were available. Ford, please make it a available!

  • William O’Brien

    I will be performing a retrofit on my 2006 GMC Sierra to a diesel engine within the next year. There is demand for what Ford could offer us. So far, the europeans are ahead and are making bank with premium pricing. This automobile could level the field for all and everybody wins (except for maybe the oil brokers). I have become a Ford fan over the last 5 years ( own a 2006 Ford Freestyle) and would not hesitate in purchasing this truck if it was available here.

  • Bob Crane

    Its about time FORD! We have wanted your Ranger to have 4 doors for years! Now you have it and I can’t buy it. Just not right! Bring your anti fuel guzzeling truck to america! What part dont you understand!

  • Steven Langley

    I would really like this if this came out in America i would show up at ford the day the release them and i would by the best one they had at the dealer bring them in ford you will make tons of money off this truck.

  • Vernon Woolsey


    I went to painstaking lengths to drive a diesel ranger resurrected from the ’80′s (many others congregate here ) and wish there was the will from the N.A. auto industry to bring modern diesels here. what is it about us? I’ve given this some thought. Gosh, I’m glad this petition site is up and running. Is there a next step?

  • Randall Toca

    If it is imported then I will buy one with the diesel option and 4×4 for sure. I have 3 ford diesel trucks and will trade In the dually on a new ranger.

  • Mike D

    I’m so disappointed in the big 3 who refuses to bring a light duty diesel to america. I refuse to buy another gas engine truck just to get 22 mpg.

  • lindsey

    I have been on the hunt for a new truck for the past few months. It’s been pretty frustrating to find that there are limited spectrums when searching this market. You have either a tiny truck with decent power or behemoths with retard strength. A ranger with an efficient, but sturdy diesel engine sounds appealing, but seeing that Ford loves playing in the pissing wars with the other American giants, they wont be seeing me throw my money their way. Until that day comes it’s going to be a Tacoma for me.

  • Josh

    I want to own a diesel light truck. Pay attention to the used VW diesel market, Ford! Try finding a used diesel wagon or get on the waiting list for a new one, and you might realize that people are embracing the diesel offerings. My next truck will not be an F-150. I would buy the world Ranger with a diesel, but until that is available, Toyota will get my money.

  • Carl

    I have an old 90 model Ranger that still runs great with 275,000 miles on it. I’ve been thinking of putting a diesel motor in it . But if Ford brings this new Ranger to America I’ll sell my old and get it. I love the look and styling of this Ranger it’s just what I’ve been looking for in a truck.

  • Jake

    Hey I want one!

  • Ellen Skillings

    I had never heard of this vehicle before a couple months ago. I drive a dodge 1500 and would buy one of these in a heartbeat. No one I have talked too including the owner of a Ford dealership in Oregon knew about the global either. So i keep talking them up. Maybe time to start a twitter revolution.

  • Ian Rossbridge

    Just immigrated from Australia. Hoping to buy a farm with my (American) wife. Amazed small diesel not an option here. More power, more reliability, better economy. It’s a no-brainer. Standard fare for (small) farmers in Australia (and elsewhere).

    • Jo Borras

      America lives on credit, so the banks and car companies have to keep selling you a NEW truck every few years … making sure your 2012 pickup craps out by 2016 is a petty solid way to ensure that you do, no? You won’t see a sturdy pickup like Toyota’s Hilux or Ford’s own diesel Ranger on these shores any time soon, and for that reason.

  • Cody Clark

    I believe the Ford Ranger Diesel to be one of the most well rounded trucks around. Providing good power and great gas mileage! all around awesome truck!!!!!!

  • Drew Cole

    Looks great, sounds great, bring it on!

  • nelson


  • Andy

    Dear Ford, please bring the Global Ranger to the US. You are missing a HUGE opportunity here. I will be in the market for a new truck in a couple years, and WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY FOR THE NEW RANGER.

    Otherwise, you’re going to lose me as a customer to one of your competitors. Use Your Head.

  • T Kennedy

    In my 8th Ranger 4L with 340K Have always wanted a Ranger diesel
    Ford will lose market share if someone does it first, even me after 6 F250′s & 8 Rangers
    Just don’t need a big truck Ranger size is perfect

  • ronnie


  • Kenneth Boles

    OH yea love it i wood have one in my driveway. I want a Virginia Tech one with Hokie Bird pin stripes my wife wants a green one :)

  • Adam

    Count me in! I want a diesel Ranger and I want it NOW!!!! I’m not replacing my ’89 5.0L F-250 until then. Why would I? The thing gets 19mpg on the highway, and can town and haul anything I need. An F-150 isn’t even a fuel economy jump! But give me a 30+ mpg diesel Ranger and I’m SOLD.

  • M. Villarino

    I need one right now. My current small truck has just given up its transmission at 203,000 miles. I’ve been looking at current offerings but am very dissappointed at mileage numbers given. I want a 30+ MPG truck today! I have no need for a full size truck, just way overkill. Small trucks are perfect for what I do. Come on Ford, bring the New Ranger over!

  • chris

    could always import one your self but thats way to much work why does ford have to kill the ranger line up

    • Jo Borras

      Not in the US, until it’s at least 25 years old.

  • Matt d

    I would buy one in a heartbeat! Still driving my first car, a ranger. 96, with 243,000 miles and running great!

  • Pete

    I’ll sign this too, but I don’t think we’ll ever see it. This Ranger would kill F-150 sales, and Ford knows it. Therefore, they will never sell it in the States.

    • Jo Borras

      I don’t think it’ll kill F150 sales. Most pickups sold in the US *NEVER* see use as pure utility vehicles – they’re purchased primarily as “beards” as far as I can tell.

  • Tod

    Loved them in Afghanistan, we need them in the US.

  • Timothy @ Polovni automobili

    Good work. Thanks for the info. very useful tips indeed.

  • Rob Kuret

    Bought a 4 cyl. Ranger new in 2008. Love the truck and would have purchased another one in the future. The f-150 is to big . Bring back the Ranger to North America or many people like myself will be looking at a 4cyl. Tacoma for their next truck. As of now I will not by a Ford product again.

    • Rich Eiler

      Please bring this truck to the US

  • Zack

    Bring the new Ranger to Canada! And make sure the diesel comes along too!

  • Tim

    I just read the news Ford is finished with the Ranger here and I think it is just sad. The diesel option would give this truck a new life it never dreamed of. Small diesel trucks just make sense and Im baffled they are not around. Is this a conspiracy to keep us guzzling gas? HMMMM?
    Open your eyes Ford and the rest and give us what we want! Sounds like Nissan is possibly getting a smaller Cummins, but it is in the Titan. Why have all trucks gotten as big as semis while gas prices go through the roof????

    Name:Tim Toberer

    Email Address:


  • Tom

    YES, YES, YES !!! America needs this “global” Ranger. Please Ford … GIVE US THE OPTION. I would love to have this truck.

  • Tim

    I want one – if I could get it I would buy this for my son in a heartbeat -

  • WuffBear

    I’ve been driving my 2000 super quad cab 4×4 for 11 years… BRING IT ON

  • Lonnie Moore

    I would love to have a Ford F150 or Ranger with a diesel engine. I’ve been looking and considering a diesel vehicle but the thought of buying the large F250 & F350 is pushing me to consider a gasoline vehicle again. Ford, your commercials say you listen to your customers. Well listen NOW and give us the option to have the F150 or the Ranger with a DIESEL ENGINE!

  • Lauren

    My 2002 F-150 (14mpg) is my 4th and final Ford pickup
    My 8,000# diesel Sprinter RV gets 22+mpg.
    Looks like my only option is a 2013 Mahindra (yes, and assembled in USA).

  • hart

    My father-in-law had an isuzu pickup with a diesel back in the 80s that got 39 mph, cannot believe ford will not bring a diesel ranger to usa, people would buy them like crazy I think.

  • Koen

    I’m seriously considering paying the incredible costs to import one to the US.
    I love this truck. For me, the market is stale, and this Ranger is refreshing and exceedingly functional.

    Ford, bring the Ranger to the US. My dad, mom, brother, and I all drive Ford trucks and we’ve never been let down.
    Please don’t let this be the first time you let us down.

  • Dennis Higgins

    Global Diesel Ranger – Ford please hear this, my 1999 F150 is a great truck, had it since new over 180K and no work to the engine, but I need smaller and more fuel efficient with the torque of these diesels for occasional towing.

    I will wait a year or two, but I need a New Truck…. I don’t want to have to buy from another OEM….your the only OEM I have respect for…. You didn’t cave during the bailouts…and America answered and supported you….. Bring the global Ranger home…. America will answer and support you! From a American, and retired 30 U.S. Navy Veteran…

  • JD Moon

    I once said I would never buy a new vehicle. Bring the Ranger in diesel, and I will fight my way to the dealership, if necessary.

  • David Dauza

    I am in the market for just this truck right now: small diesel, small truck, 6 speed manual. Bring it & I will buy it.

  • ROY


  • JD

    Dear Ford: Please bring the new Ranger to the US.

  • Tim

    Simply put, if Ford brings the new Ranger to the USA, I’ll buy one. Guaranteed.

  • John

    Dear Ford:
    There is a brand new Toyota Tacoma parked next to my SVT Shelby GT500 in the garage. I would love to replace the Toy with a diesel ranger. Sell it. Soon.

  • http://Verizon,net Don Dempsey

    I want the Ranger Diesel in the USA Now. Please. I would buy it Now if It were in the US.

  • Donna

    This is the smartest PU I’ve seen. Power, good gas mileage, and just the right size. I was heartbroken that Ford won’t sell them to US citizens. The Global Ford Ranger is the answer to my prayers, PLEASE, BRING IT ON!!!!! I’d like the 3.2 liter/350 lb-ft of torque, 4X4, 6 speed manual gearbox, smart diesel as a replacement for my Xterra.

  • Donna

    yes, yes, yes! I want a 3.2 liter, 346 lb-ft of torque, 4X4, 6 speed manual gearbox, smart diesel Global Ford Ranger.
    This is my IDEAL DREAM TRUCK!!!! Please sell it to US citizens!!!

  • Whit

    I agree that Ford should bring the Global to the states. As a mater of fact I think that it would be a good idea to consolidate their vehicle line up entirly and offer the same vehicles in all markets. During a visit to germany I saw a vehicle that caught my eye. As I got closer to the car I saw an oval on it. As a Ford ceritfied technician I didn’t reconize it. It was diesel powered!! The owner and I spoke and he offered me a test drive. It was AWSOME!! The tourqe and power to weight was wounderful. No turbo lag or typical hesitation. I wanted one, but not available in the states. Some years back I seen a 4dr Ranger in Mexico. So I started to research. I read many articles and came acrost a bloger that claimed to have uncovered some documents form Ford on this very subject. I wish I would have copied the info to be accurate and give credit where credit is due. But what I read is that the official release on the subject from ford was that the 4dr Ranger did not meet US safety standards. Specifically the glass and B-pillars. However, the blog continued with a document that looked official that stated, bringing the 4dr Ranger to the states would be detrimental to the sales of the Explorer Sport which has a larger profit margin. As for the truth to all this I can not comfirm and I don’t claim these statements to be true, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Also a while ago I saw an artical from one of those engineering research schools like MIT that did a study that if 10% of the US vehicles that are gas were accually diesel then we could be almost completly oil independant. So if that were to be true and the EPA is the ones making it harder for diesel certification, I wounder if there is a link. Any how thats my two cents, I don’t know if it is worth that but I would absolutly puschase one. Blue 4X2 XLT 4dr 2.2L TDCi Manual 6-speed please. On a personal note I have not seen a true truck in many years that made a truck a truck. I think there is still a market for trucks, so Ford and the others could cut costs and offer better pricing if they built trucks and not luxury vehicles with cargo and towing capabilities. My Personal favorite that I have owned, 1977 F-250 300cid I-6 4-spd Manual. I towed an 80,000lbs loaded semi out of the road with this truck when the semi broke down and was blocking traffic. Now that was a TRUCK!

    • Laurie

      I am not disputing the content and I really shouldn’t criticize one particular comment but why when there is a built in spell checker do supposedly intelligent people ignore it. The spelling errors (at least 8 by my count) in this comment degrade its importance.

  • Stan

    Yes, bring the global Ford Ranger Diesel 4×4 to the US! Tons of torque, manual transmission, great fuel mileage and it fits in a garage!
    If Ford won’t pay attention, perhaps Toyota is reading and will make the Diesel HiLuxe available to US buyers. That would be a F-150 killer!

