Video: Tesla Model S on the Road


The Tesla Roadster alone won’t keep Elon Musk’s electric car company afloat, but perhaps the Model S all-electric sedan will. Tesla showed off its Alpha body-in-white in Detroit, but now we’ve finally got video of the Model S in action.

There’s nothing new or exciting here; just the actual Model S driving down the road, quiet and calculated (though not as quiet as I expected). It’s no doubt a sharp-looking car, and it seems to handle well for a big, heavy car. If Tesla can deliver on their promise of a 200-mile range and sub-$60,000 price, it could become a competitor in the electric car market.

I only worry that it might still be too-expensive to really penetrate the market en masse like its supposed to. Not many people can afford a $60,000 car these days, even if it doesn’t use gas. Then again, the $40,000 Chevy Volt seems to have quite a few takers, so maybe there’s a market for it after all. Tesla plans to spin off other, cheaper models from the Model S, but can they come in time, and will it be affordable enough for the average American?  What say you?

Source: Tesla Motors

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  • Sell it for $30k-$40k, in direct competition with the Volt, I’ll check it out. Sell it for $60k, not even going to consider it. Tesla will either dig it’s own grave or market this car to where people can afford to buy it.

  • Dave m

    The range is good at 200 miles but how long does a charge take? If it takes more than 20 minutes for a 75% charge, it’s impractical. Unless of course you can afford to buy another car as your backup.

  • ‘Not many people can afford a 60 k car….”

    Yes they can- the demographic of buyers who would want this car is far greater than Tesla will ever be able to build cars for. The fact is that electric cars turn out to be affordable that enough people can buy them to get the industry started. GM is already talking about more powerful batteries that are much cheaper for the gen 2 Volt.

  • I am interested in this kind of car but the cost is still too high for me to afford. It’s like one car for the price of two for the average American.

    That said, the 5 door design combined with the refined comfort of an upscale sedan and all electric motor is an attractive package.

    Plus I think it is a very elegant car, although it does look different than the original Model S photos we were shown a year or two ago.

  • “will it be affordable enough for the average American? What say you?”
    Dam , I hope so. This car is sweet.

  • I think this won’t be a mass market hit, but I am happy to see the US may have its first specialty car company. The EU seems to have a few of these small car companies the specialize in certain types of cars. I hope Tesla can stay independent and become that in Ame.rica

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