  • BMWRich

    Sign me up!
    Cash in hand,..just waitin’ for vehicles to arrive at the Dealer

  • P. Broadway

    Build me a 2 wheel drive short bed regular cab 4 cylinder diesel Ranger pickup with a no frills utility package. No air conditioning, No leather seats/panels. Steel wheels with Steel hubcaps. No electric anything. Just a utilitarian tow/work vehicle that costs less than $15,000.00 USD that I can use to make money with.

  • pat holt

    it is absolutly stupid of ford not to sell that truck here in america had a 93 ranger with 4.0 & it was agood truck for its size iwould buy adiesel ranger just as soon as i could afford to

  • Bill Leavens

    Holy Mackerel!! Ford – are you paying any attention AT ALL!! This is the freaking market speaking DIRECTLY TO YOU!. I want a diesel Ranger and I will pay whatever premium you are asking. I have a twelve year old Nissan Frontier that I love, but it’s disintegrating before my eyes. I will only buy a SMALL pickup and I will only buy a diesel. If Chebby gets there, you lose. If Suzuki or Mahindra or Toyota or Nissan get there, you lose. And there are THOUSANDS of folks like me out there who want to buy a SMALL DIESEL pickup. Please realize that this market is REAL. Small pickups mean utility and efficiency. Diesels means utility and efficiency. I’m ready to buy.

  • Mike Bown

    Fantastic idea. I’ve recently become a ‘Ford Man’ and would love a nice small diesel pickup.

  • Victoria Reiners

    Yes, please! I love my Passat wagon TDI (diesel), but the last one VW made was 2005. Would love to have the option to buy a small diesel truck. Yes!

  • Mike

    I’ll Buy one, put me on the list….. Let me put down my deposit…. Come on FORD make us proud don’t wait to come to the party late… Be number 1 be Ford Tough.

  • Rafael Núñez

    Diésel is the future. Not EV.
    When will América wake up and smell the fumes?

  • Andrew

    Yes, bring the Ranger the world gets to the US.

  • Terrance Skantz

    I think Ford is making a very big mistake by refusing to sell the redesigned Ranger in the U.S. There will, of course, always be a big demand for large pickups by a segment of the population. But, for many, the new Ford Ranger would be much, much preferred. I know I would buy the new Ranger based on what I have seen and read.

  • Chauncey Barber

    I am all for a small diesel truck.

  • J Heasty

    It all depends on price and reliability. I’m ready for a small and economical diesel truck and would by one. But, It’s obvious these days that anything that would be reliable and would last is not what these people want to sell. They want you back every 3-5 years to buy something new so they know they will have jobs.

  • dex

    I’d buy one in a heartbeat! Tired of the oversized behemoths that US manafacturers ram down our throats, disel pickup in a Ranger for the win!

  • Susan

    I would b first in line for a diesel compact!!!

  • Steve

    I have a 2009 ranger and its a great truck, it would be an incredible truck with a diesel. I would buy myself one and my wife one.

  • sean

    Bring me back my Ford Ranger! Those suckas are bulletproof!

  • Chris

    I would love a compact diesel pickup. I can’t justify a truck now because they all get terrible gas mileage.
    The best alternative I can find right now is the Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen TDI.

  • Mark

    I’d buy one today if it were available in the USA. We need to be progressive with work vehicles that have high fuel mileage. Bring it to the USA Ford or I’m buying a Diesel VW instead, since you apparently do not want our money.

  • John

    I’ve been wanting a small deisel truck (or UTE as they call them in Australia) for years. They dominate the market anywhere else in the world. I’d buy immediately.
    Cummins/Nissan has an ongoing development program for a small deisel pick-up, but it won’t be available for a few years.

  • Kenneth Hanovich

    I would LOVE to see not only the Ranger but the entire diesel platform offered in the US. I want diesel economy and torque! Don’t make me go to VW for a diesel car, please!

  • P

    Im a longtime Ranger owner and was thinking about retiring my 1991 Ranger and getting a new one this year. It sucks to find out that they are no longer selling the Ranger in the US and makes me mad that other countries are getting an American truck. Its an American company, you would think that all makes and models would be available for the country in which the company was built. From all that I have read and seen on this new model it seems a great evolution of the Ranger even if it is similar to the F-150 now. Bring it back to the US!!!!

  • Richard L

    I’ve been wanting to own a diesel for fuel mileage that is versatile as a truck. I would buy a Diesel Ranger if made available in the US!!!!

  • Rick Simons

    I agree 100%. It has ticked me off for some time that american car companies are not producing diesel vehicles. It makes so much more sense than hybrids. My brother bought a diesel Jetta and gets over 40mpg on the highway.

  • Craig Thompson

    I would love to buy diesel Ranger! My 2004 4.0L is a gas guzzler!

  • matt maruska

    Bring it here! Give us something that gets real fuel economy!

  • lazaro loera

    I echo everything you said. Bring the diesel ranger to the US NOW.! I will buy one immediatelly.!

  • Brad Hebert

    I’m waiting for ford to bring the diesel ranger to America to buy a new truck.

  • Blake

    I can only hope ford has a “better” option for truck buyers soon. Otherwise it seems like more of the flawed logic that almost bankrupt the company. I would buy a global ranger today. I’m not interested in the current full size f150.

  • Dustin Ables

    If Ford will bring this one to the states, I WILL buy it!!! I hope to see it here soon….

  • John

    I have always owned a ford. Last one was a 1993 ranger stx. Looked at getting a new ranger in early 2011. Was told no more ranger in the usa. I wanted a 4 door. Oh, they tried to sell me one off the lot.No way was i getting something they were phasing out. I purchased a toyota tacoma. Ford was a good company at one time.Only thing I can positive about them is they didnt take a goverment bailout like the othercar companies. Maybe ford will come to their senses and brind the global diesal back to the USA. American company and the American People cant even get one!!!!!

  • Chad Bahrs

    If ford brought a Diesel Ranger to the USA I would DEFINATELY buy one for My company and one for personal use also. While your at it… why not offer the New Trans-Connect mini van with a Diesel?

    I own a Excursion, Mercedes, and VW – Yes ALL of them ARE DIESEL !

  • Rossco

    I currently drive a 2011 Ranger with the 2.3 4cyl engine and it is a dog. but i get the fuel economy i was looking for I would absolutely love a bigger ranger with better fuel economy and i bet that those trucks have some balls at least. My current truck has to downshift every time i press on the gas, I should have gotten the 6 cyl but my wallet won the battle. Please Please ford bring this truck to the states if you want me to be green ill run Biodiesel.

  • Jen

    Brimg this truck here. I hadvavTacoma but the gas was horrible. I’d love a new truck but one with torque and fuel efficiency

  • wendigo

    On top of bringing the diesel global ranger to the states…ford should offer a limited number of “stars and stripes” editions to be spread throughout the country’s ford dealers. To get the marketing ball rolling and to start a collector series.
    I’ll take mine in red with red interior,4wd, reg. cab, just like the ’85 I had for 16 yrs.,-Delilah was her name.

  • truck lover

    Bring us that TRUCK!

  • Duane Hart

    Hey Ford are you reading this offer this truck here I will buy one.
    You would not have needed to shut down the Ranger Plant.
    Ford did not have a better idea on this one. Yes Global Ranger!!!!!!
    Bring it to America, you guys in charge are just a few fries short of a happy meal.

  • Alpo

    America….. greatest country in the world, we should have the greatest truck as well. i been looking how to get this to the U.S. through mexico, but there is just too much loops I would have to jump through.
    Please bring this truck here, i would buy one the instant its at the dealership.

  • JCamp

    bring it to america!

  • GDAV

    Bring this truck to the US! Ford you are an American company, why deny the American people of such an awesome product? If this truck was available I would buy one for me and one for my wife.

    Ford has stated this vehicle would not do well in the US market; sounds a lot like GM when they killed the EV1. There are few things in life we can count on, death, taxes, and the cost of oil/gas going up. Electrics have a long way to go in the truck market. I have to wonder if there are individuals/organizations outside of Ford that don’t want to see this truck in the hands of the US consumer. Recently I read that Ford is looking to get out of the compact truck market all together as the Ranger has not been doing well in the US. If Ford had used the same effort they have on the F150 over the years I am sure the Ranger would be outselling the Tacoma. Even outside of the diesel engine, why didn’t the US Ranger get the same facelift the global ranger has? It’s a nice looking truck, makes you wonder if Ford wanted the ranger to fade out in the US.

  • L K Donaldson

    Screw Ford ! My F-150 gets 14mpg. Never again !
    I will replace it in a heartbeat with a small diesel pickup;
    I don’t care if it’s Japanese, Korean, Indian, or German.
    It is very obvious the big 3 don’t give a shit about Americans !!

  • Ram

    Hey, I would buy Ford Ranger in a heartbeat if it came with a Diesel engine. So what are waiting for Ford Corp. and rigth now I’m in the market to buy a truck.

  • William Holder


  • wayne hensley

    FORD it would bring jobs and revenue to USA and jobs where you were born,please offer these RANGERS to us!!!

  • Rolf Rimott

    I would buy in a second, I am moving to brazil to retire and will buy one there to use in Brazil, I currently drive a VW diesel Wagon and will never own a gas burning vehicle again. Bring it to the USA and I will buy one.

  • kevin

    I would buy one today if it were available !

  • kenneth

    I own a business and would buy 10 if they did sell a diesel ranger or f-150.

  • Bill

    Bring it in!!! Enough of the Belch Fire, gas powerd MONSTERS!!! I would buy one In a heartbeat!!

  • sean

    Hell yes! I want THAT!

  • Michael Gates

    Youve got my signature.

  • Jon Lawrence

    Yes pleaseeeeeeeeee I love my ranger would love it even more if it was 4×4 and diesel!!!!!

  • remekie

    i’ve been dreaming of this truck,ford please make this a reality

  • Ron

    I owned one of the first models on the 1980s. The power-train was great – mileage was fantastic – unfortunately they built a truck that could go forever but put a body on it that was very susceptible to the corrosive salt used on the northeast roads. Would really like to try another one. If Ford brings this car to the U.S. – you will see customer lines similar to Apple I Phone fanatics at their dealerships.

  • Paul

    I would buy a deisel Ranger today.

  • Colin Paulsen

    I have a ’94 Ranger 2wd with the 3.0L V-6. had it for 7 years. the size of the truck is perfect for my needs, but i would love to swap the motor for Cummins 4bt. That said, its just not practical for me to undertake such an operation. If Ford made these new diesel rangers available in Canada, I’d buy it. FORD! Stop telling us what we want. Start listening. I want a diesel ranger!!!

  • Darryl Pierce

    A diesel Ranger would sell, even though the cost would be more, but the payoff of milage and resale value would counter that, if it was done right. I own a 1984 diesel Ranger and they were good but lacked power for modern highway opperation (the national speed limit was 55 then). Later versions (85-86) had the turbo diesel and I think reliablity was what doomed it. Hopefully Ford will offer one in the near future!!

  • justin noxid

    i love diesels. ford, dodge, chevy, theyre all great. i like the ford superduty trucks. and my wife doesnt really like driving bigger trucks and it would be nice to buy a ranger or small diesel without having to build one YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE THE HINT!! BRING EM TO THE USA!! trust me. yall bring em. we’ll buy em

  • Logan Planchard

    I agree with you man. The more I read about this the more I want that truck. I wish Ford would just make the decision to sell it in America b/c they will make so much more money and defiantly help the economy.

  • Logan Planchard

    I agree with you man. The more I read about this the more I want that truck. I wish Ford would just make the decision to sell it in America b/c they will make so much more money and defiantly help the economy. I kind of consider myself a gear head I just wish I had the time and resources to be one.

  • Kendall from NH

    FORD – PLEASE bring this drive train/truck combo to North America. I have a diesel f250 now, love it, but would love the mpg from a small diesel better.

  • Charlotte

    I would totally buy one!

  • Will Meredith

    Ford. Wake up and bring the diesel ranger to Canada.

  • brett

    I would buy this car. I have an F150, and I love it, but I’m looking to downsize. This is perfect. They already built it, why not just start selling it here. The US version is terrible. It’s not a mystery where they’re not selling small trucks here. Look at the number of comments on this message board alone.

  • D Swain

    The only truck I really want. It’s either this or I’ll settle for an old toyota tacoma.

  • Jesse Wooten

    I am in complete agreement. It seems silly to me that we don’t have access to small diesel trucks/cars/etc. EVERYONE in Europe has them, why? Because gas is expensive. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect the oil conglomerate’s lobbyists have something to do with this.

  • Joe

    With gas predicting to be over $4.00 this summer, why wouldn’t they bring that vehicle here? Are they’re memories that short, or they just that stupid? I love trucks, but with gas prices going up and the fuel economy of today’s truck mediocre at best, my next new vehicle may need to be a fuel efficient car. I drive about 30000 miles a year. It’s not to hard to do that math. I seen where cummins was working with Nissan on a small diesel for the Titan.

  • derek

    I live 50 miles from mexico. if California would let me register it I’d fly down to Guatemala and drive one back.

  • Brian Hyodo

    Ford has proven that the small truck option is viable in NA with their introduction of the Ford Transit Connect van. They charge more for it than entry and mid-level F150′s.This truck is seen everywhere in cities now. No surprise – the rest of the world has countless small vans to pick from and we have one. That Transit also does not have a diesel engine here in NA and while it can handle heavy loads it is clearly underpowered with the old Focus 2.0 gas engine with about 140 HP and similar ft-lbs of torque. It needs a small 150HP diesel with 250-300 ft-lbs of torque and 40-50 MPG.
    The annoying thing is that Ford has this technology already but prefers to sit on the ancient pickup truck culture of NA because they can currently make more money doing that. More of the ‘if it aint broke’ mindset that sees GM with the same engine block technology that they developed in the mid-fifties and leaves them still boasting of pushrods. BMW built 1.5 litre inline 4 cylinder gas engines for F1 racing in the 1980/s that delivered 1300 HP. The new F1 inline 4 engines coming out will not be as potent but will likely be more reliable as they will not be as stressed and can take advantage of another 30 years of development. But here we sit with trucks too big for our cities that come with OLD, OLD technology – waiting for the Koreans and Japanes to lead the way – again. Come on Ford – you are on a roll with your Focus and Fiesta. Why not do the same thing in the truck world! – and while you’re at it give us 100 MPG for the same Fiesta with a new CDI diesel!! Can you imagine if they produced a small pickup the size of the original F-100′s with retro f-100 styling,modern technology and packaging. They could call it the NA Ranger or better yet – The F-100 Eff’y.

  • willey

    screw ford they are a global company they dont care about the U.S.A.

  • Adam Tumminaro

    VERY MUCH THIS. I have a 1983 Dodge Ram 50 diesel that I would love to replace, but can’t. Fix this!

  • Andy Cano

    I would buy the ford Ranger diesel immediately if it was offered. I drove my 1994 2.3 manual XLT ranger for 213k miles! It was a great truck, I only had to sell it because my kids got older and didn’t fit. My dakota get 22mpg if I nurse it. My Ranger got 28mpg! Please sell it in this country. I will buy it.

  • CB Sandberg

    I would buy it in a heartbeat. I need a new truck–a small, efficient, Ford diesel truck!

  • http://none Tyler Gray

    im only 15 but i allready love the rangers. i live on the back roads of northern michigan. i drive it to trapp hunt and fish it gets 30 mpg i love it bring a deisle ranger to the market and it will blow up the market

  • Darin

    I have been saying for a couple years now that this is exactly what I wanted to buy for my next small fuel efficient truck. I read in a blog on another website, a poster had actually seen one of these with duelly wheels and a small flatbed on the rear in S. America. Total ranger envy on my part!

  • Matt

    My Dad drove a diesel Isuzu P’up when I was little, and now that I’m thinking about buying a small truck I just found out that there are litteraly NO diesel options. I don’t want a V-6, just a little diesel that I can use to haul yardwaste, help neighbors move, and bring home my Ikea purchases

    • Jo Borras

      There ARE CNG options, with a few alterations.

  • James G

    I agree

  • James G

    I agree 100%

  • wizalkat

    this id the vehicle ford needs to sell here!. I hate the f-150, and the old ranger needed to be discontinued, it was obsolete ten years ago. if ford sold this i would trade in my subaru baja. (maybe not, I’d probably just park in the back yard). economy and utility in one package? what a concept ford! let North America in on this!

  • B Scott Eggers

    Why not contact them and tell them directly.

  • Alex Maney

    As a diesel mechanic I love the idea of the 3.2 ranger. If I had the option I would buy one today!!!!

  • garrett goodman

    I would buy one the day they’re made available.

  • Jeff

    I’ll buy one this year if it becomes available in the US.

  • Dan

    Nope, the E.P.A. does not like diesel. Real dirty stuff compared to regular unleaded.
    Or maybe it’s the politicians behind the E.P.A. that don’t like diesel, that tie the hands
    of the auto makers? The rest of the world advances forward while we go back to our

  • Walter

    I would love to buy one right now but instead I might build one..

    • Terry

      could you build one for me while you’re at it?

  • mike

    bring it here!

  • Bruce

    I know that big corporations don’t really care what their customers want, but even as an import that would not sell a bunch of units, if they sell all they bring how could it be the wrong thing to do. Also, make sure there is a diesel option, PLEEEEEEEAAAASSE

  • Darwin Anderson

    My 2008 Ranger 2.3L, 5 spd is a good little truck despite its being old technology. Something just a bit bigger with a small and efficient (already proven elsewhere) diesel engine would be great and I would buy one for certain.

  • lyle jones

    Just found out abour the ranger. Nothing focus europe 60mpg.Yes I want a five cyl.ranger diesel. I guess I will just keep my 2005 Passat 2000 jetta and 2005 4door deesel dodge .Forget Ford

  • Trevor P.

    PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! give us our ranger diesel.

  • nicholas

    I would love to have one of these trucks as well, I already have their eco boost and its great but I would much perfer a diesel. Id buy them the rest of my life. What a wonderful hybrid truck it would be. I just want a small work horse TRUCK with a long bed and some balls, and decent fuel economy (better than 20mpg)

    I love Fords I have owned more Fords than any other vehicle. This marketing bull shit is stupid, stop trying to make half tons smaller and just make a decent LUV.

  • Bill Leavens

    Took Mr. Eggers advice and dropped a note to Ford Corporate.

    There is a tremendous market opportunity for Ford that has been
    ignored for too long a time.

    Regular Americans will buy a small diesel truck. Small trucks
    are all about utility and efficiency. So are diesels. Ford has
    more than enough experience with diesels in the rest of the
    ‘world to build an engine that works for the US market. Yes,
    EPA regulations will be difficult to meet. Other companies
    are meeting them. The technology exists to satisfy Tier 2
    Bin 3 regulations. Moreover, Ford knows how to build good
    strong small trucks. The last Ranger endured for decades
    with only incremental changes.

    So build it light. Build it economical. Build it strong. Build
    it fun to drive. You will own the largest part of the small truck
    market that has been abandoned by Detroit.

    I would very much appreciate the courtesy of a response.

    Bill Leavens

  • Randy Stovall

    yes, a diesal Ranger, PLEASE!!! I’ve been looking at them on the web for years.

  • Bill Leavens

    Hi Bill,

    My name is Mea and I am from Ford’s Customer Relationship Center. I have received your email with your suggestion to build a small truck that comes with a diesel engine.

    I appreciate you taking your time to write us with your valued insights; although, I am sorry to say that at this time, there are no details reflecting plans to build such vehicle. From time to time, vehicle models and options are added, deleted or modified. At the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center, we are unaware, in advance, of changes that our Engineering and Design Team may be making and the specific changes that may be made in the future.

    However, you may share your general ideas on how we can enhance our products and services through our Ford Social website. Here, you can provide product related feedback and voice your opinions on what you would like to see in your next vehicle, such as additional security features, more convenience items, and so on. The website to visit is:

    > Click on “Your Ideas” tab.

    I sincerely thank you for writing us as this enables us to know what our customer needs are. Rest assured that Ford will continue to offer the finest products that will deliver the kind of utility and capability that would meet the needs and satisfaction of our valued customers like yourself.

    Customer Relationship Center
    Ford Motor Company

    Thanks, Mea. I think you guys are making a big mistake by
    ignoring the small truck and diesel markets. If Chevrolet,
    Nissan, Toyota or any other experienced small truck
    manufacturer wakes up and acknowledges the demand,
    Ford loses. This really makes too much sense to let
    somebody else have all the market share. And you are
    already building that truck in the world market. The only
    engineering input it meeting the emissions. And that isn’t
    im,possible as BMW, VW, Mercedes and others have

  • Benny Kuhl

    Hell yea we want the diesel ranger!!!! I drive a 2000 explorer 5.0 v8 gas hog and a VW Jetta TDI….. i love my explorer but i drive my TDI every day……whats that tell ya….I WANT A DIESEL RANGER AND I WANT ONE NOW!!!!!!!! This is america land of the free, give us the RANGER!!!

  • Shane Jackson

    Diesel + 6-speed man.+ 4×4 = perfect :)
    I want one!!!

  • http://Web Peter

    They will sell. The American working man will thank you.

    • CB Sandberg

      and the working woman!

  • Chandler.colorado

    I won’t buy another ford until the diesel ranger arrives in the US

  • chris

    I just took my 2011 Ranger xtra cab 4×4, 4 litre on its maiden voyage,7000 K m, on the truck, towing a 2700 pound trailer. I got 11.9 mpg and that’s an Imperial gallon. That’s roughly 9.5 miles per US gallon. Meanwhile my buddy pulled an 18 ft, 3500 pound trailer from BC to California and back averaging 11.6 miles per US gallon with a full size Silverado crew cab 4×4. What in the world is the matter with Ford? Their arguments are ridiculous as to why they wouldn’t bring the new Ranger here. My wife wouldn’t drive an F150, too big. But she’d sure drive that New Ranger. Smarten up Ford ! !

  • Joseph Raymond

    I agree that we need the New Ranger here. I don’t care if Ford wants to call it the F100, New Ranger or mini F150, but we need it here and soon. The F150 is too big for my needs and I don’t want a car or small SUV. Looks like I’ll just have to hold on to my 2000 Ranger for as long as possible and hopefully when I decide to get a newer vehicle someone will have a nice small pickup available. If Ford won’t do it, maybe Kia, Hyundai or someone else will. As much as I love to buy American, I’m not going to spend that kind of coin on an F150 I don’t need or want.

  • lee miller

    I am a certified Ford service tech and have been working for a ford dealership for over 15 yrs. This is the first Ford diesel I would even consider buying. I have owned fords all my life [46 yrs] and to say I would buy a diesel is a strech for me considering I hate working on the big diesel trucks we sell now. Ford is making a big mistake not offering this here in the states.

  • Rick Salve’

    I agree the F-150 is to big a truck. I have a 2004 ford ranger 4×4 with a 4.0L, auto , I wish it had better M.P.G., but this truck size is perfect for my home projects and maneuvering around the suburbs. I think the New Ranger with a Diesel automatic in a crew cab 4×4 would be perfect. Ford if you offer this truck here, I will buy it. P.S. , please manufacture this truck here in the U.S. A.

  • lonny

    Get the Ranger here I will buy one the first week. Put a diesel in the F150 too!!!!!
    Come on Ford get with it, ten years ago nobody could build a car that would get 30-40 MPG now they all have 3 or 4 of them. We NEED this truck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    I would buy one, along with my dad and 2 brothers!! Sell them in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    I would buy this truck in a heartbeat! Ford, please bring the new Ranger to Canada.

  • Brandon

    I would buy the diesel Ranger for sure.

  • Greig

    I absolutely Love Diesel engines! I started looking at the big diesel trucks and decided to go with my first instinct, a smaller diesel engine! A diesel Sprinter is now my best option. I wish we had more options! Land of the free? It’s only common sense that we need to be more conservative with our oil and our money!

  • Dan

    I would buy one of these. This is exactly the truck I have been looking for but cannot find.

  • Will Anderson

    For the love of sweet baby Jesus, show the US some love!

  • Mark Sullivan

    Build the diesel Ranger in the United States.

  • Denny

    I am a US service member deployed in Asia and I drive a govt owned diesel double cab ranger on the daily here. I would buy one in a heartbeat if Ford offered it in the States. Its just the 2.2l TDi 4×4 hi-rider style. It runs and looks great and the fuel economy is remarkable. As a former 4.0l ranger owner, I prefer the smaller diesel power plant in every way. The double cab interior (even the basic model I drive) is perfectly sized and comfortable. Its a rugged little truck and it’s perfect for my needs here and back home. Come on Ford, let’s have it!

  • Gabriel

    Bring back the ford ranger

  • Terry Beckelheimer

    Yes please! I wrote Ford a letter last week, the response was so canned and matter of fact (we don’t care what you think). Ford, wake up. America is speaking to you, pay attention or close your doors.

  • Patrick

    I’d buy a small block diesel in a heartbeat. I would literally put my old Porsche up for sale and go buy one. Please do it FORD.

  • adam

    do it!!!!!!! i want that truck!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    I will either buy it from Ford, or from Nissan / Izuzu / Toyota, once they offer it. Would rather buy from Ford.

  • Pete Salitore

    I have travelled to the Middle East, Europe and Central and South America and love the 4 wd toyota diesel trucks. I am a Toyota guy, but if Ford brought that truck over here I would probably buy one. It is ridiculous that each company doesn’t have a diesel mid size pickup option. They could all do it and make a killing.
    Who wouldn’t want a 4 wd truck that gets good mpg, can tow and lasts a long time. The first one to do it will make the most money on it and then watch all the car brands will jump on board. Look at the TDI’s, and how well they sell and the VW is an inferior vehicle.
    I have considered taking my 4runner to TX to that Diesel conversion place down there. Takes 8 months to a year to get in. Does that tell you anything on the need.
    Thanks for taking up the cause.

  • Eddy Hadden

    Not just America, but canada too!!!

    I bought a 2011 ranger with the 4 litre, 4×4. Its a meh kind of truck. sure it gets the job done but it isnt what i want, id really love to see the international ranger come to canada.

    Bring this truck to the americas!!!

  • david

    Screw the gov regulations!! ford should want to sell this as much as we want to buy it. this could be the next big thing for ford!!!!!

  • Rob

    I want a diesel Ford Ranger!

  • Chuck Agle

    My wife has a manual transmission Mustang GT convertible. I have a manual transmission 2002 SportTrac. If Ford wants us to buy more Fords then they are going to have to build diesel manual transmission vehicles. I am hoping that Mazda decides to sell their BT50 (their Ranger clone) in the US with a SkyActive diesel and a six speed manual.

    I am tired of the American manufacturers selling us gasoline powered pigs. If you have ever driven a diesel truck towing you would never go back to a gas engine. On our farm we routinely tow 16,000 lb. loads of fruit (sour cherries). A diesel F-350 or a Dodge Cummins does the job smoothly and with good economy.

    Most of us every day do not need trucks that big. A truck that will haul one ton with a towing capacity of 6-8000 pounds is plenty. So… my next truck will be from whoever in the American market introduces the first diesel manual F-150 killer. Hopefully it will be Ford because those are what I am use to working on but . . . . They need to realize that if someone else starts to market a high mileage reliable pickup with a diesel and a selection of manual and automatic transmission then whoever that is could become the number one seller within a few years.

    • Bill Leavens

      Well said. I just sent an email off to Mazda’s site asking them to provide a dieset BT50 to the US market. Ford has been doing their very best to discourage any thought in that direction. Mazda is hurting financially and generally does well in niche markets so they might be a logical company to make the first offer. Just looking at this forum, the market has to be huge. How many folks have a clue this petition exists? Personally I don’t care if it’s a diesel Nissan Frontier, Chebby Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, Suzuki Equator, Holden Ute, Volkswagen Amarok, GMC Canyon, Mitsubishi Raider, Dodge Dakota, Isuzu P’up, whatever. First one to hit the market will have a field day. Tier 2, bin 3 gubamint regulations be damned.

  • Terry Beckelheimer

    I learned today that VW even has a TDI pick up truck in foreign markets.

  • Terry

    Lately I’ve been looking to buy a small pickup and am EXTREMELY disappointed with the choices- the very few choices that there are. They all have poor fuel effeciency and are too big for my needs. I would buy the diesel Ranger in a heartbeat. Ford needs to bring them to the U.S. immediately!!!

  • Doug

    i want this truck….. DO YOU HEAR ME FORD? I don’t want your crappy F-150 I want this with a diesel.

  • Andy

    They not only offered a Ranger in a Diesel engine, but a Escort at that time…why not add a Taurus or now probably the Focus in a Diesel engine option…growing up we had two Ford escorts w/ diesel engines and a ranger with a diesel…I still own the Ranger and it has a five speed stick and I have checked the mileage several times…they are was under what this thing gets…avg 56 miles per gallon and that was built in 1985 w/ the turbo diesel…come on Ford, we hate gas stations and you can build a diesel engine that works…you did it before and the American pocket book would like it back…

  • Ron Farrell

    I an one of many that I work with that want a small Ranger or Tacoma size truck for work. Not to tow with, but to cary tools and supplies and get good diesel type mileage.
    I am amazed that Ford dosen’t sell their truck in the U.S. I am surprised that not much has been done to raise the M.P.G. of this small truck class. I would get a good mileage diesel truck if it was available.

  • Herman Baver

    I wasn’t finisher with my comment.
    yes I would but a small diesel ford pickup truck.It would have many uses for me.
    I road in a ford car in Italy with a diesel engine and you could not hear the engine running.
    It also had all the features of a mercedes and lot less money.

  • David

    This new Ranger should be offered in North America . If Ford does not make this happen soon , then I may be forced to buy something else ! Are you listening Ford ? Your new engines , eco boost , are an improvement , but 20 % is nothing to get that excited about when the fuel prices are what they are nowadays .

  • joe briones

    I want one as well and with 4wd. I live in south Texas and I’m having family help me find one across the border that I can bring back.

    • Koen Stokes

      What part of S. Tx?
      I’m in San Antonio, looking to get one for myself.

  • Nick Turner

    I’m a long time ford buyer and I would to see this truck here. I think it’s what we as Americans need. It won’t kill the f150 market, ok ford.

  • Jeremiah

    Yeah, i’m about to enter the job market after highschool and i currently drive a sport trac. In a voice echoed by many in my school the new ford ranger is what we want. Even the vw beetle is getting cooler. The new ford ranger’s sporty look is something missing in the ford line up. I think the f 150s are great, and they’re f’ing awesome for any WORK that you need them for, but i want a car to just drive around and go offroading in. The F150 just don’t fit that bill. ALSO the Fseries is PRICEY. AND they don’t offer a diesel standard.

  • Andy

    We in the building and construction industry need an American made vehicle that gets phenomenal gas mileage. Not offering the ranger deisel in America is well, unamerican.

  • http://gmail tim

    hey you guys at ford motor company WAKE UP!!!!! the diesel market is alive,VERY ALIVE !!!!!! Diesel is a green fuel you want everyone to go green . Diesel has fewer hydrocarbons so, WAKE UP GIVE AMERICA THAT RANGER TRUCK!!!! immediateley THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Anthony

    Im in too. Bring this truck to the USA, you have lost a lot of sales b/c this truck is not sold here. My family has started buying Nissan Frontiers.

  • Al

    Just about every foreign truck maker has a diesel option for other than
    U.S. markets, if they bring one in first, they’ll get my money. In the mean time
    I’m not buying a full size pickup truck from anyone when they all get such
    lousy gas mileage.

  • matt

    I think a diesel ranger would be awesome. I would buy one.

  • Rich

    I want a small 4 cylinder diesel truck that fits in my gargage with better gas milage than new trucks currently for sale in the US. A crew cab and 4WD would be nice. Please give us the global ranger.

  • Joe

    $4.00 gas. A truck that will move a house and get 28 MPG! And you don’t think the american public would want this? No wonder Detroit always had a hard time with catching up wit the rest of the world. Please import this truck. What do you have to lose?

  • Bryan

    I drive a 4×4 Ranger with a diesel for work here in Australia and love everything about it. I plan to move back home to America in a few years and hope to see this truck for sale when I get there. I would buy it immediately the second I got home. I also think it telling that this post was made 14 months ago and people are still posting messages in it.

  • http://n/a R.A.Murillo

    I wrk 4 a charter airline & C diesel rangers in all types of styles.from snorkels to sml cannon can carry 4 fully armed persons in back + 3 in cab.what fools we R in the USA 4 not having it here.

    • Jo Borras

      I C U no how 2 txt.

  • scott

    i would buy one right now

  • Vincent

    i would buy one right now

  • Cody Gochnour

    Are we commenting here in lieu of signing a web-based petition. At any rate, I want this ranger so bad it hurts. There, I said it.

  • Jose Alejo

    2005 super cab edge edition bring back the ranger with four full doors!!!!’

  • Chris

    I saw these amazing pickups being handed out to the Afghan soldiers by the dozen. The Afghan abuse, and I mean abuse, the crap out of everything they get their hands on. These trucks serve as their primary tactical vehicles and take every type of punishment thrown their way. I looked into getting my hands on one while there, but had to settle for just diggin’ around the compound in a loaner. I’m trying to get one imported if I have to. Wonderful all around utility truck.

  • B. Juneau

    If Ford doesnt bring this truck here I will have no choice other than to buy a toyota tacoma to get what I am looking for. Having the diesel option in a small truck platform will blow away all competition. I have been a Ford man my entire life, loyal to the bone. Give us what we want! Must have the option for a manual transmission…

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    Valuable information. Fortunate me I found your web site unintentionally, and I’m shocked why this accident didn’t came about in advance! I bookmarked it.

  • Anthony Groulx

    I have been looking for a small truck with a diesel eng( preferably one like old perkin eng ) for over 7 years I looked into the old 83-85 trucks but found you couldnt get parts for the eng.

  • Scott

    Ford needs to step up and give us the option of buying this truck!!!!!

  • Randy

    I’ve been looking for the economy that i get with my VW TDI in a truck version for years. I would buy one in a minute

  • nate scott

    I’d buy one

  • Steve

    I would buy a new diesel Ranger. I want a truck to use as a daily commuter and weekend warrior for projects and recreation. The closest thing that would work now is the Toyota Tacoma, and I actually like the look of the global Ranger better, as well as the diesel engine. I’ve seen pictures of the new Chevy Colorado coming in a few years, and I don’t like it nearly as much as the global Ranger. And if Ford thinks I will consider buying an F-150 – even with EcoBoost – they are dead wrong! I’ll go with a smaller truck from another maker. I don’t want a full size truck for daily commuting!

  • Folly

    you had me at diesel bot sold me at quad cab

  • Lee johnson

    Ok this should be as simple as this, who built Ford? We did! The American consumer over the years have supported Ford in someway or another.

    I know most of us has owned a Ford Pick up truck I have personally owned 4. A 1964 Ford w a straight six, 1989 F-150 & the (Supreme)1995 Ford Ranger. A 1999 Lariat.

    It has been a plum-pleasen-pleasure for me to own & Drive these trucks, If I could purchase a truck right now today, it would be the Ranger Diesel hands down for one obvious reason I love Ford Trucks.

    But the Ranger has a special place for me, On a curvey wet & windy road my wife slid of the road hit a tree went down over an embankment, into the creek bed and luckly she was fine, the truck got a new dent on the rear fenderwell. Ford Ranger!

    I got my Ranger stuck in a creek I was four wheeling wits a 2 wheel drive truck lol, the back of the truck was barried under 3 1/2 feet of water & some of the front was submerged, I left it running for an hour or so walk back home got the Bronco and pulled it out,

    A timming belt @ 170k & a clutch @ 180k. It ran & ran & its got over 225,000 miles.

    Is this about a truck that you can believe in with confidence? Absolutely!

    Is it tough & versatile? Yes!

    I hauled 1300-1600 pounds of scrap metal on a trailer and in the bed of the Ranger XLT SUPER CAB 4 Cylinder week after week, thats correct! & fourwheelers and dirtbikes every weekend.

    We already know how tough they are, or we wouldn’t want the Ranger Diesel

    Everyone I talk to wants a Ford-Ranger Diesel, did I mention if it wasn’t for us loving and being loyal to the Ford Ranger it could have faded a longtime ago, a Ford Ranger Truck!

    We have done many & plenty for you oh Ford over the years, but this has been because you make an Awesome Truck.

    Please bring The Ford Ranger Diesel back to the US. Where it got its humble beginning. We love you oh Ford Ranger & need you more than ever! Amen Post written by L Johnson

  • Bill Leavens

    Sure would be a good thing if all these comments were getting to Ford somehow. Sure would be a great thing if they were being read. And it would be wonderful if they actually acted on it and brought the diesel Ranger to the US market. So my question is, ARE THESE COMMENTS GETTING TO FORD?

    • Jo Borras

      Ford is aware of them … but I think we need more than 700-odd comments. If we had 700-odd ORDERS, that might be different.

      • Bill Leavens

        Jo, this is a very tiny sample of a huge market. Who even knows this petition is out there? If you want to find this petition, you have to know it exists. How many folks are going to stumble in here by accident? And I believe that these 700 odd comments mean about 70,000 orders if you figure that 1 % of the people who might be interested land on this site. That ain’t chicken feed. Or let Chebby do it with the new Colorado.

  • chris

    I definitely agree! I have thought about this for years. I loved my ford ranger but was getting 17 MPG with the 4.0. I could be driving an f150 and have almost the same mpg. But if the ranger came with a 4cyl diesel it would be the ultimate truck. Why does everyone else in the world get all the good cars! I just found out subaru makes a forester with a diesel that gets 40 + mpg.

  • Ed

    Put my order in today!!!

  • Jim

    I have been driving Ford Ranger’s for 24 years now. My current ride is a 1996 4×4 Extended Cab which I bought new and has about 200K, still going strong. I would have upgrade to a new Ranger if they sold one with a diesel. I like my smaller Ranger with decent gas mileage. If I need a full size truck I use my Dodge 2500 Cummins Diesel. I much prefer for everyday use the smaller Ranger. I guess I’ll have to purchase another brand now. Ford just lost another loyal repeat customer for the Ranger and no I won’t buy a F150, even if they had a small diesel. I want a smaller truck and I need a pickup.

  • Nathan

    “Global ranger” everywhere else but here. Ford bring it home!! I don’t want an f150. Bring the ranger home

  • Kevin

    I have a 2000 Ranger supercab that I would like to replace and the Global Ranger is exactly what I have been holding out for. The 4-door with an I-5 engine is perfect! Ford… I will not buy an oversized F150. It fits many peoples needs, but not mine. I want to adequately seat 4 people, haul things home from Lowes, light towing and get great mpg. Please get this to the US before I have to settle for a Tacoma that is the right size, but does not have the mpg.

  • T Whited

    I will never buy A big gas guzzling F 150 no way !!!!

  • will

    This sounds great we need more options Ford just make sure it gets 30+ mpg and they will sell like crazy.

  • Rannets

    I will buy 50 for my business.

  • luke

    Id buy one. Sending this link to tons of people. I’ve had this discussion with many

  • Jeff

    I’d trade in my raptor for one of these. Bring us a diesel ranger!!! Blow the competition out of the water in the usa with it.

  • t o’costell

    I don’t understand why we have to lag behind the rest of the world. A small truck with a diesel is what I want. The Global Ranger looks great. I would love to buy a domestic truck but for now I drive my Toyota. Ford what’s up?

  • eric

    i dont know why this hasent been done long ago! if they ever come out with one i would by one instantly.

  • Ian

    Give me diesel. I am a contractor that hauls a small trailer and an F150 doesn’t fit in my garage. I own a ranger now and would like a modern truck.

  • price

    Why should I be looking at 4bt engine conversions when it would probably be more cost effective if they would just make this available in the U.S.?

  • Rich Harrell

    PLEASE provide the global randger in the us with a small diesel engine. The global Ranger has all the power I need and better gas milage than what is currently offered in the US.

  • Winkler

    I have been dreaming ,whining,and getting fiercely upset at usA for not giving us the 4 cyl turbo diesel truck .sign me up ! Pissed off that uk has 4 door pu trucks forYears

  • JR

    Count me in!

  • josh

    bring the diesel Ranger home to the US !!!! BACK TO THE ROOTS

  • Jean-Baptiste Coupet

    I have been waiting to have a Ford diesel truck but unable to do so because of their size and price. The F-250 Diesel is considered too big and the F-150 does not fit with a diesel engine therefore the best fit would be a Ranger Diesel and believe it or not, I am not the only one in my family looking forward to own a Ranger Diesel. Ford management and marketing need to consider having this truck in the US. It will be a hot item provided that it is reliable. Ford, Please get the diesel Ranger here in the U.S. Cannot wait any longer to have one.

  • alvis adames

    Since 2002 I have only diesel car in my garage. With a VW Jetta TDI and Dodge Cummins 3500 I’ll never would back to gas engine. More miles per gallon, easy fixing mechanical problems and pumping biodiesel to cut our dependence of middle east oil, I just can recommend bring diesel to usa

  • Robb Loman

    I really want to see the Ranger back in the US and for Ford to pull their head out of there ass. The original concept of the Ranger was to provide a practical, economical truck for those of use needing a truck but not the full 150. I don’t want a truck that doesn’t fit in my garage. Chances are I’ll be trading in my Sport Trac for some import small/ mid-size truck because Ford keeps playing these games.

  • Jason

    While deployed to Afghanistan we got a Diesel Ranger to use on the FOB. We loved it and everyone kept saying “Why don’t they sell this thing back home? I’d buy it!”

    Why does ford need a petition with millions of signatures to sell a Diesel Ranger in America? I thought they were in the business to make money.

    • Bill Leavens

      Perhaps Ford has figured out that the diesel Ranger will be an F-150 killer. But if Chebby figures out that a diesel Colorado will be an F-150 killer, too, something might happen. Still holding on to my ’99 Frontier with 300,000 miles in the hopes that SOMEBODY makes a little turbodiesel pickemup. Fortunately, the Frontier is probably good for another 300,000…

  • VocalVirgo

    I have a diesel car. I’ll never buy another gasser after having owned this car. But I’d love to trade up to a small/medium diesel pickup. There has been talk of a Yamaha-derived V6 Diesel for the F-150 for years. But I don’t think either of these trucks will grace our shores. F*ck it, I’ll just tow my motorcycle with my car if I can’t get a bed. Ford: I’d be your b*tch if you bring the diesel over.

  • Tom Baker

    We NEED one of these!

  • Matt Dobler

    Ford, please bring the Diesel ranger to the U.S. Someone from a ford dealership called me asking if I wanted to trade up to a new F-150. i said no thank you. If they called asking me to trade up to a new diesel ranger, the answer would most definitely have been yes.

  • Peter Avram

    I’d sell my VW TDI for one of these in a heartbeat. C’mon Ford.


    Please!!!!!!!! My 98 ranger is @ 300,000 and I love this vehicle, but she’s getting tired. i bought a ’85 mercedes-benz 300 Diesel. i never thought i’d buy a foreign car, but benz is getting 32 mpg and it’s 27 years old. My money will go to the first AMERICAN car company that wakes up and brings a small truck w/diesel & 4×4 to all of us that don’t need a oversized truck for day to day life.

  • Andy

    Bring it, I will buy it. Had good experience with Ford vehicles in the past.

  • William

    i think it is so stupid that they haven’t brought a small diesel pick up to the us market by now. so hopefully ford will bring this.

  • jacob

    Rember the kickbacks given to by a hummer?
    Rember the EV1 ?
    I have a diesel boat that gets at least twice the mileage of the same boat with a gas engine but yet they stoped selling it with the diesel only in the usa .the reason is they claim the emissions are too great. Are you kidding me ,were do they think all that extra fuel goes ?? BP spends lots of money on comericals telling us to eat the seafood its safe.belive me I have pulled in dead turtles,birds,fish and I am hundreads of miles away, Some of it is safe ,not all of it!

  • Anthony

    Please ford ive been dreaming of this!!!! I’d buy it tomorrow

  • Tom Shields

    I have seen the Ford Ranger in Central America with a Power Stroke Turbo-Diesel and the truck was rated at one ton, I would buy one today to supplement my two 350 crew cab duallies

  • Jess

    i want one and know several other people that would buy also bring on the small diesel pickups and cars ford

  • Bob

    I’ve driven Rangers for the last 21 years, Try parking a full size pickup in the lot at wally world lol with the 07 Ranger I currently drive it’s a breeze. that 91 4 banger i had was a real POS heck I only got 247,000 miles out of it. Give me a Ranger that’s got the in-line 5 D and I’ll get my check book out today. So yes FOMOCO get your head un-inserted the 07 I’ve got could stand replacing. Guess my only real concern is what color Tacoma I’ll get atleast it will be assembled in the state and not built in South Africa or some such place.

    • Jo Borras

      GOOD. POINT. Most of the light trucks wearing Ford badges are now built in Turkey.

  • Dave

    It’s crazy we don’t have more diesel choices and the Ranger.

  • Curt

    Smaller fuel efficient pickup with diesel engine – yes!

  • http://PetitiontoBringFord’sGlobalDieselRangertoAmerica rogelio

    i have $12,000 cash for the down payment and my 1999 ford ranger as trade in loyal costumer i leave in California i want a 4 cylinders gas or diesel 4door and 5 or 6 speed manual transmission on it. any color.

  • WaltK

    When Ford cut out the earleir diesel Ranger I converted a Toyota Chinook to a Isuzu Diesel engine, no special modern diesel needed I had a truck with a pop up camper which got 37mpg and was driven several times across the country loaded with several of us and all our gear. If only the body of the truck could have lasted as long as the engine.
    Now put that new Ranger diesel drivetrain with it’s capacity into my 2000 Ranger 4×4 supercab and I’ll grab it. Not as keen on the bed sizes I cannot sleep in or so much crew cab, need that 6 foot bed length for more trips across the US. Hauling a pop up camper designed for back country of course.
    I was told ten years ago Ford was about to bring in the diesel Ranger, it’s about time to fish or cut bait.

  • Eusebio

    Bring it here now! Hurry!

  • http://gas2 adam

    I want 1!

  • loudog

    PLEASE! PLEASE! bring me a diesel Ranger, with more room, 4 REAL doors, enough torque to actually do something with, and something that can beat 25mpg. We all know the next best option is gas powered, 225hp 5cyl, made by the company that needed a bail out….no thanks. I want quality, and diesel

  • Frank Hassler

    My environmentally minded company needs small, fuel efficient trucks, that can fit in tight work spaces (and our small shop!) and yet get the work done. My father’s F150 is just too big, the high sides on the bed are a PIA to work in and out of. Global Ranger sounds perfect, I’d trade in my Frontier in a heart-beat.

  • Frank Hassler

    Also, can I buy one in Canada or Mexico and drive it home?

    • Mike

      No. They don’t pass the phony US emission standards. Total BS.

  • claudio

    Trucks should be diesel powered! I’m getting tired of my 2000 ranger. This could convince me to upgrade.

  • Steve

    I had a lot of experience with this little diesel and toyotas Hilux in Afghanistan. They are awesome and we need them in America. Problem is they last forever and the big three doesn’t like that…

  • Allan

    Ford, we need the diesel Ranger ASAP!!!! Get te jimpon the competition this time and be a leader in the mid-size truck market. You leave us to suffer with Tacos, Frontiers, and Canyon.

  • Jack Cartlidge

    Enough with the super duties that are way to big to actually do anything with aside from towing a house. Have you tried to park one at you local grocery store? I would love a smaller capable diesel truck. I do pull a boat and a camper and feel the smaller truck would just make life easier for someone who needs a capable daily driver.

  • Dee

    I.m so tired of traveling overseas and driving the vehicle there that I.d rather be driving here! …for the fuel efficiency..and features. I don’t want a full size pickup…I want a compact diesel pickup! I currently have two vehicles to fill the role of one…a VW Beetle for highway travel and a Jeep Cherokee for off roading and hauling. Why???? Someone step up to the plate already…..PLEASE!

  • Raph

    Apparently there is some sort of conspiracy in the US that keeps affordable diesel utility vehicles out of reach for the average consumer. AWD or 4WD coupled with diesel cant be had for less than 50k and even then don’t yield the mileage return that justifies the premium, save maybe the TDI Toureg (from what some have said on forums).
    I would buy a diesel: Ranger, Amarok, Forester, Alltrac, Tacoma …
    It may be the only vehicle that would get me to step foot in a Ford showroom.
    Is it so inconceivable that someone that has a few kids, dogs, bikes… might want to tow a small(er/ish) camper? Heaven forbid a diesel pickup that didn’t need a 1/4 acre to park? I’m pretty sure people buy midsize pickups for their efficiency, lower cost of operation, and user friendliness; way no not give people more of what they really want.

    • Jo Borras

      The problem is that so few people choose small/mid-size trucks that only the most very ancient (read: amortized) tech is worth building – and, as emissions and safety regulations tighten, even those are becoming money pits.

      • Bill Leavens

        Yes, Joe. BUT – Ford is already building the thing and marketing it. The rest of the world likes small trucks and there was a time back in the ’70s and ’80′s when Tpyota Hilux, Nissan Hardbodies and Chebby S-10s were all over the place. As they should be now. And how many creaky old tech Rangers has Ford sold? There are a pile of them out there. If Ford doesn’t want to spend the bucks to develop their own Americanized diesel, I am sure that VW would be happy to sell them wholesale. There’s a market and the sooner that Fors begins to realize that, the sooner we’ll se it here. This is all so very frustrating…

  • Bobby Simms

    I want the diesel Ranger. Also Ford could you offer the Ranger in a crew cab like everywhere else. You guys could take over the world with this truck!!!

  • T Skantz

    I believe that Ford is making a big mistake by choosing to not bring the new diesel Ranger to the U.S. If Ford feels it necessary, they could bump up the size of the F-150 to make it clear that the Ranger and F-150 were meant for different markets.

  • Joe

    I would like the opportunity to buy the Ranger with a diesel motor.

  • Greg

    Ford isn’t smart enough to listen. They could have been building versatile small diesel pick ups for years. Car companies generally are too large to use common sense. My Ranger is 9 years old and now they aren’t selling them, I’ll buy another brand instead.

  • thomas martin

    Being a past and current ranger owner I was infuriated that this new ranger was global only and not coming to the united states. When jeep comes out with the gladiator they will dwarf the foreign companies because the standard model comes with the 4 cylinder turbo diesel. I hope this petition brings this ranger to the united states.

  • Bryan

    Have been shopping around for another truck to replace my 95 ranger. Most trucks for sale in canada are way too big, if this were available I would buy it in an instant. Come on Ford, smarten up, lots of people want a smallish truck with four-doors! Please release this in Canada or I’ll have to buy a Nissan Frontier. I love Rangers but not dumb marketing ploys.

    • Jo Borras

      This truck is larger than the current Ranger, the GMC/Chevy twins, and the Toyot/Nissans. It’s about the size of the T100 or Dakota.

  • Mike

    If they would just bring the diesel Ranger to the US and market it as the truck with the best fuel economy everyone looking for an economical truck would buy one. That’s the only reason anyone buys a small truck, for fuel economy. The fact is the first company to wake up and release a new light truck that gets 35+ mpg in the US will dominate the market.

  • Burl

    Bring back the Ranger. All your old customers are going to Toyota, Nissan & Chevy

  • rtgreen

    I would buy the global ranger. I’ve been in the market for a truck for the past year. The F150, Chevy Silverado, and Ram 1500 are too large for urban parking. I need something that will hold a small riding mower. It must have 4×4 and tow 5500-6500 lbs.

  • Justin

    Amen, I want a diesel in this badboy! ’04 FX4

  • Darryl

    I would buy one for the Canadian market. in a extra cab 4×4

  • Dan

    I want one.

  • http://PetitiontoBringFord’sGlobalDieselRangertoAmerica rogelio

    please bring the global ford ranger i need a small pickup that can fit on my garage and under 26k dollars 4 door please and 5 or 6 speed manual thank.

  • Nathan

    I’ll one of the first to purchase if you bring the 3.2L Diesel Ranger across the pond.

  • Ryan Joseph Kaun

    I need this truck it everything I need in a truck as of right now I’m looking into buying one overseas and paying to have it shipped to the us I know a lot of people want this there has to be another way to bring these small powerhouse to the USA I mean come one Ford is a American name for Christ sake everything Ford makes should start here then go over seas

  • Jason

    Ford, please bring the global Ranger to the US with all the same options as are offered everywhere else in the world. You are making exactly the truck I want, but I can’t buy it. What’s the deal? Sell them here and I’ll be at the dealer looking to buy.

  • Scott Ballard

    I have a 20 year old daughter that would kill for a “girl sized” version of Dad’s F350 Diesel……not every chick wants a chick car…….Diesel Ranger would sell to people that Ford doesn’t currently reach with the F series
    Smart people at Ford didn’t need a bailout like some others ….must be a governmental reason of some kind that Ford and John Deere sell things in the European marketplace that they don’t sell here……would like to know what it is?

  • Stephen Davis

    I have been waiting, but can’t wait much more. I have a 1999 Ford Ranger with almost 300,000 miles. If they don’t make a diesel Ranger for the United States soon then I am going to buy a Golf.

    I would also buy Ford Stock.

    I have also looked at electric cars, but my commute is too long.

    The clock is ticking.

    • Jo Borras

      I think you’re going to have to get a Chevy, my man!


    I can’t wait to get one !!!!!!!!!!!

  • kreemydrawzDick Van Dork

    Puleeeze!!!! Make it… GM will be on it’s heels for years trying to keep up… and while your at it, throw a 2.2 in the Transit Connect.

  • Hardy St-Amand

    Been a Ford owner for 35 years. Albeit used Ford owner, Ford owner none the less. One thing that has irritated me for years is the fact that Ford refuses to listen to it’s customers even loyal ones. I find this so wrong. If Ford really no longer wants to listen, not that they ever really did, to their customers then I think I will be switching brands. And of others follow suit then Ford will be eventually go the way of the do do bird. After all, isn’t that what they have done with so many North American jobs? if they offer little to no loyalty to their workers, then why should customers offer any to them? Hopefully someone will listen, but somehow i think out well fall on deaf ears. Unfortunate. But ultimately who knows. one thing that is for sure_ the top don’t loss much sleep y the deal. Anyway hopefully someone reads this and agrees. Maybe then

  • Derrick

    I have a 2001 7.3L F-250, I love my diesel truck! Would love to have a small diesel available for the Ranger and Focus, what the hell is wrong with you guys at Ford? Why not a small (3 cylinder) diesel/electric hybrid?

  • Jason Carpp

    What bothers me is that it’s not just Ford who’s refusing to offer a diesel engine in the US of A for its small trucks, but also General Motors and Chrysler. Not everyone needs or wants a huge Ford F250 or F350, a Dodge D250 or D350, or a Chevrolet or GMC 2500 or 3500. Most of us would be just as happy with a Ford Ranger, a Ford Bronco II, A Chevy S10 or GMC compact truck, or a Dodge Dakota if they were available with a diesel engine. Why they were never offered with diesel engines is beyond my comprehension. That’s stupid, that they offer diesel engines for full-sized truck buyers, but not small truck buyers. Why should we be denied the option of diesel power? I’ve heard it said that only the marketing people make that decision. If that’s the case, then perhaps we should do away with marketing people. All they do is get in the way of we, the customers.

    • Christopher DeMorro

      @ Jason Carpp

      Actually, both GM and Chrysler are bringing diesel engines to their lineup in the next couple of years. GM will begin offering a diesel-powered Chevy Cruze next year, and their new Colorado pickup is also rumored to be packed diesel power.

      As for Chrysler, they’ve already confirmed a 3.0 liter turbodiesel for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and I’d be shocked if that engine didn’t make its way to the pickup lineup sooner rather than later.

      Ford…Ford just doesn’t think Americans will buy diesels, unless its a big diesel pickup. That’s a shame, doubly so for me as a Ford fan. Maybe they’ll wisen up…or maybe they’ll be proven right. Time will tell.

  • Mark White

    My family are farmers. They work with the Ford diesel trucks, but they have Toyota’s they hunt and play with. We need the diesel Ranger for fuel economy and to pull our toys!

  • Liam robinson

    This article EXACTLY replicates my frustration.
    The only reason ford doesn’t bring the global ranger is because they can make so much money off the F-150. I for one will not be able to afford a truck that gets 15-20MPG for much longer at $1.50/litre. Bring the global ranger to Canada/USA Ford! Or I’m off to buy a Tacoma.
    BTW: I’m never going to buy something with a twin turbo. You blow one, you trash both. Good bye engine+2 turbos. Anyone who drives a vehicle with a twin turbo past it’s warranty is a complete moron in my mind.

    • Jo Borras

      Turbos have come a LONG way in the last few years. Most bearing turbos will outlive the engine in that thing (diesel or not).

  • Alex Gonzalez

    Bring that ford ranger now! I have been wanting a truck for the longest but they eat more gas then they can chew and I just can’t afford that guzzler I want a truck I can drive daily and eventually someone will do it why not be the innovator FORD and start the chain getting that lead in America to the consumers who are waiting for this gift to introduce it self! I hope this works cause if not I’m going to have to stick with a car thinking bout vw jetta tdi since its only high torque high mpg vehicle available :-/

  • ryun

    I want this truck! :) great design! My family is all ford owners and I’m considering changing brands because I don’t see anything I like. This truck would keep me a ford owner.

  • Maxime

    I want one too in Canada Québec! I will sold my explorer sport trac for that kind of truck, diesel, manual 6 speed and 4×4.Yeah!

  • http://aol ed

    Why are we still having this discussion? After nearly 5 dollar per gallon gasoline in 07 and 4 dollar now w/who knows what tomorrow? I spend upwards over 600.00 per month w/my 15 mpg 1 ton and desperately need a fuel efficient work truck for savings of 300 per month.I’ll take mine in white w/tan interior. Sign me up soon please.

  • Tim Nelson

    I hope when the new calorado comes out it sells like hot cakes. I own a sport trac I bought new in 2004. I take good care of my truck, I have to !
    The guys at the ford dealership are always asking if i would like to trade it
    In but for what. I need a truck that can seat 4 and isn’t a pain in city driving. The quad seat F150 is huge. When ford decided to dump the
    Ranger they didn’t get rid of one truck they got rid of two. So put us guys on your pally sheet ford you said the ranger wasn’t selling well yet you claim it sold 50 thousand units in it’s last year. How many sport tracs could have been added to that list, and I just don’t see people making a bee line for the new transit it’s a freaking milk truck. I would happily buy a new quad
    Cab ranger so don’t give me that excuse that ranger owners just want cheap transport. I love small trucks. At any price . It’s not monitory it’s life style.

  • Gas Mileage Fan

    GM is going to start building the newly designed global colorado in the USA (MO). I will buy one of those if ford never brings the global ranger here.

  • john

    as a chevy man for the past 35 years, if ford would make this ranger available here in upstate ny, id buy one in a minute

  • xp190

    I had a Ranger, it was the best truck ever as I use it for small projects, it’s history now and after months of looking for a replacement, the best I could do is a monster F-150 which guzzles gas even with the 4.6L.
    I want a small diesel pickup, I thought the new Ranger would be it, then I found out that because I live in Canada, I can’t have it because it would sell better than the flagship F-150, times change, flagships should change also.

    Give me the Diesel Ranger!

  • CJ

    I want it. I still don’t see the justification for not bringing it here. As I understand, It’s sold in every market outside of North America. The one place where pickup trucks have a decent market and we can’t get what is possibly the best small truck made; it just isn’t right.

  • Ranger Bob

    Amen to that! I would pay $30,000 for one. Hell I’d have been happy with the same old Ranger with some modern fuel efficient engines thrown in it.

  • Jeremy

    That is EXACTLY what I want! I love the Ranger, always have. Always just wished it had a little more pulling strength. Please bring the global to the states!

  • Fordcake

    E-mailed Ford about this several times and they won’t even admit they make a Diesel Ranger. I’d buy one right now.

  • Robert Waters

    Bring it on! America wants one!

  • http://Gas2 Larry Krane

    Bring it to the USA Ford! I’ll buy one to replace my gas guzzlin GMC Sierra.

  • Stuart C. Ashley

    Hi Ford Motor Co.;
    We were in the market for a small diesel pickup. They trotted out a F-350. That’s about as small as they could go. So we bought a VW Jetta diesel TDI that gets up to 50 MPG. If you don’t make what people want, you won’t make sales!
    Cheers! Stu.

  • Frank Kline

    I own a 99 Ford Ranger and I would love to buy another (new design) Ranger! The F150 is more than I need and I really don’t want to buy GM or foreign unless I absolutely have to….

  • Jon

    come on Ford wake-up. I will be in the market soon for a truck and the ranger diesel is the only way that I will buy a new truck.

  • Rich doll

    Bring it, I love my ranger I’m on my 3rd one, HATE the gas milage; bring it

  • Ben

    I want this truck.

  • Robert

    I would love to have this truck… But it would kill their F150 line, same reason the Raptor is priced at $42,000. We are the only market that the F150 can survive in.

  • Ian

    I want it too!

  • Jesse stensvad

    I want one too!!!!! where do i sign?

  • Ryan Speakman

    i have had my ranger for 15 years and still starts and drives while havin 300,000 miles on it, but i want a new one and i want a brand new ranger

  • Mike

    A small diesel danger ranger would be awesome. A bad weather / affordable second vehicle / I have to occasionally move stuff vehicle. A “I like trucks but don’t need one” truck. Amazing truck to tear into and turn into a sweet, affordable trail truck.

  • Cody

    I would love this truck in the us would make things so much easier

  • tom

    having been deployed overseas, I am currently stationed on a base that the US has purchased numerous of the small diesel pickups for things. they are great. I have been driving a diesel VW for years and am looking for a replacement. I really want a truck but i can not bring myself to buy what you have described above (the old, small trucks with abysmal gas mileage). i love these trucks over here and i really want to know what the real reason is that they are not available in the states.

    theres also a bunch of small chevy, nissans, toyota’s. small, awesome, 2.2-2.5 liter turbodiesel trucks, like the ranger. but, the fords look the best in my opinion.

  • Tony

    I’ve been wondering for years why we can’t get more diesel vehicles in our country, especially when the same auto manufacturers sell them elsewhere. Adding insult to injury is the fact that some diesel engines are made here and exported to other markets. Ridiculous behavior imho. I have one of those old, inefficient Dodge Dakota pickups from the 90s and would love to buy something like this diesel ranger with 40mpg.

  • Shayne

    I’ve just finished watching all videos and read all the specs on the Australian website and I’m friggin impressed. I’ve always wondered what a diesel ranger would be like after owning a 4.0 in the past. I currently own a ’09 F150 and i absolutely love it, and would love for ford to make a diesel version on that. They are right about it competing with the F series of trucks cause i would TOTALLY buy one of those Rangers but the ranger has always been a excellent option to have. I love the size of my truck and everything that comes along with it, but sometimes i wish i had a diesel. My style of driving, and the things that i do, it would really be much more practical. I really hope that ford considers bringing this truck stateside, i know a ton of people that would more than likely grab one. most of them drive diesel cars but don’t want the pain of a full size diesel truck and this would be prefect. I think ford has really got the right idea with this one. Come on Ford, wake up, bring the new ranger to North America.

  • entwisjj

    Bring it here!

  • Greg

    I own a 2009 Fusion I bought because I wanted an American car with good mileage. My next vehicle will be a truck with the best mileage I can get. Give us a High mileage truck before someone else does. Haven’t American car makers learned anything from the Prius invasion?

  • JHP

    I bought a Golf TDI and would go back to an American Pickup if i could get 30+ MPG. My VW gets 40+ and I have saved over $200/month in fuel costs, use to have Chevy 1500.

  • john binns

    I have a Golf TDI and love it. It replaced my ZX3. now I’m looking for a diesel truck to replace my Dakota. What about it Ford?

  • seth oertli

    count me in ive always been a ford man and everyone around here calls me the ranger expert i love em there tough little trucks but love my diesels to id by one if they brought it

  • Alex

    I would run to a ford dealer to be first inline if they brought the global ranger. I’m considering a tacoma right now because i don’t want a full size. Please bring this truck to the US. Also bring it with the manual transfer case, a manual transmission and (I know it’s a long shot, but) manual hubs.

  • Wayne Duke

    I love the idea! I wish this American company would show some love to its homeland.

  • Tim NeedsATruck

    I’m bagging… I can’t stand the options of trucks we have to choose from. Who ever gets here first…a crew cab Honda Amarock Diesel, GM’s Colorado or Canyon Diesel or Ford Ranger Diesel, will sell more than they could ever imagine.

  • T-Bone

    I bought my first Ranger new in 1992. 4.0L manual. Drove it for 14 years, then bought my second in 2006. 2005 4.0L automatic. I would absolutely jump on a 3.2L diesel Ranger if/when Ford brings it here. I’d also love to see a new RWD minivan along the lines of the old Chevy Astro or Ford Aerostar with that 3.2L diesel. Give it a high roof like the Transit or Transit Connect and some passenger comforts so I can haul people or cargo.

  • Jeff Price

    Saw these trucks in afghanistan and I wanted one. Bring them home. Make them in Louisville!

  • Ethan

    we need this truck in the us. diesel = better millage we need more diesel in more vehicles

  • Livewire300

    My Ranger is 13 Years Old, and still running Strong. I love my Truck, and would love to buy a new 2013 FORD Ranger… Please don’t make me have to buy a toyota tacoma…

    (If U can’t buy FORD, then buy foreign)

    Why FORD, WHY?!?!?


  • Stephen

    I am about to buy a small truck. It will probably be a Tacoma. I’ve been waiting for the diesel ranger since I heard about it two years ago. I-5 diesel?! Oh well…. If news doesn’t come out in a couple days I guess I’m getting a Japanese truck. I guess they are more reliable anyways… Say goodbye ford

  • Jim

    I would buy a f150 with 5 cyl diesel also and Expedition or Navigator with that engine bring it on Ford

  • Frank Davis

    Indeed, bring this Ford to the US.

  • Ryan

    I’m trying to import an older diesel ranger, this with a long box option would be an amazing sell here in Canada I approve this.

    • John

      I can’t believe this is something we need to petition for. Come on Ford, this is a “no-brainer.” If you bring it, I will buy it. Throw us a frickin’ bone here!!

  • John S

    I can’t believe Ford doesn’t offer a Ranger in the US. I would buy on in a heartbeat.

  • Vlk

    It’s the powerful gas companies. How much would they lose if we had trucks and cars that got that kind of mileage. So pay off the auto companies and have there lobbies do there talking. I have seen the other countries with there small diesel trucks. Everyone else has diesels and the mileage that go with it. Think about it.

  • Bill Leavens

    Alas, Vlk’s comment rings altogether too true. It turns out corporations are people – very powerful people with very expensive friends in Congress who make the ruiles for the rest of us. And that same Congress is why we don’t have thorium nuclear powerplants generating our energy. Watch five minutes of the following – more if you have the time and interest. But I digress

  • Brien Detamore

    When can I order one?

  • shawn

    yes I would love to have the American style 4 door diesel in America, don’t care for the rounded body style that they have other countries

  • Charles Neal

    I would love to see the Diesel Ranger come to the USA and Would love to own one BUT as long as we have California on the west side of us coming up with silly rules for their EPA and tree huggers which allways spreads east will keep us from having a fuel efficient Ford Truck diesel in our driveway.

  • Bshenn

    Repeal the Chiken Tax Law!

    • PADDY O


  • diesel-ranger

    I’d drive to my local Ford dealership and buy one today if it was offered. Ford could import a few or have them as special order at the dealership. 

  • Johndp3

    Sell me a moderately priced, mid sized diesel with great mileage. I’ve been waiting for one for 15 years!

  • Burton4562

    We need more diesel cars and less gas. You make more hp and torque with less fuel burn. Sounds like a no brainier. Oil will last over 7k miles and less maintenance.

  • JOHN


  • Jam71199

    Thanks, I totally agree I have owned 2 Rangers over the past 10 years and sore that It was the only truck I would own. I don’t need or have room for a larger truck like the F150 but could sure use the towing capacity and the clearance, as well as the small turn radius and fuel economy.
    Talk about a way to boost brand loyalty.
    I am going to find a small diesel truck if I have to buy and convert an old ranger or some other brand but would prefer that you just import the truck we need.
    Thanks Aaron Martin

    • Ray

      I will not purchase another vehicle unless it is a turbo diesel. I enjoy getting 47 mpg in my Jetta TDI and am upset that I can’t have the Passat Bluemotion 1.6L TDI that gets over 70 mpg!

  • Paper2

    yaa baby! I’m with ya. I’d buy one today.

  • Jason Carpp

    It seems to me it’d be a felony that a diesel powered small truck is available in other countries (Australia, Europe, Africa, etc.), but not here in North America, and in particular, the USA. Who the hell makes such decision? Diesel may not be for everyone, and with the cost of diesel being more than that of gasoline, even more so. But so what? There has to be a niche somewhere for light duty trucks and compact trucks. I’d buy a Toyota Tacoma with a diesel engine if it were sold here. Or perhaps a Nissan Titan with a diesel engine.

  • David Tyree

    I’d buy one, but I’ll probably end up getting a frontier because it isn’t available in the US. 

    • JOHN

      Is the Frontier diesel?

  • Rocky Rokovetsky

    I know there’s qite a few of us in Canada that are, or WERE, die-hard Ford fans until the Ranger was history. We’d definitely pick up new Ford Rangers if it were one of these.

  • david

    I would definitely look into buying a diesel ranger so lets get them to the usa!

  • rangerbob

    i would have one of them in a heartbeat. been thinkin of repowering my 91 ranger

  • eezyrider

    I tried contacting Ford about the new global diesel ranger. At first the person that answered the e-mail didn’t know what I was talking about. So I sent a link to a European sales brochure. Oh…
    Doesn’t make any sense to me that at least one of the manufacturers isn’t offering a small truck with a diesel option in the US.

  • wheresDAbeef

    Sign me up, a fuel efficient small/midsize truck.
    -Florida Mike

  • Pingback: Anonymous

  • Tim

    We NEED this vehicle here. There has to be a market out there for a small/midsize pickup truck, with a fuel efficient small/midsize diesel engine. The thing is… ‘Murricans love their trucks. Instead of trying to convince them to downsize into vehicles they’d rather not drive, or using fancy turbochargers to make marginal improvements to huge trucks which are more than most people actually need, a truck such as the global ranger with the right diesel engine, would be the perfect sell in this country. It’s a travesty that Ford doesn’t “import” this truck into their home country.

    • Buzzard II

      I would buy a Ranger with a small 4 cylinder engine. This is a no-brainer!

  • Roger Joseph Patrick Kelly

    i think you should do more research on cars being sold over-seas, since you seem to clearly be good at it, and get a petition like this for more then ford. get 4 petitions for 4 different companies and hit the social media sites. hell, Facebook got a petition for a deathstar with enough signatures for review, im sure you can get one going for fuel efficient cars. i think there is a big problem with american auto-manufacturers not selling fuel efficient cars in the states because oil companies don’t want them to, and hiding behind “what sells” as an excuse. they market fuel efficient cars to other countries because that’s all other countries will buy, but they know we are still a country of asinine vanity, lift kits and SUV’s.

  • jjjjjjjjjjj

    The FACT is the US automakers refuse all sorts of extremely good diesel engine equipped auto’s. It’s completely nut that Ford would not sell the new Ranger here in the USA. This goes along with a diesel VW that gets DOUBLE the fuel economy of the same Passat here. I’ve traveled the world and I’m 100% sure we’d buy if sold here. More likely Ford just wants people to buy more Toyota’s.

  • Trapper


  • jordan medwid

    This truck looks bad ass. I still find people driving toyota land cruisers from the early 80′s. it’s time ford had a bunch of die hard diesel fans cruising around in our rangers in 20 years

  • Philip

    Anyone who has traveled to other countries understands that these pickups are great. Powerful and efficient. My friend in Australia had a new one I saw last fall. Awesome. I would buy one immediately and I also was a follower of the Mahindra fiasco.

  • Scott Mungin

    I’m not a Ford fan at all but I would buy a diesel Ranger in a heartbeat

  • oifsic1

    i love my ranger, its been an overachiever its whole life but its getting time for a newer truck. F150 is nice but bigger than i need. hate to switch brands but dont see any options

  • Lee


  • Refill ham

    I want this Ranger

  • John Desco

    The only reason ford doesn’t import or manufacture the ford ranger in the US is that it will take market shares away from the “all-American” f150. They aren’t willing to split shares so they slowly kill a very lucrative market. Luckily, I’ve finalized shipping and got my new 2011 Ford ranger registered here in texas. As you can see, the Ford Ranger meets and even exceeds EPA and emissions testing. And with the globalbal market all you have to do is find a foreign dealer and order the car to your specific liking, (options, lhd, xlt, etc).The biggest thing is, that all I did was completely legal. Like I said, ford made this vehicle to meet ALL markets regulations. So it will just take a few year’s and people noting their concern and voila. As for me, ill be hopefully, driving my new ranger July 22, 2013.

  • Glenn

    It was when I went to buy a new one that I found the Ranger was no longer going to offered in the US. This is a GREAT SIZE truck, reliable and economical as a gasoline vehicle!! Why, then, would Ford turn it’s back on a such a huge number of loyal Ranger owners…THEN, to add salt to the wound continue the Ranger as the Global Ranger with a diesel engine!!!!!; Huh?? Don’t get it. Ford turned it’s back on me and I guess their strategy worked because I am now the owner of a Chevy Colorado!! Defiantly not a Ranger, but, it is the right size truck for my needs!!

    I would come back if the diesel Ranger came back…till then hasta la vista, baby!!

  • harv

    I am ford man and love diesel power and fuel economy. also live in calif. and have been working on a early 60′s ranchero “no smog” .

    plans are for mb 300 turbo diesel borg-warnet 5 speed mustang 2 front suspension and disc brake rear end all ford bolt pattern anticipate 30 + mpg however I would still prefer a diesel ranger

  • Adam

    I’m in bring it back

  • Digger

    I’ve had 2 Rangers now in the last 17 years and prefer the Ranger to the F-150 due to the fuel economy of the Ranger vs. the F-150, that and I just do not have the room for that big of a vehicle. And for Ford to think that all Ranger owners would just go buy a bigger truck because it’s Ford is STUPID!!

  • Paula Maricle

    I’d buy one for sure I’ve owned three Rangers and don’t plan on getting rid of the third till they bring back the Danger Ranger

  • builder R

    In 1983 I sat in every small truck being built, including the Volkswagen rabbit with a small diesel. I ended buying a Ford Ranger 2.3 liter four with a manual 4 speed and a trailer towing package. I’m a builder and that Ranger towed dbl axle dump trailer and my 21′ CC with no problem. I put 285 /75 / 15s on it and the only problem was keeping front end alinement.

    Then I had a F-150 with a manual non synchronized 4spd 4×4 with a I6 and fuel injection 2″ body lift and 35″ on 15″ rims. Only made 13 mpg fully loaded or empty.

    I now own a 2001 F-150 extended cab Lariat with a 5.4 a 4sd auto and 4×4. 254,000 + miles and 13.5 mpg .,

    I and my carpenters and laborers and young friends of my 26 yr old all agree with you on the Ranger with good no great MPG.

    I would work sweeping the floors in the plant they make in for stock options if the build it.

    I should be a model U since U fallows model T.

  • kyle brown

    Bring it motherfucker and I will be the first buyer

  • Cheese wheel

    Bring it over!

  • A. Hatch (14-yr Ranger owner)

    Ford, there is a culture of people who strongly prefer mid-size trucks, regardless what you say on your commercials. The reasons for discontinuing the Ranger are most likely complicated and brought on by economic factors. The truth is though that we now have nothing to meet our needs and that is disappointing. We are here, Ford.

  • Walt Fleak

    I too would get one as soon as they come to the US. Is there any way we can get one from over Sea’s and get it here?

  • Marc

    Damn right the “global” Ranger in the US. Ford is American, right? Americans like me want a Ranger or F100, right? My 97 w/4 cyl. 5 spd. lasted me ten years, I got it with 61,xxx miles on it and now currently 251,xxx on it! Don’t need a big truck, and so what if it is only 10% smaller. When Chevy got rid of the S10, I thought, stupid!, When Ford got rid of Mercury, double stupid!! Ranger went bye-bye in ’11, triple stupid!!! And finally, I had zero problems with a 4 cyl. motor being 30 yrs old. If it ain’t broken, don’t “fix” it!

  • Just a guy

    I would love to replace by 2000 Ranger with a new model. Eco Boost Ranger is a no-brainer.

  • WmillerRN

    It’s just like the 65 mpg diesel car they made in Europe right when the Auto industry crashed. They said Americans wouldn’t buy diesel cars. The TDi Jetta was one of the most desired cars @ the time. They said it would cost $150 mil to update the factories in Mexico to make the engines and they were losing BILLIONS. Every Ranger owner loves their truck! The fools that sold theirs want to buy ours. I am going to put a new engine in, and customize mine. I’m rooting for you Ford, and I want to buy the Global Market Ranger! Until then, you’re giving us nothing and I will buy nothing.

  • rob estes

    i would trade my toy ddblcab for a diesel ranger i a heart beat

  • paul

    id buy one

  • APSuess

    I am currently visiting a friend in Australia who only yesterday took delivery of his new Ranger Diesel. Though in the past I would never consider an American-made pickup, this one impressed me so much that I would have no problem changing my long-standing “rule.” This is a beautiful truck. Quiet, comfortable, roomy, with superior handling. What a sin thee are not available in the US. I gladly join the petition to bring this great vehicle to America.

  • Walt

    I’m in and have some money…

  • jrhbronco 2

    Bring it hear its the vehicle every class of person can use and love

  • mike

    I would trade my truck in to get one if it came to the U.S. market

  • Bring Us That Ranger

    I don’t want one of those oversized F-150s or other companies’ too-big, compensation issue full-size trucks. Give me that Ranger! It’s the right size for what I need. Why should the rest of the world get it and we don’t? If the government was ever going to push a vehicle, this should be it instead of those death-box Dodges (I drive one, I know, thanks to the government-sponsored clunkers-for-clunkers exchange program).

  • Mike5234

    This is exactly what I want!

  • derrickito

    i’d buy one of those new easy. shopping for older fords right now specifically for the diesel.

  • cwells421

    Would love to have one. Really want a smaller diesel car.

  • Desertdweller

    This is exactly what we have been looking for and haven’t been able to find. Less than full size pickup with the diesel option for better gas mileage and good emissions – extended cab. We don’t need to tow, but we do want the option for 4-wheel drive. We’ve liked what we’ve seen overseas and are disappointed the options aren’t better in the US.

  • spg144

    Definitely! Currently, (including the 2014 line-up) the only all-wheel-drive diesel available in North America is still the Volkswagen Touareg. If the Ford Ranger (available in 4-door cab) Global AWD Diesel were available in the US and Canada, it would be an overwhelming success for Ford for many years!

  • RockyMtnRanger

    I live in Colorado, and i am sick of all these toyotas! i have a 98 ranger with 240k on it and want to upgrade and the only small truck options out there suck! Ford bring this truck to the states we want and need it

  • Commodore

    Stupid Ford! Just travel to any other country, and you’ll see Rangers and Tacoma carrying and pulling amazing piles of stuff. Not an F150 or bigger to be seen. Get with it! I’m not buying a pickup until I can have as my right 35 mpg!

  • E. Ramsey

    GM and Chevy may have 4 cyl diesel trucks in 2015. If Ford doesn’t get a horse in the race they’re gonna miss out on a huge opportunity.

  • Chris K

    Could have expressed it better myself!

  • Thomas

    This is exactly the type of truck I have been waiting for. After driving a hi lux in Afghanistan I was sold on this type of truck! The problem is I won’t buy one unless it has a blue oval.


    I’d buy this truck today if it was available.

  • Tom

    Staggering numbers? Probably not unless Ford does a pre-marketing run-up and invites those numbers. Right now fans are doing the heavy lifting. Doesn’t mean anything? Well, fans of Route 66 – despite all odds – recreated the highway as an international icon. I drove it a dozen times in a Ranger. Sweet. Yeah, let’s get that rascal over here. I’ll sign up and pitch it to every truckie I know.

  • Please

    As an owner of a 01 V6 Ranger I recently told a car buff that I would consider buying another Ranger. He told me they stopped making them, and after seeing the small truck market disappear, I’m doing what I can to keep this truck for some extra years. A diesel Ranger would be awesome, it would compliment my 2013 Fiesta in the driveway.

  • durbin

    Ydurbina i’d buy one

  • Devilmonkey

    F U Ford…. looks like i’ll be buying the new 2016 Chevy Colorado with a diesel

  • Kaskz1

    Diesel power & fuel economy is the way to go. Diesel Ranger – want one.

  • Jean-Philippe Poulin

    Sure it as to change fuck the F-150 I dont need to tow 11 000 pound…on ly 8000 would do!

  • brandon

    yes please

  • Dub J

    Please bring this vehicle to the US…. this is just what I’ve been looking for. Thx Ford

  • Waylon

    I agree America needs the small pickup that is fuel efficient like the rest of the world.

  • Rick

    The new F150 is nice but it’s not something I want, way too big. Let me the global Ranger,please!!

  • Carson

    please please please bring this truck to the states I would buy one ASAP love the rangers. DO IT. take my money

  • Carson

    crap only 69 votes, someone get this out there to america

  • moseslonn

    I spoke with one of the grey haired suits at the Oshkosh air show last year who patiently explained that the ‘world’ Ranger would not pass pending US front corner crash tests. Now if they knew that the standards were under consideration, why in hell didn’t they design in survival capability? Those standards aren’t created in a vacuum… So at bare minimum, it would require a front chassis re-design. Let’s see how Chebby does with the new diesel Colorado.

  • CWarne

    In my opinion Ford would make out like a bandit if they brought the Ford Range diesel to the U.S. Everyone loved the Ranger but hated the fuel economy, why buy a small pickup with the fuel mileage of a full size, get more mpg’s and sell more trucks. I would be in line to buy one for sure.

  • Diesel Guy

    I own a 1993 Toyota Hilux Surf 2.4L diesel. This SUV is a beast. I’ve put over 45,000KM running it on veggie oil. It never stops.
    I used to own a 1999 Ford Ranger Diesel. Another beast of a truck that could pull your house off of its foundation.
    America needs to ask why aren’t these vehicles available in the states… Vehicle selection in the US for diesel is shit. The rest of the world gets to have these amazing vehicles and the US gets robbed. Keep buying big brothers oil….

  • Tyler N

    Every pickup I’ve owned has been a Ford, and that is several. But with the Ranger gone, and Nissan and Chevy both gearing up to offer mid-size diesel trucks stateside, I may very well jump ship when my current Ranger is ready to retire. That is of course unless we get the global ranger with a diesel mill here in the next couple years.

  • oregonrob

    Love my little 95′ ranger (2WD, 2.3 liter 4 banger, 25 mpg average) but as this winter has shown me I could use a 4WD, but to get it I need to get the 3.0 liter 6 cylinder and cut my average MPG to about 20. Started looking for a small diesel powered truck so I could go 4WD without the hit to MPG. BIG DISAPOINTMENT! I See (and Hear) Lots of full sized pickups with v8 and v10 diesels that can pull your house down around your ears, but I don’t want a full sized fuel gulper, I just want a small truck to get to work and back, and sometimes haul light cargo


    i am with u all the way we want the new ranger with the diesel i would buy one 2moro i have an outdated 2011 now nice but i need the 30 plus mpg and wouldnt even consider a chevy. come on ford give it a chance

  • reader

    Hell, tell me where I can buy the thing overseas and I’ll buy it and have it shipped. it’s just what I’m looking for. Please Ford do the right thing will ya.

  • Rangerdieselfan

    I am 100% with this. Smartest move ford could possibly make.

  • Jim

    fuck yeeeahhh

  • bryan

    put the bigger diesel in a Raptor ! I dont need to go 90mph off-road, but 22mpg in the toughest truck on the road would be nice. Oh yeah and since I cant afford that, then 30mpg in a range will do.

  • SCOTT F.


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  • Classy56

    Ford better wake up! GM is coming around the corner with a high mpg diesel for there all re-designed Colorado. Been a Ford guy forever and a proud owner of a 56 F100, But both my wife and I are considering Chevys because Ford is letting the ball slip out of their hands. Don’t want a mid-sized Exploder with a high price tagged and incleased repair cost supercharger when I can get a FULL size Tahoe for same $ and same MPGs with V8 pwr and towing. Now put a diesel in it, DONE DEAL!

  • Colin

    Hell, the only reason I have a Focus is because I needed something with better gas mileage. If Ford brought this to America, I’d trade my Focus in in a heartbeat.

  • F150 Dude

    Ford !! Wake up !! Bring on the F150 With a diesel . I don’t want to buy an Obama motors Sierra truck !!

  • Madcap

    I am in, problem is ford wants the profit margin of the f150. Oh well i have a 5.0 to put in my 91 and looking at a fiberglass body since my 2004 is built like a car and can’t take potholes.

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